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Sum: Syntax in Different Genres

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  1. jaret, Summary: Syntax in different genres

Message 1: Summary: Syntax in different genres

Date: Sun, 14 Sep 1997 14:04:02 -0700 (PDT)
From: jaret <>
Subject: Summary: Syntax in different genres

Last week I posted a query to LINGUIST LIST and FUNKNET asking for
references to work on how syntactic constructions differ from one
discourse genre to another. The response was amazing. I would like to
thank all of the following for contacting me: Ramin Akbari, Mark
Baltin, Joyce Tang Boland, Machtelt Bolkestein, Filomena Capucho, John
Davis, Spike Gildea, Chuck Goodwin, Georgia Green, Paul Hopper, Sunny
Hyon, Jussi Karlgren, Jacques Lecavalier, Hyo Sang Lee, Carl Mills,
Michael Noonan, Andy Pawley, Doris Payne, Asya Pereltsvaig, Taylor
Roberts, Malcolm Ross, and Yael Ziv.

By far, the most common response was to tell me to read the work of
Douglas Biber:

Biber, Douglas (1986). Spoken and written textual dimensions in
English. Language 62: 384-414.

Biber, Douglas (1988). Variation across speech and writing. Cambridge:
Cambridge University Press.

Biber, Douglas (1989). A typology of English texts. Linguistics 27:

Biber, Douglas (1995). Dimensions of register variation : A
cross-linguistic comparison. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Biber, Douglas and Edward Finegan, Eds. (1994). Sociolinguistic
perspectives on register. Oxford Studies in Sociolinguistics. Oxford:
Oxford University Press.

Here are some of the other suggestions:

Adam, Jean-Michel (1990). Elements de linguistique textuelle. Lige:

Andersson, Erik. 1975. ``Style, optional rules and contextual
conditioning. In it Style and Text - Studies presented to Nils Erik
Enkvist}. H{\aa}kan Ringbom. (ed.) Stockholm: Skriptor and Turku:
{\AA}bo Akademi.

Banfield, Ann (1973). Narrative style and the grammar of direct and
indirect speech. Foundations of Language 10: 1-40.

Chafe, Wallace L., Ed. (1980). The Pear stories: Cognitive, cultural,
and linguistic aspects of narrative production. Norwood, NJ: Ablex.

Chafe, Wallace L. (1994). Discourse, consciousness, and time: The flow
and displacement of conscious experience in speaking and
writing. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Chafe, Wallace and Jane Danielewicz (1987). Properties of spoken and
written Language. Comprehending oral and written language, ed. by
Rosalind Horowitz and S. Jay Samuels. San Diego: Academic Press, pp.

Chafe, Wallace and Deborah Tannen (1987). Relation between written and
spoken language. Annual Review of Anthropology 16: 383-407.

Charolles, Michel (19??). Les plans d'organisation textuelles:
Priodes, channes, portes et squences. Pratiques 57: 3-13.

Duranri, Alessandro and Elinor Ochs (1979). Left-dislocation in
Italian conversation. Syntax and Semantics, vol. 12: Discourse and
syntax, ed. by Talmy Givn. New York: Academic Press, pp. 377-417.

English for Specific Purposes [much of relevance in this journal]

Goodwin, Marjorie H. (1990). He-said-she-said: Talk as social
organization among Black children. Bloomington: Indiana University

Herring, Susan, et al. [are editing a book about textual parameters in
older languages]

Karlgren, Jussi 1996.``Stylistic Variation in an Information Retrieval
Experiment'' In Proceedings NeMLaP 2, Bilkent, September 1996. Ankara:
Bilkent University. (In the Computation and Language E-Print Archive:

Karlgren, Jussi and Douglass Cutting. 1994. ``Recognizing Text Genres
with Simple Metrics Using Discriminant Analysis'', Proceedings of
COLING 94, Kyoto. (In the Computation and Language E-Print Archive:

Labov, William (1972). The transformation of experience in narrative
syntax. Language in the inner city, ed. by William
Labov. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, pp. 354-396.

Lee, Hyo Sang and Sandra A. Thompson (1989). A discourse account of
the Korean accusative marker. Studies in Language 13: 105-128.

Longacre, Robert E. (1972). Hierarchy and universality of discourse
constituents in New Guinea languages (2 vols.). Washington: Georgetown
University Press.

Longacre, Robert E. (1990). Storyline concerns and word order typology
in East and West Africa. Los Angeles: Studies in African Linguistics,
Supplement 10.

Losee, Robert M. Forthcoming. Text windows and phrases differing by
discipline, location in document, and syntactic structure. Computation
and Language E-Print Archive: cmp-lg/9602003.

Menshikov, I. I. 1974. K voprosu o zhanrovo-stilevoy obuslovlennosti
sintaksicheskoy struktury frazy''. (``On genre-dependent stylistic
variation of the syntactic structure in the clause'') In Voprosy
statisticheskoy stilistiki. Golovin et al. (eds.) 1974. Kiev: Naukova
dumka; Akademia Nauk Ukrainskoy SSR.

Mills, Carl (1990). Syntax and the evaluation of college writing: A
blind alley. Language proficiency: Defining, teaching, and testing,
ed. by Louis A. Arena. New York: Plenum, 107-119.

Mills, Carl. [papers in various LACUS Forums in recent years]

Ochs, Elinor (1979). Planned and unplanned discourse. Syntax and
Semantics, vol. 12: Discourse and Syntax, ed. by Talmy Givn. New York:
Academic Press, pp. 51-80.

Ochs, Elinor, Emanuel A. Schegloff, and Sandra A. Thompson,
Eds. (1997). Interaction and grammar. Studies in Interactional
Sociolinguistics 13. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [see

Pawley, Andrew (1984). School English is nobody's mother tongue:
Reflections on vernacular and school-acquired language. A Berry (Ed.),

Pawley, Andrew and Frances Syder (1983). Natural selection in syntax:
Notes on adaptove variation and change in vernacular and literary
grammar. Journal of Pragmatics 7: 551-579.

Pawley, Andrew and Frances Syder (In press). The one clause at a time
hypothesis. ?, ed. by Heidi Riggenbach, .

Perrin, Laurent (1994). Mots et noncs mentionn dans le
discours. Cahiers de Linguistique Franaise, Universit de Genve.

Perrin, Laurent (1995). Du dialogue rapport aux reprise diaphoniques.
Cahiers de Linguistique Franaise, Universit de Genve.

Perrin, Laurent (1996). De la structure nonciative et de
l'organisation polyphonique d'un change pistolaire. Cahiers de
Linguistique Franaise, Universit de Genve.

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Austronesian example. Pragmatics of word order flexibility, ed. by
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settings. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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orality and literacy. Advances in discourse processes 9. Norwood, NJ:

Virtanen, Tuija (1992). Discourse functions of adverbial placement in
English: Clause initial procedural place descriptions. Abo: Abo
Academis Forlag, Abo Academi University Press.

Frank Jaret
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