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Tue Aug 19 1997

TOC: PWPL (Papers from NWAVE)

Editor for this issue: Martin Jacobsen <>

Message 1: PWPL volume 4.1 (papers from NWAVE) now available

Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 09:44:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Laura Siegel <>
Subject: PWPL volume 4.1 (papers from NWAVE) now available

 * *
 * PWPL v.4.1: A Selection of Papers from NWAVE 25 *
 * *

Volume 4.1 of the University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in
Linguistics, (A Selection of Papers from NWAVE 25), is now available.

Volumes are $12 pre-paid. Please do not order by email, we can only
process prepaid orders. Send check or money order, made out to "Penn
Linguistics Club", to the following address:

	619 Williams Hall
	University of Pennsylvania
	Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

Please see our web page (
for more information, including tables of contents and ordering
information for back volumes, and reduced-price subscription

Volume 4.1 was edited by Charles Boberg, Alexis Dimitriadis, Miriam
Meyerhoff, Laura Siegel, Stephanie Strassel, Clarissa Surek-Clark, and
Alexander Williams.

		/////// CONTENTS of VOLUME 4.1 ///////

ALLAN BELL and GARY JOHNSON: Towards a sociolinguistics of style.

MIRIAM MEYERHOFF: Engendering identities: Pronoun selection as an
	indicator of salient intergroup identities.

CARMEN FOUGHT: A majority sound change in a minority community.

LISA ANN LANE: Addressing the actuation question for local linguistic

OTTO SANTA ANA and CLAUDIA PARODI: Typologizing the sociolinguistic
speech community.

language change: A comparative analysis of post-insular /ay/ and /aw/.

BARBARA M. HORVATH and RONALD J. HORVATH: The geolinguistics of a
sound change in progress: /l/ vocalization in Australia.

MATTHEW J. GORDON: Urban sound change beyond the cities: The spread of
	the Northern Cities chain shift.

DAVID BRITAIN: Dialect contact, focusing and phonological rule
	complexity: the Koineisation of Fenland English.

J. K. CHAMBERS: Sociolinguistic coherence of changes in a standard

BRIDGET L. ANDERSON: Adaptive sociophonetic strategies and dialect
	accommodation: /ay/ monophthongization in Cherokee English.

FU-DONG CHIOU: Phonetic realization of final engma in Taipei Mandarin.

JAMES MEYERS and GREGORY R. GUY: Frequency effects in Variable Lexical

CHARLES BOBERG: Variation in the nativization of foreign [a] in

PAUL FOULKES: Rule inversion in a British English dialect: A
	sociolinguistic investigation of [r]-sandhi in Newcastle u
	pon Tyne.

RAKESH M. BHATT: Optimality and the syntax of lectal variation.

RUTH KING and TERRY NADASDI: The truth about codeswitching in 
	insular Acadian.

OTTO SANTA ANA: Empirical analysis of anti-immigrant metaphor in 
	political discourse.

LANITA JACOBS-HUEY: Is there an authentic African American speech
	community: Carla revisited.

CECILIA A. CUTLER: Yorkville Crossing: a case study of the influence
	of Hip Hop culture on the speech of a white middle class 
	adolescent in New York City.

NAOMI NAGY: Modeling contact-induced language change.
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