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Mon Jun 3 1996

Books: Colloquials, English Lg Studies, History of Lx

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  1. Marne Benson, New books: Colloquials, English Lg Studies, History of Lx

Message 1: New books: Colloquials, English Lg Studies, History of Lx

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 1996 16:55:22 EDT
From: Marne Benson <>
Subject: New books: Colloquials, English Lg Studies, History of Lx

 Each course will help the learner develop a command of the everyday
 written and spoken forms of a foreign language. No prior knowledge of
 the language is required. Each course includes: grammar and useful
 vocabulary; exercises for regular practice; a pronunciation guide; and
 a reference section. The Cassette Pack includes one paperback book and
 one or two 60-minute cassettes recorded by native speakers.

 Alan R. King and Begotxu Olaizola Elordi, COLLOQUIAL BASQUE
 A Complete Language Course
 Colloquial Series
 Routledge: 1996: 256 pp
 PB: 0 415 12109 4: #D1537: $19.95: $L14.99


 David Graddol, Dick Leith, and Joan Swann, eds., ENGLISH
 History, Diversity and Change
 The books in this new series examine the history of English and its
 use in a variety of contemporary contexts: the learning and teaching
 of English in different parts of the world; the position of English in
 relation to other languages and its use as a language of international
 communication. Each book in the series examines the social and
 political aspects of the English language, includes source material,
 case studies and activities and assumes no prior linguistic knowledge.

 The story of English is often presented as one of progress: from a set
 of Germanic dialects to a fully-fledged national and international
 language. The scope of this book is much wider, emphasizing the
 diversity of English throughout its history and the changing social
 meanings of different varieties of English. Topics discussed include
 the history of English from old English to the present day, the
 development of English as a world language, English grammar and
 accents, style shifting and codeswitching and the notion of good and
 bad English.

 Includes contributions from Nik Coupland, David Graddol, Paul
 Kerswill, Marie-Noelle Lamy, Dick Leith, Joan Swann, Linda Thomas and
 Susan Wright, as well as readings from a range of sources. English
 Language: Past, Present and Future
 Routledge: 1996: 352 pp
 HB: 0 415 13117 0: #D1568: $69.95: $L45.00
 PB: 0 415 13118 9: #D1572: $24.95:$L14.99


 Julie Tetel Andresen, LINGUISTICS IN AMERICA 1769-1924
 A Critical History
 History of Linguistic Thought
 Routledge: 1996: 320 pp
 PB: 0 415 13259 2: #C0966: $19.95: $L14.99
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