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Tue Jun 11 1996

Confs: Bangor Conference on Syntactic Categories

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  1. Ana von Klopp, Program for the Bangor Conference on Syntactic Categories

Message 1: Program for the Bangor Conference on Syntactic Categories

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 1996 15:36:20 BST
From: Ana von Klopp <>
Subject: Program for the Bangor Conference on Syntactic Categories


University of Wales, Bangor from June 24th to June 26th

The Conference on Syntactic Categories will bring together
researchers working on the nature of syntactic categories from
a number of different theoretical perspectives.

The conference will include the following papers:

Anne Abeille and Daniele Godard (Paris), `French word order and
David Adger (York), `Eliminating N-features by merger in
Robert Borsley (Bangor) and Jaklin Kornfilt (Syracuse), `Mixed
 extended projections'
Ronnie Cann (Edinburgh), `Categories, labels and types:
 functional versus lexical'
Jane Grimshaw (Rutgers), `Optimizing lexical choice: expletives
 and opaque clitics as cases of minimal violation'
Anders Holmberg (Tromso), `Scandinavian stylistic fronting:=20
 moving form without content',
Dick Hudson (UCL), `Syntax without functional projections'
Andreas Kathol (Groningen), `S-categories and P-categories'
Ruth Kempson (SOAS), `Syntactic computation as labelled natural
 deduction - WH a case study'
Fritz Newmeyer (Seattle), `Event structure, minimal projection,
 and the discrete nature of syntactic categories'
Carl Pollard (Ohio State), `Are syntactic categories necessary'
Ian Roberts (Bangor) and Juan Uriagereka (Maryland), to be
Anna Roussou (Bangor) and Rita Manzini (UCL), `On empty
Jerry Sadock (Chicago), `Syntactic categories in polyhierarchical
Ivan Sag and Jong-Bok Kim (Stanford), `A lexicalist alternative
 to head-movement'

The exact details of the programme are not yet finalized. For details
on accommodation, fees, travelling to Bangor, etc. please see the
information on our World Wide Web site at URL

or contact Bob Borsley <>.
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