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Books: Semantics, Phonetics and Phonology, Stylistics

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  1. lisa godfrey, New Semantics Title

Message 1: New Semantics Title

Date: Fri, 12 Jan 1996 17:20:28
From: lisa godfrey <godfreyMIT.EDU>
Subject: New Semantics Title


KNOWLEDGE OF MEANING: An Introduction to Semantic Theory
by Richard larson and Gabriel Segal
The MIT Press
$40 original in paperback (or $80 cloth)
To order, contact <> or 800.356.0343
The only introduction to truth-theoretic semantics for natural
languages,integrating semantic theory into the modern Chomskyian program
in linguistic theory and research in cognitive psych. and philosophy.
Available for discussion

 This dictionary covers over 2,000 terms in phonetics and phonology.
 Its usefulness as a reference tool is enhanced by the inclusion of
 pronunciations, notational devices and symbols, earliest sources of
 terms, suggestions for further reading and advice with regard to use.
 Each word is provided with a pronunciation, a part-of-speech label,
 synonyms and antonyms, any standard abbreviation and one or more
 definitions with examples. The terminology of historical phonology is
 also well covered.
 Routledge: 1995: 448 pp
 HB: 0 415 11260 5: #C0407: $59.95: L37.50
 PB: 0 415 11261 3: #C0817: $18.95: L10.99
 Available for Discussion

 Patricia Ashby, SPEECH SOUNDS
 SPEECH SOUNDS is an accessible and helpful guide to basic phonetic
 theory. Explaining the fundamental skills of the phonetician, the text
 investigates the different angles involved in the production of sound
 and uses data-based material to reinforce each new concept. SPEECH
 SOUNDS includes examples from a wide range of languages, dozens of
 exercises with solutions and full cross-references.
 Language Workbooks
 Routledge: 1995: 128 pp
 PB: 0 415 08571 3: #C0228: $12.95: L6.99
 Available for Discussion

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 Laura Wright and Jonathan Hope, STYLISTICS
 A Practical Coursebook
 Using a wide range of twentieth-century literary prose, Laura Wright
 and Jonathan Hope provide an interactive introduction to the
 techniques of stylistic analysis. Divided into five sections--the noun
 phrase, the verb phrase, the clause, text structure and
 vocabulary--the book also provides an introduction to the basics of
 descriptive grammar for beginning students. STYLISTICS provides a
 comprehensive glossary of terms. Designed to be used in a variety of
 classrooms, it introduces students to an enormous range of 20th
 century literature. And for each linguistic feature under discussion,
 the reader is offered a definition, a text for analysis, exercises and
 tasks, in addition to a suggested solution.
 Routledge: 1995: 256 pp
 PB: 0 415 11381 4: #C0066: $17.95: L9.99

 Dialogue as Interaction in Plays
 Vimala Herman argues that drama should be of particular interest to
 linguists because of its form, dialogue and subsequent translation
 into performance. Each chapter in the book contains a theoretical
 section in which major concepts of each framework are explained.
 Herman draws from classic textual examples using ethnomethodology,
 conversation analysis, discourse analysis and sociolinguistics, and,
 through these methods, is able to explore dramatic issues such as time
 in language, power and gender.
 Routledge: 1995: 344 pp
 HB: 0 415 08241 2: #C0158: $69.95: L45.00

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