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Books: Lexicography

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  1. Paul Peranteau, New Books: Lexicography

Message 1: New Books: Lexicography

Date: Mon, 01 Jul 1996 12:33:31 EDT
From: Paul Peranteau <>
Subject: New Books: Lexicography

New Books from John Benjamins Publishing Company


Manual of Specialized Lexicography.
The preparation of specialized dictionaries.
Henning BERGENHOLTZ, and Sven TARP (eds)

1990-1994 the Danish Research Council for the Humanities granted a
research project entitled "translation of LSP texts", which was
initially split up into five part-projects, one of which has been
concerned with LSP lexicography. Manual of Specialized Lexicography is
one of the results of the research undertaken by this project. The
primary purpose of the manual is to contribute towards an improved
basis for practical specialized lexicography, which has so far had but
a small share in the explosive development that has taken place in
general-language lexicography since the early 1970s. One implication
of this is that only to a limited extent has it been possible to build
upon existing findings. The manual thus has the twofold aim of
offering guidance and direction to would-be authors of specialized
dictionaries as well as contributing towards the further development
of lexicographical theories.

Benjamins Translation Library, No. 12 256 pp.
US & Canada:Hb: 1-55619-693-8 US$50.00
Rest of World: 90 272 1612 6 Hfl.90,--

Lexical Functions in Lexicography and Natural Language Processing.
WANNER, Leo (ed.) (University of Waterloo)

Lexical Functions in Lexicography and Natural Language Processing is
entirely devoted to the topic of Lexical Functions, which have been
introduced in the framework of the Meaning-Text Theory as a means for
describing restricted lexical co-occurrence and derivational
relations. It provides detailed background information, comparative
studies of other known proposals for the representation of relations
covered by Lexical Functions, as well as a selection of most important
works done on and with Lexical Functions in lexicography and
computational linguistics. This volume provides excellent course
material while it also reports on the state-of-the-art in the
field.The volume contains eleven articles: Introduction (L. Wanner);
Lexical Functions: A Tool for the Description of Lexical Relations in
a Lexicon (I. Mel'cuk); Lexical Functions Across Languages
(J. Grimes); Using Lexical Functions for the Extraction of
Collocations from Dictionaries and Corpora (U. Heid); A Classification
and Description of Lexical Functions for the Analysis of their
Combinations (M. Alonso Ramos and A. Tutin); A Case of Aspectual
Polysemy, with Implications for Lexical Functions (A. Nakhimovsky); On
Dictionary Entries for Support Verbs: The Cases of Russian VESTI,
PROVODIT' and PROIZVODIT' (T. Reuther); Lexical Functions and Lexical
Inheritance for Emotion Lexemes in German (I. Mel'cuk and L. Wanner);
Some Procedural Problems in the Implementation of Lexical Functions
for Text Generation (I. Ordanskaja, M. Kim, and A. Polguere);
Generating Cohesive Text Using Lexical Functions (W. Lee and
M. Evens); RUSLO: An Automatic System for Derivation in
Russian(N. Percova). Studies in Language Companion Series, No. 31 xx,
355 pp. US & Canada:Hb: 1 55619 383 1 US$79.00 Rest of World: 90 272
3034 X Hfl.140,--

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