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Thu Jul 4 1996

Confs: Eastern States Conference on Linguistics '96

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  2. "VIRGINIA MOTAPANYANE", ESCOL '96 - travel&accommodation

Message 1: ESCOL '96 - PROGRAM

Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 22:18:33 -0300
Subject: ESCOL '96 - PROGRAM
 ESCOL '96 
 (Eastern States Conference on Linguistics)

 August 31 - September 2, 1996

 University of New Brunswick - Saint John


Saturday August 31

 8:30 Registration and coffee OH202

 9:15 Welcome and announcements OH206

 9:30 Perfective participle paradox in English VP-fronting
 Satoshi Oku - University of Connecticut

10:00 Infinitival relative clauses in English: An antisymmetric 
 approach to discontinuous constituency
 Stanley Dubinsky - University of South Carolina

10:30 Predicative and argumental bare measure phrases
 Murat Kural - University of California, Los Angeles

11:00 Break

11:15 How general are our generalizations? What speakers actually 
 know and what they actually do.
 Brian Joseph - Ohio State University

12:15 Lunch

2:00 Deriving final syllable strength in Cayuga
 Carrie Dyck - University of Toronto

2:30 Government Switching in Phonology
 David Michaels and Heeheon Park - University of Connecticut

3:00 Tone in North Kyungsang Korean Phrases
 No-Ju Kim - Ohio State University

3:30 Representing a sign as a single segment
 Rachel Crain - University of Maryland

4:00 Break

4:15 The role of contrast: evidence from variability
 Keren Rice - University of Toronto

5:15 Break

5:30 The meaning of Accusative case in Turkish
 Regina Pallat Moorcroft - Cornell University

6:00 Case, scope and Feature-movement
 Kazuko Yatsushiro - University of Connecticut

6:30 Negative concord, events and negative chains
 Lucia Tovena - University of Geneva

7:00 Dinner

Sunday September 1

 8:30 Coffee

 9:00 The psycholinguistics of French clitic placement
 Nigel Duffield and Philippe Prevost - McGill University

 9:30 A unified theory of empty pronouns, the EPP, and the nature 
 of finiteness in a Minimalist framework
 George Tsoulas - University of York

10:00 Two subject positions without two functional heads
 Peter Svenonius - University of Tromso

10:30 Ainu: evidence against the Polysynthesis parameter
 Lizanne Kaiser - Yale University

11:00 Break

11:15 Unaccusativity and the adjective/verb distinction
 Mark Baker - McGill University

12:15 Lunch

 2:30 A goal phrase and unaccusativity
 Mika Kizu - McGill University

 3:00 LF movement of Wh-in-situ
 Hidekazu Tanaka - McGill University

 3:30 An incorporation analysis of causatives
 Marit Julien - University of Troms 

 4:00 Break

 4:15 Counterfactuals: Implicature or Entailment
 Chung-hye Han - University of Pennsylvania

 4:45 Derivational Linear Precedence Principle
 Takashi Nakajima - Cornell University/ NUCBA-Japan

 5:15 Fine-grained Logical Form
 Laurent Dekydtspotter - Indiana University

 5:45 Condition R (the concept formerly known as 'reflexivity')
 Jeffrey Lidz - University of Delaware

 6:15 Dinner

Monday September 2

 8:30 Coffee

 9:00 Theta-theory and the interpretation of noun phrases in 
 Juan Martin - University of Toledo

 9:30 Aspect and nominal interpretation: the perfective paradox 
 Miwako Uesaka and Roumyana Slabakova - McGill University

10:00 A crosslinguistic asymmetry in the temporal interpretation 
 of Dps
 Hamida Demirdache - University of British Columbia

10:30 Quantification and the lexical/functional split
 David Basilico - University of Alabama at Birmingham

11:15 Break

11:30 Salish evidence for the universality of generalized 
 Lisa Matthewson - University of British Columbia

12:00 Tense ambiguity and specificity
 Ayumi Matsuo - University of Connecticut

12:30 Two semantic components of noun phrases
 Richard Zuber - Universite de Paris 7

 1:00 Closing, lunch and departure


 Numerals as attributes
 John Payne - University of Manchester

 For agreement phrase
 Patricia Schneider-Zioga - University of Southern California

 More arguments for a common treatment of scrambling and clitic 
 Diana Gierling - University of Tuebingen
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Message 2: ESCOL '96 - travel&accommodation

Date: Wed, 03 Jul 1996 22:23:16 -0300
Subject: ESCOL '96 - travel&accommodation
 ESCOL '96 
 (Eastern States Conference on Linguistics)

 August 31 - September 2, 1996

 University of New Brunswick - Saint John


 Flights: There are daily flights from Boston to Saint John; this 
is the best way to travel from the US. Participants coming from 
Europe may consider Montreal and Halifax as connecting points. When 
you make your travel arrangements, please make sure that the agent 
sends you to Saint John, NB, and NOT to St. John's, NF!!!
 Bus: It is possible, from Bangor, but it takes a long time and 
is almost as expensive as flying from Boston. 
 Driving: It takes 8 hours from Boston, 10 hours from New York. 
 From the airport : Diamond Taxi has a van service from the 
airport to various hotels downtown (CAN$7/person); the van meets all 
the flights, and is announced as "ground transportation to Saint 
John". The bus 15/16 runs every half hour from downtown (King 
Square) to the campus; fare CAN$1.35. You can also take a taxi from
airport to university (CAN$20), or from downtown to university 
 There is no bank office in the airport to change money; banks in 
town close Friday afternoon until Monday morning.

 Two taxes apply to any purchase price (including hotel bills): 
GST - a federal tax (7%) and PST - a provincial tax (11%), which 
increase the actual price with 18%.
However, there are tax breaks for foreigners: if you spend a minimum 
of CAN$200 on accommodation and "souvenirs", you are eligible for a 
GST refund. In order to apply for this refund, you have to: pick up 
the form at the customs when you come to Canada; and keep all your 
receipts to prove the amount of money spent. 

 Arrangements are in progress to book the students residence for 
the conference participants. If the negotiations are successful, you 
will receive a second message on this issue.
 The accommodation available at the moment is as follows:

1. Camping:
You may consider bringing a tent. Rockwood Park Campsite is at 
walking distance from the campus; their rate is CAN$15/day, it 
includes electricity and shower.

2. Crash space:
Very limited. Bring your sleeping bag.

3. Hotels:
 These hotels are on the bus line to the campus. 

EARLE OF LEINSTER INN Single: CAN$63 (includes tax)
 Double: CAN$68 (includes tax)
 Phone: (506) 652-3275 

KEDDY'S FORT HOWE Single: CAN$59 + tax Double: CAN$59 + tax
 Phone: (506) 657-7320 or 1-800-561-7666

HOWARD JOHNSON Single: CAN$69 + tax Double: CAN$69 + tax
 Phone: (506) 642-2622 or 1-800-446-4656

DELTA Single: CAN$94 + tax Double: CAN$94 + tax
 Phone: (506) 648-1981 or 1-800-268-1133

For reservations, call directly the hotel, or e-mail:

 Due to the limitations of funds, we cannot offer a dinner party. 
We will make reservations in a (good) restaurant for Saturday night, 
but we each have to pay for our own bill (more or less CAN$25 without 
drinks). If you would like to join us, please let us know two weeks 
before the conference.

 A symbolic conference fee of CAN$10 has to be paid when you 
register in OH202. However, we would like to have your confirmation 
of attendance as soon as possible.
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