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Sat Jun 29 1996

Sum: Origin of Japanese

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  1. Kojiro Nabeshima, The Origin of Japanese (Summary)

Message 1: The Origin of Japanese (Summary)

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 1996 22:23:54 PDT
From: Kojiro Nabeshima <>
Subject: The Origin of Japanese (Summary)
A long time ago, I asked about the origin of Japanese. Many people kindly
responded: Marc Picard, Allan C Wechsler, Karl Teeter, Polkekai, David
Solnit, Shigenori Wakabayashi, Jakob Dempsey, Francis Britto. 
In short, the Japanese syntax is similar to that of Korean (which many
argue a part of Altaic family) whereas the phonology is similar to
Austronesian, and its affiliation is still debated. 

Shibatani _The languages of Japan_ Cambridge U. Press, 1990
Paul Benedect _Japanese/Austro-Tai_
(its review by David Solnit in Language v.68.1 (March 1992)
Starostin _The Altaic problem and the origin of the Japanese_
(its review by Bernard Comrie in Language v. 69.4)
several articles by Roy Andrew Miller
Ono (Ohno/Oono), Susumu _Nihongo no ruutsu wa tamiiru da_
Samuel E. Miller _The Japanese Language Through Time_ Yale University
Press, (1987)
Petrie _The Genetic Affiliation of the Ainu Language_

Also there is a net called AltaiNet (
(for subscribing, send message subscribe AltaiNet your name)

Thank you again.

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