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Tue Jun 25 1996

Confs: Pragmatics conf (change), Lang testing, Japanese ling

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  1. Susan Herring, time change for Internat'l Pragmatics Conference panel
  2. Helena Valtanen, Language Testing (LTRC'96)
  3. Masatoshi Koizumi, Formal Approaches to Japanese Ling (FAJL2)

Message 1: time change for Internat'l Pragmatics Conference panel

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:52:08 CDT
From: Susan Herring <>
Subject: time change for Internat'l Pragmatics Conference panel

Time change, 5th International Pragmatics Conference 
panel on "Computer-Mediated Conversation".

Part I of the panel organized by Susan Herring on "Computer-Mediated
Conversation" has been moved. This information will NOT appear on the
printed conference program. The new times are:

Part I: 12:00-1:30 p.m., Saturday July 6, room 7 (session number

Part II: 12:00-1:30 p.m., Monday July 8, room 2 (session number

Please note this change, and tell anyone you know who is planning to
attend the panel about it.

The panel will be held in Mexico City at the Centro de Ensenyanza de
Lenguas Extranjeras (CELE), Ciudad Universitaria (UNAM), as part of
the 5th International Pragmatics Conference.

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Message 2: Language Testing (LTRC'96)

Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 09:36:05 +0300
From: Helena Valtanen <>
Subject: Language Testing (LTRC'96)

The preliminary program for the 18th Annual Language Testing
Colloquium (LTRC'96), held in Tampere, Finland, 31.7.-3.8.1996 is
available at:

Helena Valtanen
Language Centre for Finnish Universities
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Message 3: Formal Approaches to Japanese Ling (FAJL2)

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 13:57:20 +0900
From: Masatoshi Koizumi <>
Subject: Formal Approaches to Japanese Ling (FAJL2)

 Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics 2
 Tohoku Gakuin University (Sendai, Japan)
 August 2-3, 1996

 Preliminary Program

Friday August 2

 9:00 Registration (There is no preregistration!)
 9:30 Switch Reference in Control
 Akira Watanabe (Kanda U of International Studies)
 10:10 TBA
 Mihoko Zushi (Aichi Prefectural University)
 11:10 Copy Theory and the Interpretation of Subject 
 Wei-tien Dylan Tsai (National Tsing Hua U)
 11:50 Scrambling in Japanese and English (tentative)
 Toshifusa Oka (Fukuoka University of Education)
 Lunch break
 2:00 Feature Checking and Movement in Shuri 
 Okinawan Kakari-Musubi
 Mariko Sugahara (University of Tokyo)
 2:40 Historical Change of Japanese Verbs and Its 
 Implications for Optimality Theory
 Kunio Nishiyama (Cornell University)
 3:40 Prosodic Phrasing in ambiguous sentences in J
 Motoko Katayama (UC Santa Cruz)
 4:20 Consonant Gemination and Accent in Japanese 
 Mafuyu Kitahara (Indiana U and Kyoto U)
 5:20 Unambiguous Checking
 Takeo Kurafuji (Rutgers University)
 6:00 Intrinsic Reflexivity and Inalienable Possession in 
 Natsuko Tsujimura (Indiana)/Takako Aikawa (MIT)

Saturday August 3

 9:00 Breakfast
 9:30 What Determines the Choice of Anaphora?
 Takako Aikawa (MIT)
 10:10 TBA
 Shigeru Miyagawa (MIT)
 11:10 Empty Categories and Argument Structures
 Mineharu Nakayama (Ohio State University)
 11:50 Transparency Hypothesis and Case Marking 
 Information Used in On-line Processing of 
 Hiroko Yamashita
 (University of Illinoi at Urbana-Champaign)
 Lunch break
 2:00 Right Dislocation
 Yoshio Endo (Yokohama National University)
 2:40 The Interpretability of Scrambling
 Uli Sauerland (MIT)
 3:40 Deriving Surface Word Order in Discourse 
 Configurational Languages
 Yuko Yanagida (Kochi University)
 4:20 Structural and Interpretive Aspects of the Pivot-
 Independent Relativization in Japanese Revisited
 Koji Hoshi (Keio University)
 5:20 Case, Scope and Feature-Movement
 Kazuko Yatsushiro (University of Connecticut)
 6:00 Move-F and Empty Pronouns
 Daiko Takahashi (Tohoku University)

Alternate Papers
1. Long-distance Scrambling via Partial Compaction
 Shuichi Yatabe (University of Tokyo)
2. Clause Reduction Phenomena in Japanese 
 Hiromu Sakai (Hiroshima University)
3. Split Agreement in Japanese
 Hideki Kishimoto (Shiga University)
4. Wh-phrases in Elliptical Clauses 
 Kazuki Kuwabara (Kanda U of International Studies)
5. The Definiteness of Tense and Nominative Case 
 Marking in Japanese
 Yoshiki Ogawa (Tohoku University)

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Tohoku Gakuin University is located in the central part of Sendai
city: 30-min walk from Sendia Station (JR, subway), and 10-min walk
from Itsutsubashi station (subway). The following hotels are within
walking distance from the conference site.

Hotel Sunroute Sendai
 Phone +81-22-262-2323 
 Fax +81-22-264-4303 
 4-10-8 Chuo, Aoba-ku 
 Sendai, 980 JAPAN 

Hotel East One Sendai
 Phone +81-22-213-1101 
 Fax +81-22-213-1102 
 1-1-5 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku 
 Sendai, 980 JAPAN 
Sendai Kokusai Hotel
 Phone +81-22-268-1111 
 Fax +81-22-268-1113 
 4-6-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku 
 Sendai, 980 JAPAN 

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FAJL 2 Program Committee
c/o Masatoshi Koizumi
Department of English, Tohoku Gakuin University
1-3-1 Tsuchitoi, Aoba-ku, Sendai 980 JAPAN

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