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Jobs: Lg testing, Lg acquisition/syntax

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Message 1: JOB.Peace Corps.Language Te

Date: 05 Jun 1996 13:13:45 EDT
From: "Joe Byrnes OTAPS" <>
Subject: JOB.Peace Corps.Language Te
 Subject: Time:1:07 PM
 OFFICE MEMO JOB.Peace Corps.Language Testing Date:6/5/96

Vacancy Announcements and forms can be FAXed or Mailed
 to applicants by request from the Peace Corps 24 job 
information line on 800-818-9579 or by accessing the
 Peace Corps web page at 

Vacancy Announcement Number: PC6-069

Position: Language Testing Coordinator FP-1712-5
	(Equivalent to GS-9)

OPENING DATE: June 3, 1996
Closing Date: June 24, 1996
All applications must be postmarked by the closing date and 
received within 5 days
Location: 	Office of Training and Program Support
	Training Support Division
	Washington, DC

(All PC Employees are eligible to apply regardless of 
geographical location)
Salary range: FP-05 $31,680 - $46,523

Duties: The incumbent is responsible for the planning, 
implementing, and monitoring of language tester workshops, 
monitoring and supporting language testers in the fields, 
providing mechanisms for tester maintenance and re-
certification, and maintaining data from Peace Corps 
language testing in the field. The Language Testing 
Administrator will implement and monitor the PC program 
for language tester training, tester certification, and re-
certification. Responsibilities include: review, revise and 
disseminate criteria for tester selection and guidelines for 
test administration procedures and conditions; implement 
tester training workshops; develop, review and revise tester 
training materials and workshop designs; support systems to 
maintain tester reliability; implement systems for 
maintaining and analyzing test score data, and respond to 
requests for test data analysis.

CAREER LADDER: This is a career ladder position to the FP-04, 
the full performance level. 

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: To qualify at the FP-05 level, 
applicants must have a bachelor's degree in educational 
measurement or a related field and two years of professional 
work experience which includes planning, organizing and 
evaluating training events or a Masters in educational 
measurement, psychometrics or other area directly related to 

All education and experience requirements must be met by 
July 24, 1996 to be considered.

In addition to the minimum requirements, qualified 
applicants should submit written responses documenting 
their suitability for the position with regards to the 
following Quality Ranking Factors: 1) Experience in 
administering testing programs, designing or revising tests 
or other relevant experience; 2) Fluency in at least one 
foreign language, preferably one currently used at Peace 
Corps posts; 3) Experience in administrative tasks such as 
managing contracts, scheduling , purchasing and shipping 
materials, in a cross cultural setting; 4) Ability to 
communicate orally and in writing, e.g., writing workshop 
reports, test data reports, statements of work for contractors, 
or giving presentations before groups. 
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Message 2: Job: language acquisition/syntax

Date: Thu, 06 Jun 1996 16:30:30 GMT
From: <> <>
Subject: Job: language acquisition/syntax

There is likely to be a vacancy from September/October at University
of Ulster for a child language/ syntax specialist. The person
appointed would work half-time as a researcher on an ESRC-funded
project on 'Language Acquisition in Conditions of Variable Input',
which is investigating the impact of dialect variation on language
acquisition by a study of the acquisition of English in Belfast,
within a principles and parameters/minimalist framework, and half-time
on teaching. Applicants should have, or be about to complete, a PhD
in first language acquisition or syntax, and have the ability to offer
courses in more than one of: syntax, semantics, pragmatics, language
acquisition, on programs in Linguistics, Computational Linguistics
and/or Communication Studies. The post is likely to be for 2 years in
the first instance. Anyone interested should contact me by email or

School of Behavioural and Communication Sciences
University of Ulster at Jordanstown
Shore Road
BT37 0QB
N Ireland

Tel: (+44) (0)1232-365131 Fax: (+44) (0)1232368251

Alison Henry
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