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Fri Jan 19 1996

Qs: Geis & Zwicky CORRECTION, More Turkeys...

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  1. sperber dan, Query: Geis & Zwicky CORRECTION
  2. Theriault Alain, QS: More turkeys...

Message 1: Query: Geis & Zwicky CORRECTION

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 1996 20:44:15 +0100
From: sperber dan <>
Subject: Query: Geis & Zwicky CORRECTION

Editor's Note:

[This message is regarding Issue #7.70, Queries on Invited Inferences.]

If there is still time and anything can be done about it: the
zip code at the end of the query I sent earlier today shoud be:
75005 and NOT 75013.

Sorry about this!

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Message 2: QS: More turkeys...

Date: Fri, 19 Jan 1996 12:57:27 EST
From: Theriault Alain <theriaalERE.UMontreal.CA>
Subject: QS: More turkeys...

Hi every one
	A few days ago I asked how was the bird turkey named in different 
languages. I received a lot of exaples of IE languages and I thank all of 
you who have answered. My question is: What is it called in non IE 
languages? and what would the etymology be (if it is available, of 
course). I Would be mostly interested in languages from India and Turkey, 
just to know how they relate to the bird (although i am pretty sure that 
it would be something close to "turkey" in India).

	I received many answers the first few days, but if you have 
already answered and want to add something, don't be shy...

Alain Theriault | "The problem with the future 
Etudiant au doctorat | is that it keeps on turning
Departement de linguistique et traduction | into the present"
Universite de Montreal | | Hobbes (Bill Waterson)
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