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Mon Jul 21 1997

Qs: Mongolian, Computer-mediated discourse

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  1. Duane Blanchard, Mongolian Programs
  2. Susan Herring, references needed: Computer-mediated discourse

Message 1: Mongolian Programs

Date: Tue, 15 Jul 1997 12:00:52 MST7MDT
From: Duane Blanchard <>
Subject: Mongolian Programs

Dear Netters,

I am looking for American universities which offer couses in
Mongolian. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks for your

Please e-mail me at

Duane L. Blanchard
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Message 2: references needed: Computer-mediated discourse

Date: Mon, 21 Jul 97 01:46:16 CDT
From: Susan Herring <>
Subject: references needed: Computer-mediated discourse

I've been asked to write a chapter for a handbook of Discourse
Analysis (edited by Deborah Tannen, Deborah Schiffrin and Heidi
Hamilton, to be published by Blackwell Publishers) on the topic of
computer-mediated discourse. In the interests of making the chapter
as up-to-date and comprehensive as possible, I'd like to hear from you
if you (or anyone you know) had published in this area, so that I can
mention your work in the chapter if it's appropriate.

I'm looking for references (brief descriptions would also be helpful)
to published work or work accepted for publication that analyzes some
form of computer-mediated communication from a linguistic or
ethnographic perspective, with a focus on language or language use.
I'd especially be interested in hearing from researchers I don't know
or with whom I've never corresponded before who publish in this area.
(I've compiled a list of about 80 references; if I know you, chances
are good I may already have included some of your work.)

My deadline for completing the chapter is August 31, so I would need
to hear from you before then in order to be able to incorporate
mention of your work.

Feel free to redistribute this message to anyone you think might be

Thanks in advance for your help,

Susan Herring

Susan Herring
Associate Professor
Program in Linguistics
University of Texas
Arlington, TX 76019 USA
(fax) 817-272-2731
(tel) 817-272-3133

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