LINGUIST List 8.121

Tue Jan 28 1997

FYI: New Journal, Basque, Slavists

Editor for this issue: T. Daniel Seely <>


  1. Vadim B. Kasevich, New Journal
  2. I. Laka, Basque grammar web site
  3. Ari Solovyova, Wanted: Slavists from Europe

Message 1: New Journal

Date: Tue, 28 Jan 97 05:59:04 +0300
From: Vadim B. Kasevich <>
Subject: New Journal


 Yazyk i rechevaya deyatel'nost'
 (Language and Speech)

Editor: Vadim Kasevich (University of St. Petersburg)
Associate Editor: Yuri Kleiner (University of St. Petersburg)
Secretary: Nikolai Kazansky (Institute of Linguistic Studies.
Russian Academy of Sciences)

Editorial Board:
 Valery Berkov (University of St. Petersburg), Sergey
Bogdanov (University of St. Petersburg), Alexander Bondarko
(Institute of Linguistic Studies. Russian Academy of
Sciences), Liya Bondarko (University of St. Petersburg),
Anatoly Domashnev(Institute of Linguistic Studies. Russian
Academy of Sciences), Sakmara Ilyenko (Pedagogical
University), Viktor Khrakovsky (Institute of Linguistic
Studies. Russian Academy of Sciences), Askold Muratov
(University of St. Petersburg), Margarita Sabaneeva
(University of St. Petersburg), Ivan Steblin-Kamenskij
(University of St. Petersburg), Natalia Svetozarova, Nikolai
Vakhtin (European University, St. Petersburg), Lyudmila
Verbitskaya (University of St. Petersburg).

YaRD is the organ of The Linguistic Society of St. Petersburg.

According to the Journal's Constitution (I,3.), its aim is to
reflect the activities of the Society in general, as well as
of its divisions (seminars, workshops, etc.), and to give an
adequate picture of today's linguistics, both in Russia and in
the world. In this context, the Journal will be a forum for a
dialogue between East and West, which is concordant with the
role that St. Petersburg has traditionally played in the
history of Russia.

The Journal will contain articles, book reviews, and brief
notes on all issues of linguistics. It will be published
initially on an annual basis.

Contributions can be either in Russian or in English.

Notes and Bibliography should be at the end.

Abbreviated references to bibliographic items should be given
within the text, in square brackets: [Name year:].
Resumes of articles are required.
In addition to hard copy, a diskette (DOS format) is desirable.

MANUSCRIPTS should be submitted in 2 copies to
Vadim Kasevich, Editor,
Department of General Linguistics.
University of St. Petersburg
Universitetskaya nab. 11
St. Petersburg 199034

For further information, contact or
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Message 2: Basque grammar web site

Date: Wed, 8 Jan 1997 14:06:53 +100
From: I. Laka <>
Subject: Basque grammar web site

There is now a web site containing a descriptive grammar of Basque 
written in English, free for anyone who might want to check it out. The 
site is this:

Itziar Laka

Fellow in Residence (Sept96-Jan97)
Netherlands Institute for
Advanced Study in the
Humanities and Social Sciences
Meijboomlaan 1
2242 PR 
The Netherlands

Hizkuntzalaritza Orokorra/Lingueistica General
Espainiar Filologia Saila/Depto. de Filologia Espanola
Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea/Universidad del Pais Vasco
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Message 3: Wanted: Slavists from Europe

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 21:45:44 -0500 (EST)
From: Ari Solovyova <>
Subject: Wanted: Slavists from Europe

Dear subscribers,

A few of my linguist friends in Kazakhstan (former SU) are working on a
Russian thesaurus project and need funding. There is a grant that they
would like to apply for, but it requires that two of the participants be
from a Western European country or Israel. If anyone is interested in
collaboration or would like to know more about the project, please contact

Thank you very much for your help,
Ari Solovyova
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