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Mon Jun 10 1996

All: LINGUIST Cookbook

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  1. Helen Dry, LINGUIST Cookbook

Message 1: LINGUIST Cookbook

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 13:01:47 CDT
From: Helen Dry <>
Subject: LINGUIST Cookbook
Dear LINGUIST Subscribers,

Remember the cookbook idea? 

In January, I posted a message suggesting that we put
together a LINGUIST cookbook and sell it cheaply to raise
money for LINGUIST. I got many supportive responses--and some
mouth-watering suggestions for recipes (see below). But then
a combination of factors, including lack of time, forced me to put
the idea on hold for a while. Now--good news!--Deborah Russkanen
(aka Kela) has generously agreed to be the editor. 

Unlike me, she's actually edited a cookbook before. And she's just
finished the semester in Finland, so she now has time on her hands :-),
which she has offered to devote to helping out LINGUIST. The
LINGUIST crew couldn't be more grateful. And so, I confidently
predict, will be linguists everywhere as soon as our LINGUIST 
cookbook starts to make the best-seller lists. (Yes, we will give
by-lines.... )

If any of you are willing to help Deborah (maybe as section editors or
recipe testers), or if you have a good recipe to contribute, will you
please send her a message at:
We will need recipes of all kinds--from 'soup to nuts', as we say here.
I suspect we'll also have to test recipes in different countries to see
if the ingredients and measurements translate correctly. But when
has a linguist ever found it a problem to test a recipe???

I want to thank everyone who has already contacted me for their
encouraging responses and recipe offers. I've listed the names
below. But I may have missed someone in shifting email accounts
during my leave. If so, please let me know who you are. We need
those recipes!

After the list of names, I've quoted a few of the messages
I received--including Steven Schaufele's recipe for
THETA Rolls--just to get everybody into the spirit of this.
We could really put together a great international cookbook. 

And maybe a TV cooking show.... "The Linguist in the Kitchen"?
"Food and Phonemes"? "Government and Baking"? 

Seriously: Please help Deborah. LINGUIST needs money--and this will
be an enjoyable (see: fattening) way to make it.... 



Sincere thanks to:

JoAnne Negrin-Cristiani <negrincjGUSUN.ACC.GEORGETOWN.EDU>
Karen S. Chung" <>
Terri Cononelos cononeloCCIT.ARIZONA.EDU
Donald T. Davis" <>
Martin Haspelmath <> 
Bill Turkel <>
Roger Lass <>
Theriault Alain <>
(Dr) Peter PAUL <>
Markell R West <>
Marianna Pool <>
Georgia Green <>
Paul Fallon < pfallonS850.MWC.EDU>
S. J. Hannahs <>
Bill Turkel <billHIVNET.UBC.CA>
Dr. Steven Schaufele <>

- ------------------------
Some comments and recipes follow:

Theriault Alain <>: 

	"Linguist has members from all around the world and there
could be as exotic recipes as boiled kidney pudding from our British
friends or "Prince des mers dans sauce des fruits de la Provence"
(sardine in oil) from France or tourtiere et soupe aux pois
(meat pie and pea soup) from Quebec, and the rest of it. Just
think of all the delights from our Mediterranian friends..." 

(Dr) Peter PAUL <>:

	" the inauguration of the Adelaide Linguistic Circle in the
early 60s one of the participants remarked as we retired to the social
part of the meeting: "Je m'inte'resse a` tout ce qui touche la langue.'

Markell R West <> promises


	[Yes, he says it's real....]

Bill Turkel

	"Perhaps you could spice it up by putting little linguist
anecdotes in the margins. If they combine food and language, all the better."

	[This is a great idea. Anybody know any anecdotes? -H]

Dr. Steven Schaufele <> has offered recipes for

	Lethal Eggnog
and, perhaps best of all, THETA ROLLS (recipe follows).....

4 tbs (60 ml) soft butter
1 3/4 cups (420 ml) buttermilk
2 tbs (30 ml) rum or vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups (360 ml) barley flour
5 1/2 cups (1 1/3 l) all-purpose flour
4 tsp (20 ml) baking powder
2 tsp (10 ml) baking soda
4 tsp (20 ml) ground cinnamon
1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) ground cloves
1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) ground cloves
1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) ground mace
1 tsp (5 ml) salt

Beat egg yolks and sugar together until light and fluffy. Sift dry
ingredients together, then add, all at once, to egg yolk and sugar
mixture along with buttermilk, softened butter, and extract. Stir
until smooth, knead lightly, cover and refrigerate for at least an hour.
Then roll out onto a floured board to a thickness of about 3/8 inch (1 cm),
then cut 30 strips of dough. Form strips into theta rolls by making a
circle out of one of them (i.e., an ordinary doughnut) and wrapping a
second around it to form a `theta'. (Remember that moistening the ends
of the strips helps them adhere to each other!) Yield: 15.

Heat some oil in a saucepan and maintain at medium heat (ca. 375 F/190
C) while cooking theta rolls. Cook a few at a time; as soon as any Theta
Roll rises to the surface of the hot oil, turn it over, and remove 30-60
seconds later. Drain on paper towels. If desired, theta rolls may be
dusted with a mixture of cinnamon and sugar.
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