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Fri Jul 5 1996

Confs: Robust Parsing Workshop at ESSLLI'96

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  1. John Carroll, Robust Parsing Workshop at ESSLLI'96 - Call for Attendance

Message 1: Robust Parsing Workshop at ESSLLI'96 - Call for Attendance

Date: Thu, 04 Jul 1996 10:34:00 -0000
From: John Carroll <>
Subject: Robust Parsing Workshop at ESSLLI'96 - Call for Attendance

 August 12 - 16, 1996

 at ESSLLI'96
 European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information
 Prague, Czech Republic


Parsing systems able to analyse natural language text robustly and
accurately at an appropriate level of detail would be of great value
in computer applications ranging from speech synthesis and document
style checking to message understanding and automatic translation. A
number of research groups worldwide are currently developing such
systems, varying in the depth of analysis from lexical parsing or
tagging (identifying syntactic features just of individual words),
through shallow or phrasal parsing (forming hierarchical syntactic
structure but not exploiting subcategorisation), to full parsers
(which deal with unbounded dependencies etc., and are able to recover
predicate-argument structure).

To bring researchers in this area together to present and compare
state-of-the-art systems for robust parsing, a workshop will be held
August 12-16, 1996, during the first week of ESSLLI'96, the European
Summer School in Logic, Language and Information.

Partial Parsing via Finite-state Cascades
Steven Abney, University of Tuebingen, Germany

A Robust Finite-State Parser for French
Jean-Pierre Chanod, Rank Xerox Research Centre, France &
Pasi Tapanainen, University of Helsinki, Finland

Robust Speech Parsing
Ute Ehrlich, Daimler-Benz AG, Germany &
Gerhard Hanrieder, FORWISS, Erlangen, Germany

Shallow Parsing and Text Chunking: a View on Underspecification in
Syntax Stefano Federici, Simonetta Montemagni & Vito Pirrelli, ILC-CNR
Pisa, Italy

Using Verb Semantic Role Information to Extend Partial Parses via a
Co-reference Mechanism Robert Gaizauskas & Kevin Humphreys, University
of Sheffield, UK

GLR*: A Robust Parser for Spontaneously Spoken Language
Alon Lavie, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Evaluation of PRINCIPAR with the SUSANNE Corpus
Dekang Lin, University of Manitoba, Canada

Robust Parsing with the Head-Corner Parser
Gertjan van Noord, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands

An Approach to Robust Partial Parsing and Evaluation Metrics
B. Srinivas, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Transformation-based Bracketing: Fast Algorithms and Experimental
Results Mark Vilain & David Palmer, The MITRE Corporation, USA


Attendees must register in advance, through the ESSLLI secretariat
(contact details below), and will then be eligible at no extra cost to
attend all other workshops at ESSLLI'96, as well as the many courses
and symposia (see the ESSLLI WWW pages for details). The workshop will
consist of 5 90-minute sessions, with two papers in each session. A
volume of proceedings will be issued to each attendee.

John Carroll, University of Sussex
and Ted Briscoe, University of Cambridge

John Carroll
Cognitive and Computing Sciences,
University of Sussex,
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK

Malostranske' na'm. 25,
118 00 Praha 1,
Czech Republic
Fax: +42-2-2191-4-309
Phone: +42-2-2191-4-255
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