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Mon Jul 8 1996

Sum: Role of consciousness in instructed Second Lg Acquisition

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  1. "Tanja Langhorst", Sum:Role of consciousness in instructed Second Language Acquis.

Message 1: Sum:Role of consciousness in instructed Second Language Acquis.

Date: Mon, 08 Jul 1996 13:35:38 BST
From: "Tanja Langhorst" <TLANGHORSTcip.lili.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE>
Subject: Sum:Role of consciousness in instructed Second Language Acquis.
Dear linguists,
some time ago I asked for info on "The role of consciousness in
Instructed Second Language Acquisition".
First of all, many thanks to :
Kirk Belnap <>
Ngoni Chipere <>
Debra M. Hardison <>
Dorine S. Houston <V2188GVM.TEMPLE.EDU>
Ming-wei Ernest Lee <>
M.Paradis <PARADISLANGS.Lan.McGill.CA>
Jill Pelletieri <>
H.Stephen Straight <>

for suggesting the following references:

1. The best reference to start with is probably Rod Ellis:
 -1994, "The study of Second Language Acquisition". Oxford Univ.
2. R.Ellis has also published an article in:
 Nick Ellis.1994."Implicit and Explicit Learning of Languages."
 London: Academic Press.
 This book also contains very good articles by Krashen, Schmidt
 and Paradis and it helped me a lot!
3. An article by Peter Robinson was recommended twice:
 'Attention, memory, and the noticing hypothesis' in:"Language
 Learning". Volume 45:2.June 1995.283-331.
4. The Amer Assn for Applied Linguistics Annual Conference in Chicago
 featured a number of papers, among them:
 -Attention-based approaches to selecting and implementing tasks,
 by P. Skehan, Thames Valley U, <skehan>
 -Explicit vs. Implicit learning of an artificial phrase-structure
 grammar, by M. Warschauer, U Hawaii-Manoa, <>
5. Teresa Cadiero.1995.'Formal instruction from a processing
 perspective' in: "Modern Language Journal".79:2.179-193.
6.Nick Ellis.1996. 'Consciousness in Second Language Acquisition: A
 review of field studies and laboratory experiments' in the latest
 issue of "Language Awareness".
7. Another article that was very helpfull:
 Schmidt, Richard W.. 'The role of consciousness in Second Language
 Learning'in:" Applied Linguistics", 11. 129-158.
8. The web has some good articles aswell, under "Psyche" (an
 interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness) I found:
 Willingham & Preuss.1995. 'The Death of Implicit Memory' .
9. Cohen, Andrew. 'Language Learning: Insights for learners, teachers,
 and researchers. (?)
10. for an older reference: Rubin, Joan.1975. 'What the good language
 learner can teach us'in: "TESOL Quarterly", 9:1. 41-51.

While reading through these articles and also through others, e.g. by
Barry McLaughlin, I came across another question: Can we use the word
"Consciousness" as a scientific term or does it have a rather
subjective meaning so that we should use more specific terms for the
discription of processes in SLA, so that the constructs are testable
and falsifiable?

If you have any oppinion to this question or anything more to add,
please feel free to send it to me !

Many thanks again!
 Tanja Langhorst <TLANGHORSTcip.lili.Uni-Osnabrueck.DE>

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