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Wed Jun 26 1996

FYI: NEH summer stipends, Hyptertext dissertation

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  1., NEH Summer Stipends
  2. Roberto Zamparelli, Hyptertext Dissertation on the Web

Message 1: NEH Summer Stipends

Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 15:44:07 EST
From: <>
Subject: NEH Summer Stipends
 Please disseminate the following message as widely as
 possible. Thank you.

 The National Endowment for the Humanities announces the
 October 1, 1996, deadline for the Summer Stipends program.
 NEH Summer Stipends support two months of full-time work on
 projects that will contribute to scholarly knowledge or to
 the general public's understanding of the humanities.
 Projects may address broad topics or consist of research and
 study in a single field.

 In most cases, faculty members of colleges and universities
 in the United States must be nominated by their institutions
 for the Summer Stipends competition, and each of these
 institutions may nominate two applicants. Prospective
 applicants who will require nomination should acquaint
 themselves with their institution's nomination procedures
 well before the October 1 deadline. Individuals employed in
 nonteaching capacities in colleges and universities and
 individuals not affiliated with colleges and universities do
 not require nomination and may apply directly to the


 TENURE: Tenure must cover two full and uninterrupted months
 and will normally be held between May1, 1997, and September
 30, 1997.

 STIPEND: $4,000


 Summer Stipends Program
 Room 318
 National Endowment for the Humanities
 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
 Washington, DC 20506


 Application guidelines for this program are also available
 online at
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Message 2: Hyptertext Dissertation on the Web

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 00:34:52 BST
From: Roberto Zamparelli <>
Subject: Hyptertext Dissertation on the Web
Dear colleagues,

 I have recently completed the main part of ``LAYERS in the determiner
phrase'', an hypertext document based on my Ph.D. dissertation in
linguistics at the University of Rochester; it is located on the
World-Wide Web, at the address:

LAYERS is a experimental project on how to cast a fairly large piece
of linguistics work into hypertext form on the Web, taking advantage
of various features of the format, (as opposed to just placing <PRE>
... </PRE> around a text originally designed for paper
publication). Some of its features are pop-up references, maps,
data-analysis distinction, individual feedback from each page, support
for both graphic and non-graphic browsers (e.g. Lynx).
 The work outlines a general theory of the syntax/semantics interface
within the noun phrase, assuming a broad GB framework. It also discusses
copular constructions, quantifier raising and extraction from

 This project has been inspired by the idea that the WWW has a great
potential for doing scientific research and disseminating its results,
which is not fully tapped, and that linguistics is in a sense an ideal
discipline for making use of the web's possibilities. See the section
"On doing linguistics on the WWW".
 Comments on form and content are highly appreciated, as are pointers to
similar work on the net. To see the hypertext:

a) With LYNX: from the prompt, give:
 (remember to select "NON-graphic browser" from the intro page!)
b) With Netscape: open the FILE menu, the GOTO LOCATION, and type in the
 URL address.


Roberto Zamparelli
University of Rochester
c/o via Pienza 235
00138 Roma, Italy
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