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Sat Jul 26 1997

Sum: Diachrony and the Minimalist Program

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  1. sfisher, Diachrony and the Minimalist Program

Message 1: Diachrony and the Minimalist Program

Date: Fri, 25 Jul 1997 13:54:46 +0000
From: sfisher <>
Subject: Diachrony and the Minimalist Program

A few weeks ago I posted a query on the 'list regarding references for
studies carried out within the framework of the Minimalist
Program. Thanks a lot for the answers and here are they are in a "kind
of" shortened version :-).

Mark Douglas Arnold ( offered his dissertation
about the loss of verb movement in English of which a highly condensed
versions can be found in the Proceedings of NELS 26, and the
Proceedings of WCCFL 15.

 Arnold, Mark D. (1996). Double Object Constructions and Indirect
 Object Passives: Problems Posed by History", in Proceedings of WCCFL
 15, pp. 1-15.

 Arnold, Mark D. (1995a). Case, Periphrastic "do", and the Loss of
 Verb Movement in English". PhD dissertation, University of Maryland.

 Arnold, Mark D. (1995b). "Notations of Economy in Language Chance:
 The Spread of Perphrastic "do", in Proceedings of NELS 26, pp.

Deborah Arteaga ( has done some studies on Old
French within the framework of Minimalism, of which I only list the
newest ones, the others can be seen on her homepage, accessible


 Deborah Artega (to appear). Sobre la construcci=F3n de complemento
 objeto doble en el franc=E9s antiguo, in: "Revista de filologia
 francesa de la Universidad complutense de Madrid".

 -/-. (1995). On Old French Genitive Constructions, selected
 proceedings from the Twenty-second Linguistic _Symposium on the
 Romance Languages, in "Contemporary Research in Romance Linguistics:
 Papers from the 22nd Linguistic Symposium on the Romance languages,
 pp. 79 - 90.

 -/-. (1995) On Strong and Weak Possessives in Old French, in:
 "Language Quarterly 333, pp. 67-80.

Cassian Braconnier ( informed me about a book by
Jean-Yves Pollock which touches upon Diachrony and MP.

Jean-Yves Pollock, Langage et cognition, Introduction au programme
minimaliste de la grammaire generative, especially pages 148, 153,
160 and 166.

Mark Hale ( informed me about an article he
is just about to finish, a book of his of which the syntax portion is
written in the minimalism framework, as well as about an article in
the NELS:

 Mark Hale (to appear) The Diachronic Implications of Mimimalism,
 in: "Interdisciplinary Syntax"

 - / - (to appear), "Theory and Method in Historical Linguistics",

 Stefan Frisch, (1995), Evidence for Economy of Projection in
 Historical Change, "NELS", Vol 2.p.191 - 203.

Henrik Rosenkvist (Henrik contributed:

 Eithne Guilfoyle (1995) Infinitivals and the Transparency
 Principle Revisited, in: "NELS", Vol 2. p.205 - 209.

And Luis Silva-Villar ( told me about his

 Silva-Villar, Luis (1996). Enclisis in Northwestern Iberian
 Languages: A Diachronic Theory. University of California, Los

Thanks again to everyone for your contributions and interest. I'll
eagerly accept further informations on Diachrony and Minimalism :-).

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