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Confs: LACL'97, Cognitive Science

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  1. perrier, CONF - LACL'97 - Nancy (France) - Sept 97
  2. Michael Shafto, 19th Annual Conf of the Cognitive Science Society

Message 1: CONF - LACL'97 - Nancy (France) - Sept 97

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 11:30:32 +0200
From: perrier <>
Subject: CONF - LACL'97 - Nancy (France) - Sept 97

 Logical Aspects of Computational Linguistics 1997

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
The LACL conferences 
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
The first edition of the LACL conference, which was held in Nancy in
September 1996, was very successful.This proves that there is a
growing interest in the use of logic in natural language processing,
both for syntactic and semantic models. LACL'97 will continue to bring
together linguists, logicians, philosophers and computer scientists
around this theme in order to present the latest results and to
discuss the different approaches.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Programme Committee 
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chairman: A. Lecomte (U. Grenoble 2)
 B. Carpenter (Bell Labs)
 M. Dymetman (Rank-Xerox, Grenoble)
 C. Gardent (U. Saarbrucken)
 Ph. de Groote (INRIA & CRIN, Nancy)
 S. Kulick (U. Pennsylvania)
 F. Lamarche (INRIA & CRIN, Nancy)
 M. Moortgat (OTS, Utrecht)
 G. Morrill (UPC, Barcelone)
 A. Ranta. (U. Helsinki & U. Tampere)
 P. Saint-Dizier (IRIT, Toulouse)
 E. Stabler (UCLA, Los Angeles)
 E. Villemonte de la Clergerie (INRIA, Rocquencourt)

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Organising Committee 
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chairman: G. Perrier
V. Antoine, D. Bechet, A.-L. Charbonnier, F. Lamarche and A. Savary.
INRIA-Lorraine & CRIN-CNRS, Nancy.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Monday, September 22 
- ------------------
8:45-9:30: Welcome 

9:30-10:20: Invited Talk I JOACHIM LAMBEK (McGill University,
 Some mathematical approaches to natural language
10:35-11:35: Session 1
 M. KANDULSKI Strong equivalence of generalized
		Ajduckiewicz and Lambek grammars

 S. SHAUMYAN, P.HUDAK & M.JONES Type-Directed Natural
			Language Parsing

11:50-12:40: Discussion I Logic-Mathematical formalisms and Grammars

12:40-14:00: Lunch 

14:00-14:50: Invited Talk II DENIS BOUCHARD (Universite du Quebec,
		Montreal) Ellipsis of the Noun and of the Determiner:
		recoverability, number and partitivity
15:05-16:35: Session 2
 T. CORNELL Derivational and Representational Views of 
 Minimalist Syntactic Calculi

 F. MORAWIETZ & T. CORNELL Approximating Principles and 
 Parameters Grammars with MSO Tree Logics

 J. HODAS A Linear Logic Treatment of Phrase Structure 
 Grammars For Unbounded Dependencies

16:45-17:35: Discussion II What formalisms for Minimalism?

Tuesday, September 23 
- -------------------
9:30-10:20: Invited Talk III YVES LAFONT (C.N.R.S., Marseille)
 Applications of Phase Semantics

10:35-11:35: Session 3
 E. KRAAK Italian Object Cliticization: a deductive 

 H. HENDRIKS A Proof-Theoretic Analysis of Intonation

11:50-12:40: Discussion III Advantages of the Proof-Theoretic 

12:40-14:00: Lunch 

14:00-14:50: Invited Talk IV MARK JOHNSON (Brown University,
			Providence) Features and Resources

15:05-16:35: Session 4
 P. BLACKBURN Feature Logics in Hybrid Languages

 D. HEYLEN Underspecification in Subsumption-based Type-
			Logical Grammars

 N. FRANCEZ On the direction of fibring feature logics with 
 concatenation logics

16:45-17:35: Discussion IV Comparing Feature Logics

20:00: Conference Dinner 

Wednesday, September 24
- ---------------------
9:30-10:30: Session 5
 An Operational Model for Parsing Fixed-Mode DCGs

 D. TATAR & D. ZAIU Unification-based and object-oriented
			based approaches to grammars

10:45-11:45: Session 6
 Z. LUO & P.C. CALLAGHAN Linguistic categories in
			mathematical vernacular and their
			type-theoretic semantics

 M. KINNUNEN Natural language interface to regular

12:00-12:50: Final Discussion 

12:50-14:00: Lunch 

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
- -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Nancy, which is the capital of the French department Meurthe et
Moselle, is easily accessible from Paris (Gare de l'Est) by train in
about three hours. There are also direct trains from Strasbourg,
Luxembourg and Dijon. The nearest international airports are the ones
of Paris, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. The LACL conference will take
place in the LORIA building at the address:

 Batiment LORIA
 Technopole de Nancy Brabois
 Campus Scientifique
 615 rue du jardin botanique, B.P. 101
 F 54602 Villers-les-Nancy Cedex

For more information about the location, please take a look at the WWW 
server or send a mail to Francois Lamarche.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
The registration fees for the conference are the following:

 Before August 15 After August 15

 Regular 700 FRF 900 FRF 
 Student 500 FRF 700 FRF 

 Both regular and student fees include the conference proceedings,
the coffee breaks, the lunches, and the conference dinner (September
23). Tickets for additional conference dinners (for accompanying
persons) can be purchased at 150 FRF.You may register by surface mail,
fax, or e-mail. Please fill in the registration form that you can find
at WWW address and send it to:
 Bureau des Relations Exterieures - LACL'97
 615 rue du jardin botanique, B.P. 101
 F 54602 Villers-les-Nancy Cedex

 Fax (internat.): + 33 3 83 27 83 19
 (nat.): 03 83 27 83 19


- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Payments are accepted in FRENCH FRANCS ONLY. The enclosed payment may
be one of the following forms:

 o Cheque in French currency, drawn on a French bank, made to the
order of "Agent comptable de l'INRIA";

 o Eurocheque in French currency, made to the order of "Agent
comptable de l'INRIA";

 o bank transfer to the order of "Agent comptable de l'INRIA" (with
your name and LACL'97); the bank account number is:
 10071-78000-00003003958-80 at the bank
"Tresorerie Generale des Yvelines". Please ask your bank to arrange a
transfer at no cost for the recipient.

 You may also pay the registration fee by credit card at the moment
of the conference.

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hotel rooms ranging from one to three star hotels are available. For
a reser- vation, please phone to the hotel, fill in the accommodation
form that you can find at WWW address
and send it rapidly to the hotel (preferably before September) to
confirm the reservation.

 Hotel Akena * Hotel Crystal *
 41 rue Raymond Poincare 5 rue Chanzy
 54000 Nancy 54 000 Nancy
 Tel: 03 83 28 02 13 Tel: 03 83 35 41 55
 Fax: 03 83 90 00 45 Fax: 03 83 37 84 85
 Price (Tarif ): 175 FRF Price (Tarif ): 200-300 FRF

 Hotel Albert 1er ** Hotel Mercure-Thiers ***
 3 rue de l'armee Patton 11 rue Raymond Poincare
 54000 Nancy 54 000 Nancy
 Tel: 03 83 40 31 24 Tel: 03 83 39 75 75
 Fax: 03 83 28 47 78 Fax: 03 83 32 78 17
 Price (Tarif ): 295-310 FRF Price (Tarif ): 475 FRF

 Guy Perrier
 Campus Scientifique -B.P. 239 
 54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy Cedex 


 phone: 03 83 59 20 18 fax: 03 83 41 30 79
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Message 2: 19th Annual Conf of the Cognitive Science Society

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 16:21:37 -0800
From: Michael Shafto <>
Subject: 19th Annual Conf of the Cognitive Science Society

The Nineteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society will
be held at Stanford University August 7-10, 1997. This year's meeting
will run four days. In addition to research talks and poster sessions,
the conference will include eight half-day symposia on selected topics
such as Distributed Cognition, Semantics, Spatial Cognition, Cognitive
Neuroscience, Scientific Discovery, Social Cognition, Language
Acquisition, and Motor Behavior. Each symposium will run for half a
day, and will include two survey talks by senior scientists and two
invited research talks describing recent advances in the area.

For information about registration and housing, see the conference web
site at

which also contains information about other aspects of the
meeting. The conference web site includes both postscript and
electronic versions of the registration and housing form. We look
forward to seeing you at Stanford this August.

- --- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
Mike Shafto (
Human-Automation Integration Research Branch (AFI)
NASA-Ames Research Center, Mail Stop 262-4
Moffett Field, CA 94035-1000

- --- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- ----- -----
 It is strange that the inadequacy of formal long-range plans is not
better understood. -- Hans Mark & Arnold Levine, "The Management of
Research Institutions," NASA SP-481, p. 183. 
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