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  1. mira kwasik, New Publications

Message 1: New Publications

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 1996 14:38:42 +1000
From: mira kwasik <>
Subject: New Publications
M. ROSS, Studies in languages of New Britain and New Ireland. Volume 1:
Austronesian languages of the North New Guinea cluster in Northwestern New
Britain. 1996, ix, 392pp. ISBN 0 85883 443 X.

Pacific Linguistics Catalogue number C-135. Key words: Oceanic,
Austronesian, New Britain, grammar.

This volume is the first of a set whose aim is to make available otherwise
unpublished materials on languages of New Britain and New Ireland (Papua
New Guinea). The language of this volume are all Oceanic Austronesian and
include Maleu, Kilenge, Kabana, Lusi, Kove, Amara, Mouk, Aria,, Tourai, and
Lamongai. Authors are Richard Goulden, Graham Haywood and William
Thurston. There is also a discussion by Ann Chowning of work on the
historical relationships among the Oceanic languages of New Britain.

Robert D. Bugenhagen, A grammar of Mangap-Mbula: an Austronesian language
of Papua New Guinea. 1995, xii+418pp. Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 4216 X.
A$ 48.00

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-101, Key words: Austronesian
languages; Papua New Guinea; grammar; phonology; discourse structure;

This volume presents a description of the phonology, morphology, and syntax
of the Mangap-Mbula language, which is spoken on an island in the Morobe
Province of Papua New Guinea. Considerable attention is given to the
morphophonemics of reduplication process, the structure of complex
sentences, and mechanisms for tracking participants in narratives.

Ariel Heryanto, Language development and development of language: the case
of Indonesia.
1995, v+60 pp. Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 429 4. A$14.30.

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, D-86, Key words: Development;
Indonesia; language.

Against the common instrumentalist perspective, this volume examines the
mutually constituting relationship between economic-oriented development
programs in contemporary Indonesia and the mainstream scholarly endeavours
in developing Bahasa Indonesia. The author relates the issue to the rise
of nation-states.

DAVID BRADLEY, (ed.), Papers in South Asian linguistics No.13: Studies in
Burmese Linguistics, 1995, xii, 205pp. Softcover. ISBN 0 85883 427 8.

Pacific Linguistics Catalogue number A-83, Key words: Burmese/Myanmar,
Arakanese, Tavoyan, Intha, Moken, reflexive.

Three major varieties of Burmese (Arkanese, Tavoyan and Indha) are
described as well as papers on the Burmese verb, the reflexive in Burmese,
and the phonology of minority language of southern Burma, Moken, in papers
by four different authors.

A.K. Pawley and M.D. Ross (eds), Austronesian terminologies: continuity and
1994, vii, 624 pp. Hardcover. ISBN 0 85883 424 3. A$75.20

Pacific Linguistics catalogue number, C-127. Key words: Austronesian
languages; reconstruction; terminologies.

This book contains the papers given at the symposium of the same title in
Canberra in 1990. All the papers have to do with the reconstruction of
lexicon in various Austronesian interstages. The terminologies represented
include Austronesian kin terms (Robert Blust, James Fox, Viktor Krupa),
Oceanic birds (Ross Clark), Central Pacific/Polynesian fish (Paul Geraghty,
Robin Hooper), Austronesian/Oceanic plants (Paul Li, Darrell Tryon, John
Wolff), Micronesian physical environment (Jeff Marck), South Vanuatu
maritime terms (John Lynch), Austronesian canoes (Medina and Andrew
Pawley), Philippine rice agriculture (Lawrence Reid), Oceanic food
preparation (Frank Lichtenberk), kava (Terry Crowley), sago (Tom Dutton).
There are also papers on Maori (Bruce Biggs) and Central Papuan (Malcolm
Ross) lexicon, some Malay etymologies (Alexander Adelaar), and an overview
of Austronesian vocabulary by David Zorc.

DAVID BRADLEY, A dictionary of the northern dialect of Lisu (China and
Asia), 1994, xii, 275pp. ISBN 0 85883 423 5. A$30.30

Pacific Linguistics Catalogue number C-126, Key words: Lisu, dictionary.

Lisu, the language of 850, 000 people in China, Myanmar, India and
Thailand, is described in this Lisu-English and English-Lisu dictionary
using the orthography devised in China in the late 1950s.

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