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TOC: UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics

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Message 1: UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics

Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 13:16:59 PST
Subject: UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics

UCLA Working Papers in Phonetics

UCLA WPP No. 94 (December, 1996)
	Maddieson, I. "Gestural economy."
	Ladefoged, P. "David Abercrombie and the changing field of
	Ladefoged, P. "The IPA and a theory of phonetic description."
	Ladefoged, P. "The IPA and the phonetics/phonology interface."
	Fougeron, C., S. Jun. "Rate effects on French intonation:
		Prosodic organization and phonetic realization."
	Ladefoged, P. "The sounds of languages."
	Keating, P.A. "Phonetics."
	Ueyama, M., S. Jun. "Focus realization of Japanese English
		and Korean English intonation."

UCLA WPP No. 93 (December, 1996)
	Ladefoged, P., I. Madieson. "Recording the phonetic
		structures of endangered languages."
	Ladefoged, P., D. Everett. "The status of phonetic rarities."
	Fulop, S. A.. "An acoustic investigation of the tongue root
		contrast in Degema vowels."
	Ladefoged, P., D. Everett. "Phonetic structures of Banawa, an
		endangered language."
	MacEachern, M. R., B. Kern, and P. Ladefoged. "Wari' phonetic
	Maddieson, I., R. Rajabov, and A. Sonnenschein. "The main
		features of Tsez phonetics."
	Gordon, M., I. Maddieson. "The phonetics of Paici"
	Maddieson, I., N. Bessel, and C. Smith. "A preliminary
		phonetic report on the sounds of Tlingit."
	Maddieson, I., M. Gordon. "Notes on the phonetics of Sele,
		with particular attention to vowels."
	Gordon, M. "The phonetic structures of Hupa."

UCLA WPP No. 92 ( August, 1996)

	Hsu, C. "A phonetically-based Optimality-Theoretic Account of
		Consonant Reduction in Taiwanese."
	Keating, P. "The Phonology-Phonetics Interface."
	Fougeron, C. and P. Keating. "Articulatory strenghtening in
		prosodic domain-initial position."
	_______________________. "Variations in Velic and Lingual
		Articulation Depending on Prosodic Position: Results
		for 2 French Speakers."
	Jun, S. "Influence of microprosody on macroprosody: a case of
		phrase initial strenthening."
	Ueyama, M. "Phrase-Final Lengthening and Stress-Timed
		Shortening in the Speech of Native Speakers and
		Japanese Learners of English."
	Smith, C. "The Devoicing of /z/ in American English: Effects
		of Local and Prosodic Context."
	Gordon, M. "The Effect of Stress and Prosodic Phrasing on
		Duration, Acoustic Amplitude and Air Flow of Nasals in
	Maddieson, I. "Phonetic Universals."

UCLA WPP No. 91 ( October, 1995)

	Wright, R., I. Maddieson, P. Ladefoged, and B. Sands. "A
		phonetic study of Sandawe clicks."
	Gordon, M. and I. Maddieson. "The phonetics of Ndumbea."
	Wright, R. and I. Maddieson. "The vowels and consonants of
		Amis--a preliminary phonetic report."
	Maddieson, I. "Collapsing vowel harmony and doubly
		-articulated fricatives--two myths about Avatime
		phonology. "
	Ladefoged, P. "Voiceless approximants in Tee."
	Shryock, A., P. Ladefoged, and K. Williamson. "Phonetic
		structures of Defaka."
UCLA WPP No. 90 ( August, 1995)
	Hagiwara, R.; Ph.D. dissertation: "Acoustic Realizations of
		American /R/ as Produced by Women and Men."

UCLA WPP No. 89 ( July, 1995)
	Shryock, A.; Ph.D. dissertation: "Investigating Laryngeal
		Contrasts: An Acoustic Study of the Consonants
		of Musey."

UCLA WPP No. 88 ( September, 1994)
 Ladefoged, P. "A phonation type synthesizer for use in the
	___________. "The links between theory and fieldwork in
	Ladefoged, P. and V. Fromkin. "Phonetic studies of American
		Indian languages."
	Z Abuov. "The phonetics of Kazakh and the theory of
	R. Hagiwara. "Three types of American /r/.
	__________. Sex, syllabic /(R)/, and the American English
		vowel space.
	Keating, P., P. MacEachern, A. Shryock, and S. Dominguez. "A
		manual for phonetic transcription: Segmentation and
		labeling of words in spontaneous speech."
	Keating, P. "Review of the Oxford Acoustic Phonetic Database
		on compact disc by J.B. Pickering and B.S. Rosner.
	Crowther, C. "Modeling coarticulation and place of
		articulation using locus equations."

UCLA WPP No. 87( August, 1994)
	Flemming, E., P. Ladefoged, and S. Thomason. "Phonetic
		structures of Montana Salish."
	Spajic, S., P. Ladefoged, and P. Bhaskararao. "The rhotics of
	Wright, R., and P. Ladefoged. "A phonetic study of Tsou."
	McDonough, J., and M. Austin-Garrison "Vowel enhancement and
		dispersion in the vowel space of Western Navajo: a
		study of traditional Navajo speakers."
	Johnson, K. and P. Ladefoged. "A Preliminary perceptual
		study of the vowels of Montana Salish: The method of
		adjustment as a fieldwork technique."
	Silverman, D. , B. Blankenship, P. Kirk, and P. Ladefoged.
		"Phonetic structures in Jalapa Mazatec."
	Anderson, V.B., and I. Maddieson. "Acoustic characteristics
		of Tiwi coronal stops."
	I. Maddieson, and V.B. Anderson. "Phonetic structures of Iaai."

UCLA WPP No. 86 (May, 1994)
	Byrd. D.; Ph.D. dissertation: "Articulatory Timing in English
		Consonant Sequences."
UCLA WPP No. 85 ( November, 1993)
	Keating, P. "Comments on Privative versus Binary Features."
	________. "Phonetic Representation of Palatalization versus
	Maddieson, I. "Investigationg Ewe Articulations with
		Electromagnetic Articulography."
	de Jong, K. "Acoustic and Articulatory Correlates of P-Center
		Adjustments in Tokens of Matched Overall Durations."
	Saw, C.C. "Customized 3-D Electropalatography Display.
	Silverman, D. and J. Jun. "Aerodynamic Evidence for
		Articulatory Overlap in Korean."
UCLA WPP No. 84 ( June, 1993)
	Ladefoged, P. "Linguistic Phonetic Fieldwork: a Practical
	Maddieson, I., S. Spajic, B. Sands, and P. Ladefoged.
		"Phonetic Structures of Dahalo."
	Sands, B. I. Maddieson, and P. Ladefoged. "The Phonetic
		Structures of Hadza."
	Shalev, M., P. Ladefoged, and P. Bhaskararao. "Phonetics of
	Blankenship, B., P. Ladefoged, P. Bhaskararao, and N. Chase.
		"Phonetic Structures of Khonoma Angami."
	McDonough, J., P. Ladefoged, and H. George. "Navajo Vowels
		and Phonetic Universal Tendencies."
	McDonough, J., and P. Ladefoged. "Navajo Stops."
	de Jong, K. and J. McDonough. "Tone and Tonogenesis in

UCLA WPP No. 83 (February, 1993)	
I. Macro-Phonetic Studies.
	Maddieson, I. "The Structure of Segment Sequences."
	________. "Splitting the Mora."
	McDonough, J. "The Phonological Representation of Laterals."
II. Studies in Perception.
	Johnson, K. "Acoustic and Auditory Analyses of Xhosa Clicks
		and Pulmonics."
	Johnson, K., M. Fernandez, M. Hennigner, and J. Sansdstrum.
		"Spectral Integration in Vowel Perception: Matching
		and Discrimination Studies."
	Johnson, K., E. Flemming, and R. Wright. "The Hyperspace
		Effect: Phonetic Targets are Hyperarticulated."
	Wright, R. "Trading Relations and Informational Models."
III. Studies in Production. 
	Byrd, D. "54,000 American Stops."
	de Jong, K. "Phonetic Units and American English [ow]."
	Long, J.B., and I. Maddieson. "Consonantal Evidence against
		the Quantal Theory."

UCLA WPP No. 82 (December, 1992)
	John D. Choi. "Phonetic Underspecification and Target
		Interpolation: An Acoustic Study of Marshallese Vowel

UCLA WPP No. 81 (July, 1992)
Part I
	Various papers on TIMIT by Keating, Blankenship, Byrd,
		Flemming, and Todaka. Part II
	Byrd, D. "Pitch and duration of yes-no questions in Nchufie."
	de Jong, K. "Acousitc and articulatory correlates of P-center
	Keating, P. and A. Lakiri. "Fronted velars, palatalized
		velars, and palatals."
	Ladefoged, P. "Phonetic interpretation of voiceless nasals."
	_______. "Another view of endangered languages."
	_______. "What do we need to know in order to do spoken
		language research."
	Johnson, K. and H. Teheranizadeh. "Facilities for speech
		perception research at the UCLA phonetics lab."
	Wright, R. and A. Shryock. "The effect of implosives on pitch
		in SiSwati."

UCLA WPP No. 80 (December, 1991)
 	Nihalani, P. "A Re-evaluation of implosives in Sindhi."
	Sands, B. "Evidence for click features: Acoustic
		characteristics of Xhosa clicks."
	Blankenship, B. "Vowel perception in a second language."
	Schuetze-Coburn, S., M. Shapley and E.G. Weber. "Units of
		intonation in discourse: Acoustic and auditory
		analyses in contrast."
	P. Ladefoged. "Phonetics and phonology in Sweden."
	Johnson, K. "Dynamic aspects of English vowels in /bVb/
 UCLA WPP No. 78 (February, 1991)
	Ladefoged, P. "Computerized phonetic fieldwork"
	_______. "What do we symbolize? Thoughts prompted by
		bilabial and labiodental fricatives.
	Maddieson, I. "Testing the universality of phonological
		generalizations with a phonetically- specified segment
		database: results and limitations."
	_______. "Investigating linguistic universals."
	Maddieson, I and K. Precoda. "Syllable stucture and phonetic
	Davison, D. "Stress and tonoal targets in Tianjin Mandarin."
	Choi, J. and P. Keating. "Vowel-to-vowel coarticulation in
		three Slavic languages."
	Thomas, K. "Vowel length and pitch in Yavapai."
	Byrd, D. "Perception of assimilation in consonant clusters: a
		gestural model."

UCLA WPP No. 59 ( March, 1984)
	Dart, S. "Testing an aerodynamic model with measured data
		from Korean."
	Keating, P. "Aerodynamic modeling at UCLA."
	________. "Physiological effects on stop consonant voicing."
	________. "Universal phonetics and the vowel-formant phonetic
	________, M. Huffman, and E. Jackson. "Vowel allophones and
		the vowel-formant phonetic space."
	Ladefoged, P, and Z. Wu. "Places of articulation: An
		investigation of Pekingese fricatives and affricates."
	Maddieson, I. and K. Emmorey. "Is there a valid distinction
		between voiceless lateral approximants and
	Maddieson, I. "Phonetic cues to syllabification."
	Kirk, P., P. Ladefoged, and J. Ladefoged. "Using a
		spectrograph for Measures of p honation types in a
		Natural Language."
	Van Lancker, D., J. Kreiman, and K. Emmorey. "Recognition of
		famous voices forwards and backwards."
	_____________________________________. "Recognition of famous
		voices given vowels, words, and two-second texts. "

UCLA WPP No. 57 ( April, 1983)
	Ladefoged, P. "The limits of biological explanation in
	Ladefoged, P. and P. Bhaskararao. "Non-quantal aspects of
		consonant production: a study of retroglex consonants."
	Keating, P. "PHonetic and phonological representation of stop
		consonant voicing."
	________, W. Linker, and M. Huffman. "Patterns in allophone
		distribution for voiced and voiceless stops."
	Lee, Thomas. "An acoustical study of the register distinction
		in Mon."
	__________. "The vowel system in two varieties of Cantonese."
	Javkin, H. and I. Madddieson. "An inverse filtering analysis
		of Burmese creaky voice."

UCLA WPP No. 56 (October, 1982)
	Linker, W. "Articulatory and Acoustic Correlates of Labial
		Activity in Vowels: A Cross- Linguistic Study.
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