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Tue Jun 11 1996

All: LINGUIST Cookbook

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  1. Deborah D K Ruuskanen, LINGUIST Cookbook

Message 1: LINGUIST Cookbook

Date: Tue, 11 Jun 1996 10:28:55 +0300
From: Deborah D K Ruuskanen <>
Subject: LINGUIST Cookbook

[Moderators' Note: Thank you again for your enthusiastic response
to the cookbook idea. As you will see from the message below,
Deborah had already received recipe suggestions and offers
of help by 10 a.m. yesterday. And we also have received
professional advice on getting the finished book published.
Deborah has come up with some great ideas about what to
include, and I'm sure other suggestions from you would be
welcome. Let me emphasize that she needs faxes or hard copy of
recipes (addresses below). Thanks again. -Helen]

Dear Helen:

COULD YOU PLEASE post on Linguist a request for a HARD COPY of each
recipe to be FAXED to me at +358 0 836 242 10 (that's country code
three five eight, area code zero, number eight three six, two four two,
ten), or snail-mailed to my home address in FINLAND below (Leankuja 1,
FIN-01420 VANTAA, Finland). There have already been several responses,
and I'm asking each of them to send me a hard copy.

ALSO, maybe you could emphasize that what we want are recipes that
are specialities of members regions, that we are collecting 
vocabulary and cooking terms as well, and that as linguists 
they could also send the original language versions as well 
as the English translations, which would be really
interesting for us....

	[I thought this was an excellent idea. I also think
	that if anyone has anything to contribute on the
	linguistics of recipes or cooking, that would be
	interesting. (I remember Arnold Zwicky once wrote
	something on the syntax of recipes. Also see Kela's
	etymological example, below.) What do the rest of you 
	think? Let Kela have your suggestions, please. -Helen]

FURTHER, if possible, the recipes should be ones that
the senders have tried out themselves, not something they've
copied. So if everyone on the list just sent their favourite
recipe (or their partner/spouse/cook's favourite recipe) we'd have
enough for a really good book. The "Linguist" bit could be as simple as
the following example "Munkkit" = "Munks" (Finnish doughnuts) so-called
because first made in monasteries (similarly "Munkkilikoori" = Monk's
Liquer = Benedictine, because made by monks), followed by the original
recipe in Finnish along with the English translation. Suggestions for
substitutes for ingredients probably unavailable outside the region of
origin of the recipe would also be good.....

The affiliations of the people who send in recipes should 
be included, as well as their names, geographical locations,
and email addresses. 

...Probable publication date, Christmas '96?

Deborah D. Kela Ruuskanen \ You cannot teach a Man anything,
Leankuja 1, FIN-01420 Vantaa \ you can only help him find it \ within himself. Galileo
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