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Fri Sep 12 1997

Calls: New Journal

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  1. Shalom Lappin, New Journal

Message 1: New Journal

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 17:39:41 GMT
From: Shalom Lappin <>
Subject: New Journal





 Edited by

 Dov Gabbay (Imperial College), Ruth Kempson (SOAS)

 Shalom Lappin (SOAS), and Uwe Reyle (Stuttgart)

 Executive Editor

 Hans Juergen Ohlbach



 Editorial Board

Michele Abrusci (Rome)

Nick Asher (University of Texas at Austin)

Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam)

Robert Berwick (MIT)

Peter Bosch (IBM Germany Scientific Center, Heidelberg)

Michael Brody (UCL and Budapest)

Robin Cooper (Gothenburg)

Ann Copestake (CSLI, Stanford)

Jaap van der Does (Amsterdam)

Nissim Francez (Technion, Haifa)

Jeroen Groenendijk (Amsterdam)

Pauline Jacobson (Brown)

David Johnson (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown)

Mark Johnson (Brown)

Aravind Joshi (Pennsylvania)

Hans Kamp (Stuttgart and UCLA)

Ed Keenan (UCLA)

Marcus Kracht (Berlin)

Alex Lascarides (Edinburgh)

Carlos Martin-Vide (Tarragona)

Michael Moortgat (Utrecht)

Glyn Morrill (Barcelona)

Larry Moss (Indiana)

John Nerbonne (Gronigen)

Richard Oehrle (Arizona)

Manfred Pinkal (Saarbruecken)

Carl Pollard (Ohio State)

Maartin de Rijke (Warwick and Amsterdam)

Mats Rooth (Stuttgart)

Bill Rounds (Michigan)

Ivan Sag (Stanford)

Stuart Shieber (Harvard)

Mark Steedman (Pennsylvania)

Martin Stokhof (Amsterdam)

Language and Computation is an independent electronic and paper journal
devoted to the publication of high level research papers on issues in the
interface of logic, linguistics, formal grammar, and computational linguistics.

It will be published quarterly, is sponsored by Oxford University
Press and FOLLI, and distributed freely from a web site at Imperial College,
London. The articles will be made available as compressed ps files which can
be downloaded from the web site.

L&C fills an important need for a journal devoted specifically to work in the
emerging field of formal and computational grammar. It is commited to rapid
publication of research. As an independent electronic journal, it is free of
the commercial and space constraints which restrict printed journals. The same
conventions which govern publication in printed journals apply to L&C, except
that authors retain the copyright of their papers. All articles will be
carefully refereed. A condition for acceptance in L&C is that an author agrees
that he/she will not publish his/her paper elsewhere, except with
acknowlegement of its original publication in L&C.

Authors are asked to submit a Latex file of their paper to one of the four
editors. If this is not possible, please send both a hard copy and an ascii
file of the text to one of the editors.

We hope to bring out our first issue early in 1998. At the end of our first
year of publication, we will consider the possibility of distributing a hard
copy of the first volume of the jour (distibuted by Oxford University Press)
to libraries and subscribers.

The decision on whether to produce a hard copy version of the volume will
depend upon availablity of the necessary resources.

Dov Gabbay, Department of Computing Science, Imperial College, London,

Ruth Kempson, Deptartment of Linguistics, School of Oriental and
African Studies, University of London, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG, UK,

Shalom Lappin, Deptartment of Linguistics, School of Oriental and
African Studies, University of London, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG, UK,

Uwe Reyle, Institute for Computational Linguistics, University of Stuttgart,
Azenbergstr. 12, 70174 Stuttgart, Germany,

Hans Juergen Ohlbach, Department of Computing Science, Imperial College,
London, UK,
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