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Fri Sep 19 1997

Books: Bilingualism, Speech synthesis

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  1. Justin Spence, New book: Bilingualism/Second language acquisition
  2. Jan van Santen, Progress in Speech Synthesis

Message 1: New book: Bilingualism/Second language acquisition

Date: Fri, 20 Sep 1996 11:59:24 -0400 (EDT)
From: Justin Spence <>
Subject: New book: Bilingualism/Second language acquisition


Pavlenko, Aneta and Rafael Salaberry (eds.), CORNELL WORKING PAPERS IN
LINGUISTICS, Volume 14: Papers in Second Language Acquisition and
Bilingualism. 1996. 150 pp. paperbound
Cost: $12.00 (non-students); $10.00 (students)

This volume contains the following papers: Howard Grabois, Distributed
Cognition and Participation in Second Language Discourse; Gloria Valeva, On
the Notion of Conceptual Fluency in a Second Language; Aneta Pavlenko,
Bilingualism and Cognition: Concepts in the Mental Lexicon; Howard
Grabois, Word-Association Methodology in a Cross-Linguistic Study of
Lexicon; Steve McCafferty, The Use of Nonverbal Forms of Expression in
Relation to L2 Private Speech; Rafael Salaberry, The Pedagogical value of
Simplified Written Input in L2 Acquisition.

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Message 2: Progress in Speech Synthesis

Date: Tue, 11 Mar 1997 15:25:55 -0500 (EST)
From: Jan van Santen <>
Subject: Progress in Speech Synthesis


 ``PROGRESS IN SPEECH SYNTHESIS'', edited by Jan van Santen, Richard Sproat,
 Joseph Olive (Lucent Technologies Bell Labs), and Julia Hirschberg (AT&T Labs).

 Includes CDROM with sound and video samples, complete text, with full
 hyperlinks and search capability. Windows / Mac / Unix compatible.

 598 Pages, 35 Chapters ($129.00)

 This collection of articles by 80 leading researchers in each of the fields
 involved in text-to-speech synthesis provides a picture of recent work in
 laboratories throughout the world and of the problems and challenges
 that remain. By providing samples of synthesized speech as well as video
 demonstrations for several of the synthesizers discussed, the book will
 also allow the reader to judge what all the work adds up to -- that is,
 how good is the synthetic speech we can now produce?


 Signal Processing and Source Modeling
 Linguistic Analysis
 Articulatory Synthesis and Visual Speech
 Concatenative Synthesis and Automated Segmentation
 Prosodic Analysis of Natural Speech
 Synthesis of Prosody
 Evaluation and Perception
 Systems and Applications

 Abe, Adjoudani, d'Alessandro, Almeida, Barbosa, Ao, Auberge, Bailly, Beaugendre,
 Beckman, Belhoula, Benoit, Bickley, Black, van den Bosch, Campbell, Cohen,
 Coleman, Collier, Conkie, Coppen, Daelemans, Dirksen, Escalada-Sardina,
 Ferri, Filipsson, Frisch, Guiard-Marigny, Gronnum, Gussenhoven, Hofer, Hess,
 Higuchi, Hirai, Hirschberg, Horne, Isard, Iwahashi, Jekosch, Kahn, Kohler,
 Kruger, Kugler, le Goff, Ljolje, Local, Macchi, Massaro, Mobius, Marsi,
 Mertens, Monzon-Serrano, Nakatani, Nooteboom, Ogden, Olive, Oliveira, Perkell,
 Pierrehumbert, Pierucci, de Pijper, Pisoni, Pols, Portele, Ruhl, Richard,
 Rietveld, Rodriguez-Crespo, Sagisaka, van Santen, Sanz-Velasco, Sanzone,
 Schroeter, Shih, Sproat, Stevens, Talkin, Wightman, Wilhelms-Tricarico,
 Williams, Yarowsky.

Jan P. H. van Santen

Jan P. H. van Santen
Language Modeling Research Department
Bell Labs - Lucent Technologies
Room 2D-452, 600 Mountain Avenue, Murray Hill NJ 07974, U.S.A.

908-582-2551 / Fax: 908-582-3306
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