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Thu Aug 14 1997

TOC: MITWPL 29 (Japanese Ling)

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Message 1: New Publication: MITWPL 29 (Japanese Linguistics)

Date: Thu, 14 Aug 97 10:19:19
From: Uli Sauerland <sauerlanMIT.EDU>
Subject: New Publication: MITWPL 29 (Japanese Linguistics)

MIT Working Papers in Linguistics announces the following recent

 TITLE: Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics (MITWPL 29)
 EDITORS: Masatoshi Koizumi, Masayuki Oishi, and Uli Sauerland
 PRICE: $15 plus shipping/handling
 PUBLISHER: MIT Working Papers in Linguistics
 MIT, Room E39-215
 77 Massachusetts Ave.
 Cambridge MA 02139

Right Dislocation 
Yoshio Endo 1

Multiple Case-Checking in the Head-Internal Relativization in Japanese
Koji Hoshi 						21

Agr and Agreement in Japanese
Hideki Kishimoto 41

Consonant Gemination and Accent in Japanese Loanwords
Mafuyu Kitahara 61

Unambiguous Checking
Takeo Kurafuji 81

Multiple Wh-Phrases in Elliptical Clauses and Some Aspects of Clefts
 with Multiple Foci
Kazuki Kuwabara 97

Word Order Restrictions and Nonconfigurationality
Shigeru Miyagawa 117

Empty Categories and Argument Structures
Mineharu Nakayama 143

Historical Change of Japanese Verbs and Its Implications for
Optimality Theory
Kunio Nishiyama 155

The Definiteness of Tense and Specifier-Head Agreement in Japanese
Yoshiki Ogawa 						173

Clause Reduction in Japanese
Hiromu Sakai 193

The Interpretability of Scrambling
Uli Sauerland 213

Shuri Okinawan Kakari-Musubi and Movement
Mariko Sugahara 235

Move-F and Pro
Daiko Takahashi 255

Intrinsic Reflexivity and Inalienable Possession in Japanese
Natsuko Tsujimura and Takako Aikawa 267

Deriving Surface Word Order in Discourse Configurational Languages
Yuko Yanagida 							283

Long-Distance Scrambling via Partial Compaction
Shuichi Yatabe 303

Case, Scope and Feature Movement
Kazuko Yatsushiro 319

Complex Predicates, Word Order and Feature Checking
Mihoko Zushi 337

Scrambling in Japanese and English
Toshifusa Oka 361
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