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Thu Jun 13 1996

Qs: Corpus analysis, Compounding in Eng, E Wharton recordings

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  1. "M. Paula S., Inst. de Lexicografia", Corpus analysis resources for Spanish
  2. "Amy J. Uhrbach", Compounding in English
  3. Manuel JOBERT, edith wharton on tapes/records

Message 1: Corpus analysis resources for Spanish

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 14:21:09 +0200
From: "M. Paula S., Inst. de Lexicografia" <>
Subject: Corpus analysis resources for Spanish

	Dear colleagues:

	The Computational Linguistics Department of the Instituto de
Lexicograf'ia of the Real Academia Espa'nola has recently undertaken a
search of various corpus analysis resources from simple tokenizers to
lemmatizers, specifically developed for Spanish, or, at least,
language independent. We are mostly interested in shareware resources,
but will also thank any information about commercially available ones.

	The modules we are interested in are:

	1) Tokenizers: capable of dealing with clitization,
preposition-article contraction, multiword units and so on.

	2) Taggers, of any type (rule-based, stochastic..., language
dependent for Spanish, or language independent).

	3) Lemmatizers.

	4) Lexica, MRD/MTD, or any collection of spanish words, and
also any kind of utilities for the creation and maintenance of lexica.

	Any submodule or valuable material to complete any of the
previous modules will also be welcome.

	Please send responses directly to

	We will post a summary. Thank you in advance.

- --------------------------------------------------------

Maria Paula Santalla del Rio
 Dpto. de Linguistica Computacional
 Instituto de Lexicografia
 Real Academia Espanhola
 Felipe IV, 4
 Madrid 28071

Tel. 34-1-4201614, ext. 147
Fax. 34-1-4200079

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Message 2: Compounding in English

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 08:46:02 EDT
From: "Amy J. Uhrbach" <>
Subject: Compounding in English

Would someone please refresh my memory? I need a couple good articles
on compounding in English, particularly as relates to stress. I have
these articles somewhere in the 100+ boxes in my attic (from over 10
years ago) but can't remember the references. Also, if anyone has
on-line copies that would be even more appreciated. Thanks! -Amy
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Message 3: edith wharton on tapes/records

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 1996 10:39:55 BST
From: Manuel JOBERT <>
Subject: edith wharton on tapes/records

I am working on the use of paralinguistic features of speech in
literature and would like to know if there are any tapes/records of
Edith Wharton's books (novels, novellas, short-stories) read by the
author. Nothing seems to be available in shops but some of you might
be aware of a library where such material is available. Thanks in

Manuel Jobert
U.F.R. anglais
=46aculte des langues
Universit=E9 Lyon III (France)
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