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Mon Jul 1 1996

Sum: Clitics

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  1. "Paul de Lacy", SUM: Clitics

Message 1: SUM: Clitics

Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 13:00:14 -0000
From: "Paul de Lacy" <>
Subject: SUM: Clitics
I posted a query on the 'list a few weeks ago regarding references
for clitics. Here they are, in alphabetical order, with absolutely
no claim to comprehensivity (is this a word (or '+ness' )--? Well, I guess
it is now...). Many thanks to the following people:
Hans Smessaert, Paul Doherty, Horst Simon, F.van der Leeuw, Pius ten
Hacken, Guerssel Mohamed, Barbera Need, Shuly Wintner.

- Halpern, Aaron (1995), On the morphology and placement of clitics,
CSLI, Stanford.
- Werner Abraham, e.g. Chapter 11 "Pronominale Glieder und ihre klitischen
Formen". In: Deutsche Syntax im Sprachenvergleich. Grundlegung einer
typologischen Syntax des Deutschen. Tuebingen.
- Borer (ed). Syntax and Semantics (vol 19- 1986) [A Recommended
- Cardinaletti/Ian Roberts (91): Clause Structure and X-Second. (Ms.
University of Geneva)
- Cardinaletti (92): On Cliticization in Germanic Languages. (In:
Rivista di grammatica generativa 17)
- Cardinaletti/Starke (94): The typology of structural deficiencies.
On the three grammatical classes. (might appear in: Henk van
Riemsdijk (ed), Eurotyp final volume on clitics)
- Daniel Everett "Why there are no clitics" (1996, SIL publications).
- ten Hacken, Pius (1994), Defining Morphology: A Principled
Approach to Determining the Boundaries of Compounding, Derivation,
and Inflection, Olms, Hildesheim.
- Liliane Haegeman (1990)
	"Subject pronouns and subject clitics in West Flemish",
	The Linguistic Review 7/4, 333-363.
- Liliane Haegeman (1992)
	Theory and description in generative syntax : a case study in
	West Flemish. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
- Liliane Haegeman (1993)
	"The morphology and distribution of object clitics in West
	Flemish", Studia Linguistica 47/1, 57-94.
- Simon, Horst. Berber Clitic Doubling and Syntactic
Extraction. Revue Quebecoise de Linguistique 24.1. 1995.
- Simon, Horst. On the Case System of Berber. Canadian Journal of Linguistics
 37.2 (1992)
- Luigi Rizzi. 1986. On the status of subject clitics in Romance. In
 Proceedings of the XIV Linguistic
Symposium on Romance Languages, O. Jaeggli and C. Silva-Corvalan eds,
Foris, Dordrecht. (and references therein).
- Jerrold M. Sadock (1991)
	Autolexical Syntax. A Theory of Parallel Grammatical Represen-
	tations. The University of Chicago Press, Chicago & London.	
- Hans Smessaert (1995)
	"Morfo-syntaxis van het Westvlaamse be-jaa-k-gie", (Talk at the
	Morfologiedag, 2 September 1994, R.U.Groningen).
	Tabu 25/1, pp. 45-60.
- Smessaert, Hans. 1996. 'Pronominal Cliticization in West Flemish'.
In Schiller, Steinberg & Need (eds) 'Autolexical Theory: Ideas and
Methods'. Berlin & NY: Mouton de Gruyter, pp.241-289. [ Within
Autolex. Theory]
- Zwicky, Arnold and Geoffrey Pullum. 1983. Cliticization vs.
inflection: English "n't". "Language", 59(3):502-513.
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