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Books: Grammars, Bibliographies, Politics of Language

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  1. Paul Peranteau, New books: Grammars, Bibliographies, Politics of Lg

Message 1: New books: Grammars, Bibliographies, Politics of Lg

Date: Tue, 04 Jun 1996 15:15:34 EDT
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: New books: Grammars, Bibliographies, Politics of Lg

New Books from John Benjamins Publishing

SUK JIN CHANG (Seoul National University)

Spoken by nearly 70 million people not only within the Korean
Peninsula but also on five continents, Korean is one of a dozen major
languages of the world. Yet outside Korea it is not as much studied as
it should be, nor has it acquired commensurate international
recognition. With Its difficult sound system, rich word formation
patterns, and complex sentence structures, Korean is one of the most
challenging to learn as a foreign language, yet there is little that
is written in English about Korean. This book eminently fills this
gap. The author presents Korean in a lucid and readable manner
covering topics from scripts to sounds, from words to sentences, and
from discourse to text analysis. This book should be a handy reference
for both teachers and students of Korean, especially those abroad.

The author is Professor Emeritus of Seoul National University and was
the first president of the Linguistic Society of Korea.

London Oriental and African Language Library, 4 xviii, 252 pp.US &
Canada:Hb: 1 55619 167 7 US$69.00Rest of World: 90 272 3804 9

Georgian: A Structural Reference Grammar.
B. G. HEWITT (University of London)

The Caucasus for its size can boast more languages than any other
region on earth. Of the 40 or so native tongues Georgian is the most
widely spoken (by up to 5 million, of whom 3 million are ethnic
Georgians). With its own unique script, Georgian has been written
since the 4th century and has a rich literature of all genres. Outside
Georgia, however, it has remained virtually unknown and unstudied, its
grammatical intricacies being discussed by a small but ever growing
succession of foreign specialists. The present work represents the
first Reference Grammar of this challenging language to appear in
English and is the summation of 20 years of intensive study by its

London Oriental and African Language Library, 2 xviii, 716 pp.US &
Canada:Hb: 1-55619-726-8 US$143.00Rest of World: 90 272 3802 2


Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics
REINHARD KOEHLER (University of Trier)
With the assistance of Christiane Hoffmann

The Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics (BQL) comprises more than
6500 titles from all areas of quantitative linguistic
research. Publications have been included without restrictions
regarding form, place, language, and date of publication. This
bibliography thus provides, for the first time, a comprehensive
overview of, and easy bibliographical access to, publications in
quantitative linguistics, a linguistic discipline characterized by its
rapid and promising scientific development, and its increasing
significance for most branches of theoretical and applied language
studies.The bibliography consists of: an introduction and instructions
for use; a main section containing more than 6500 titles, which is
subdivided in 28 thematic classes, each forming a chapter; an index of
authors; an index of keywords from titles indices of subject headings
and subheadings; an index of uncontrolled vocabulary; an index of
languages investigated; and an index of reviewed publications.All
texts and indices are in English, German and Russian.
 xiv, 780 pp.
US & Canada:Hb: 1 55619 262 2 US$135.00
Rest of World: 90 272 3751 4 Hfl.230,--

Paul Peranteau (
John Benjamins searchable ONLINE catalogue:
*via WWW -- gopher://
*via gopher -- gopher 6400


 Literature and Other Minor Jurisprudences

 Law in the Courts of Love traces the literary history and diversity
 past legal systems. These "minor jurisprudences" range from the
 spiritual laws of the courts of conscience to the code and judgemen of
 love handed down by women's courts in medieval France. Peter Goodrich
 presents the 15th Century Courts of Love in Paris as one instance of
 an alternative jurisdiction drawn from the diversities the legal and
 literary past. These studies trace certain boundaries modern law and
 make up one of many forms of legal knowledge which escape today's
 vision of unitary law. Law in the Courts of Love shows how the
 historical diversity of for and procedures of law can competently form
 the basis for critical revisions of contemporary legal doctrine and
 professional practice.

 Politics of Language
 Routledge: 1996: 240 pp
 HB: 0 415 06165 2: #C0163: $69.95: =04$L45.00

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