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Thu Sep 11 1997

Calls: Workshop Proposals

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Date: Wed, 10 Sep 1997 23:16:33 +0100
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 AUGUST 23-28 1998 BRIGHTON UK ( `-'


The ECAI-98 Programme Committee invites proposals for workshops to be held
in conjunction with the conference. The workshops will be held on 24-25
August 1998, immediately prior to the start of the main conference.

 1 Nov 1997 Deadline for proposals
 1 Dec 1997 Notification of acceptance
 15 Dec 1997 Deadline for workshop summaries
 5 Jan 1998 Publication of ECAI-98 workshop programme
 15 Jun 1998 Camera-ready workshop notes and other information
 24-25 Aug 1998 Workshops at ECAI-98

ECAI workshops

Gathered in an informal atmosphere, workshop participants will have the
opportunity to meet and discuss selected technical topics, fostering the
active exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners. Members from
all segments of the AI community are invited to submit their proposals for

To encourage interaction, the workshops will be kept small, preferably under
30 participants and certainly under 40. Attendance should be limited to
active participants only. Workshops are intended to be genuinely interactive
events and not mini-conferences. Thus, although the format of workshop
presentations are to be determined by their organizers, ample time should be
allotted for general discussion. Workshops can vary in length, but most will
last a full day. Attendees at workshops must also register for the main
ECAI-98 conference.

As a new feature in ECAI-98, a special series of sessions will be reserved
in the main ECAI-98 conference programme for 15 minute presentations of the
main workshop issues by each workshop chair. A booklet summarising the main
features of each workshop is also planned.

How to propose a workshop

Proposals for workshops should be two to three pages in length and should

 + A brief technical description of the specific technical issues that
 the workshop will address
 + The reasons why the workshop is of interest this time.
 + The names, postal address, phone and fax numbers and email addresses
 of the Workshop Organising Committee, which should consist of at
 least three people knowledgeable in the field but not all at the same
 + The name of one member of the Workshop Organising Committee who is
 designated the contact person.
 + A list of previously-organized related workshops by any of the
 Workshop Organising Committee, although previous experience with
 similar workshops is not required. This is to help the Workshop
 Coordinator putting the workshop in context.
 + If possible, a list of potential attendees in case the proposal of
 the workshop being accepted.
 + A schedule for organising the workshop and a preliminary agenda
 + A summary of the intended workshop Call for Participation, showing
 how the organisers will encourage a workshop, rather than a
 mini-conference, atmosphere.
 + A list of audio-visual or technical requirements and any special room

Proposers are encouraged to send their draft proposal to the potential
participants for comments before submission.

Submission procedure

Proposals should be submitted electronically (in ascii, UNIX compatible
postscript or rtf) to the ECAI-98 Workshop Coordinator, Lluis Godo, at the
following address:

 Lluis Godo, ECAI-98 Workshop Coordinator
 Campus Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
 08193 Bellaterra

 Tel: +34(3)580 95 70
 Fax: +34(3)580 96 61

The deadline for receipt of proposals is 1 November, 1997. For other
important dates, see the table above.

Additional information

Workshop organizers will be responsible for:

 + Producing and distributing a Call for Participation in the workshop,
 open to all members of the AI community. The Call for Participation
 should be make clear that all workshop participants are expected to
 register for the main ECAI-98 conference and that the number of
 participants is limited. It should also make clear the process by
 which the Workshop Organising Committee will select the participants
 (for example, by reviewing submitted papers).
 + Reviewing requests to participate in the workshop and selecting the
 + The production of camera-ready copy for the workshop notes in
 accordance with guidelines to be supplied by the Workshop
 + Providing a provisional list of workshop participants.
 + Arranging for a short summary of the workshop to be presented to the
 main conference if required, and providing a written summary to be
 included in the workshops booklet.

The ECAI-98 Organising Committeee will be responsible for:

 + Providing publicity for the workshop series as a whole.
 + Providing logistic support and a meeting place for the workshop.
 + In conjunction with the workshop organisers, determining the workshop
 date and time.
 + Setting the rate for participation and dealing with registration of
 + Duplicating working notes and distributing them to the participants.

ECCAI encourages the production of publications based on the workshops, but
the ECCAI and ECAI-98 names cannot be used on such publications without
prior permission being given.

In case of any disagreement over procedures or arrangements, the ECAI-98
Organising Committee Chair will have final authority. The ECAI-98 Organising
Committee reserves the right to cancel any workshop if deadlines are missed,
or if the number of registered attendees is too low to support the costs
related to organising and running the workshop.

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ECAI-98 Secretariat Tel: +44(0)1273 678448
Centre for Advanced Software Applications Fax: +44(0)1273 671320
University of Sussex Email:
Brighton, BN1 9QH, UK URL:

ECAI-98 is organised by the European Coordinating Committee for Artificial
Intelligence (ECCAI) and hosted by the Universities of Brighton and Sussex
on behalf of AISB.
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