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Mon Jul 28 1997

Confs: Ling. Association of Great Britain

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  1. b.clark, CONFS: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Message 1: CONFS: Linguistics Association of Great Britain

Date: Mon, 28 Jul 1997 15:16:55 +0000
From: b.clark <>
Subject: CONFS: Linguistics Association of Great Britain


Autumn Meeting 1997: University of Hertfordshire - 2nd Circular

The 1997 Autumn Meeting will be held from Thursday 4 to Saturday 6
September on the Watford campus of the University of Hertfordshire,
where the Association will be the guests of the Department of
Linguistics. The Local Organiser is Marjolein Groefsema
( Enquiries about the meeting should be
addressed to: Marjolein Groefsema, LAGB 1997, Department of
Linguistics, University of Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, Aldenham,
Herts WD2 8AT.

The Henry Sweet lecture 1997 on the Thursday evening will be delivered
by Jim McCloskey (University of California at Santa Cruz) and is
entitled "Building clauses - in Irish and in general".

On the afternoon of Thursday 4 September there will be a Workshop on
Celtic Syntax organised by Maggie Tallerman (Durham), and including
the following speakers: Jim McCloskey (UCSC), David Adger (York), Bob
Borsley (University of Wales Bangor), Cathal Doherty (University
College Dublin), Gillian Ramchand (Oxford) and David Willis (Oxford).
There will be a brief introduction to the noteworthy syntactic
features of Celtic, and the remainder of the afternoon will be devoted
to clause structure across the two branches of the family, namely
P-Celtic (Welsh, Breton, Cornish) and Q-Celtic (Irish, Scottish
Gaelic, Manx). Although all the languages exhibit verb-initial finite
clauses, both branches display a variety of other word orders in both
finite and non-finite clauses. Infinitival clauses are subject-initial
in all the modern Celtic languages. Verb second word order is also
found on each side of the family, most notably in Modern Breton and
Middle Welsh; V2 phenomena will be considered both from a diachronic
and synchronic perspective. Short question sessions will follow each

The Language Tutorial, on Welsh, will be given by Gwen Awbery
(University of Wales Cardiff) and Bob Morris Jones (University of
Wales Aberystwyth).

There will be a Wine Party on the Thursday evening, following
Professor McCloskey's lecture, sponsored by the Department of

Bookings: should be sent to the Local Organiser, address above, to
arrive by Friday 15 August. Cheques should be made payable to
"University of Hertfordshire".

Guests: members may invite any number of guests to meetings of the
association, upon payment of a guest invitation fee of 5 pounds.
Members wishing to invite guests should photocopy the enclosed booking

Abstracts are available to members who are unable to attend the
meeting. Please order using the booking form below.

Business Meeting: This is to be held on the afternoon of Friday 5
September. Items for the agenda should be sent to the Honorary

Election of Meetings Secretary: At the business meeting, Marjolein
Groefsema (University of Hertfordshire) will be elected unopposed as
Meetings Secretary.

Nominations for speakers: Nominations are requested for future guest
speakers; all suggestions should be sent to the Honorary Secretary.

Changes of address: Members are reminded to notify the Membership
Secretary (address below) of changes of address. An institutional
address is preferred; bulk mailing saves postage.

Committee members:

President: Professor Richard Hudson, Department of Phonetics and
Linguistics, University College London. E-mail:

Honorary Secretary: Dr. David Adger, Dept. of Language and Linguistic
Science, University of York. E-mail:

Membership Secretary: Dr. Kersti Borjars, Department of Linguistics,
University of Manchester. E-mail:

Meetings Secretary: Dr. Billy Clark, Communication Studies, Middlesex
University. E-mail:

Treasurer: Dr. Paul Rowlett, Dept. of Modern Languages, University of
Salford. E-mail:

Assistant Secretary: Dr. April McMahon, Dept. of Linguistics,
University of Cambridge. E-mail:

The LAGB internet home page is at:

Please return this form, with your remittance, by Friday 15 August to:
Marjolein Groefsema, LAGB 1997, Department of Linguistics, University
of Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, Aldenham, Herts WD2 8AT. Please make
cheques payable to "University of Hertfordshire". (All prices are in
pounds sterling ("stlg").




I enclose remittance as indicated (select appropriate package):

1. Complete conference package:
 (a) including Thursday lunch preceding workshop
 (i) if sent to arrive before 15 August 105-53 stlg
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 15 August 117-25 stlg

 (b) excluding Thursday lunch
 (i) if sent to arrive before 15 August 97-65 stlg
 (ii) if sent to arrive after 15 August 108-50 stlg

 (c) Surcharge for non-members, 5-00 stlg

2. Selected items:
 (a) conference fee (OBLIGATORY) to cover cost of
 abstracts, tea and coffee, room bookings,
 speakers' expenses etc. 15-00 stlg
 (b) Thursday lunch 8-75 stlg
 (c) Thursday dinner 9-50 stlg
 (d) B&B Thursday/Friday 28-50 stlg
 (e) Friday lunch 8-75 stlg
 (f) Friday dinner 9-50 stlg
 (g) B&B Friday/Saturday 28-50 stlg
 (h) Saturday lunch 8-75 stlg
 Deduct 10% if sent to arrive before 15 August
 (i) Surcharge for non-members, 5-00 stlg

4. Abstracts only, for those not attending:
5-00 stlg UK 6-00 stlg overseas



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