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Sun Sep 21 1997

Qs: Ling Sample for Descriptive Purpose

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  1. Karl-Erik Tallmo, Linguistic Sample for Descriptive Purposes

Message 1: Linguistic Sample for Descriptive Purposes

Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 14:19:18 +0100
From: Karl-Erik Tallmo <>
Subject: Linguistic Sample for Descriptive Purposes

I wonder if anyone knows if researchers somewhere are using the
Internet (WWW or Usenet) as a linguistic sample or corpus for
descriptive purposes (as opposed to normative ones).

I am writing a short article about this for a Swedish newspaper and would
appreciate all tips.

It is of course a tremendous resource, and I would be surprised if
language scientist were NOT using it. One problem is ouf course that the
English of the Net is written by many who do not have English as their
first language (like myself). So the relevance of a certain found usage
could be hard to determine.

Just imagine, however, what a person like James Murray, the creator of
Oxford English Dictionary, or Mr Webster himself could have done, had they
had access to the Web!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Karl-Erik Tallmo


 KARL-ERIK TALLMO, Swedish writer, journalist. Writes for
 Nordic dailies, such as Dagens Nyheter. Has published
 three books. Expert in governmental committees on new media.


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