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Sun Sep 7 1997

Books: Available for Review: Syntax, Lg Acq.

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  1. Andrew Carnie, Available for Review: Syntax, Lg Acq.

Message 1: Available for Review: Syntax, Lg Acq.

Date: Sun, 7 Sep 1997 11:32:50 -0400 (EDT)
From: Andrew Carnie <>
Subject: Available for Review: Syntax, Lg Acq.

The books listed below are in the LINGUIST office and now
available for review. If you are interested in reviewing
a book (or leading a discussion of the book); please contact 
our book review editor, Andrew Carnie, at:

*****Please include in your request message a brief statement about your
research interests, background, affiliation and other information that might
be valuable to help us select a suitable reviewer.*****


Kitahara, Hisatsugu (1997) Elementary Operations and Optimal Derivations.
	Linguistic Inquiry Monograph #13. MIT Press. Cambridge

Kitahara advances Noam Chomsky's Minimalist Program with a number of 
innovative proposals. The analysis is primarily concerned with the 
elementary operations of the computational system for human language and with
the principles of UG that constrain derivations generated by that system.
Many conditions previously assumed to be axiomatic are deduced from the
interaction of more fundamental principles of UG.


Brent, Michael (ed) (1997) Computational Approaches to Language Acquisition.
	Bradford Book. MIT Press/Elsevier Science. Cambridge 

Each of the 4 papers in this book takes a novel formal approach to a
particular problem in language acquisition. In the first paper. J.M. 
Siskind looks at how children learn the meanings of words. Brent and 
Cartwright look at how children discover the sounds of words. Resnik
measures the association between verbs and the semantic categories of 
their arguments that children use as clues to verb meanings. Niyogi and
Berwick address the setting of syntactic parameters.
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