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Tue Sep 23 1997

FYI: New Journal, Virtual Recitation

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  1. Mr Heinz Kreutz, Re: announcement of Monash University Linguistics Working Papers
  2. GARCIA JULE M GOMEZ, msg of invitation (fwd)

Message 1: Re: announcement of Monash University Linguistics Working Papers

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 09:04:06 +0000
From: Mr Heinz Kreutz <>
Subject: Re: announcement of Monash University Linguistics Working Papers

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Monash University
Linguistics Working Papers, a journal published by postgraduate
students of the Department of Linguistics at Monash University,
Clayton, Australia..


Monash University Linguistics Papers


The linguistics research community at Monash University includes
current students, former graduates and staff of the Linguistics
Department, as well as researchers working on language and
language-related issues from other departments and faculties
throughout the university.

Monash University Linguistics Papers (MULP), although an initiative of
the Linguistics Department, is a journal which aims to bring together
this research community and showcase their work. Each issue of MULP
consists of articles, review articles on a current topic in
linguistics and book or software reviews. Most contributors are
associated with the Monash Linguistics Department either as
postgraduate students or recent graduates, but other relevant
submissions are also considered. Student research done in
collaboration with a staff member is welcomed as it fosters ties
between students and staff. Commissioned pieces by visiting and
resident academics on their areas of expertise and interest are also

Editorial Board


Heinz Kreutz
Department of German Studies
Monash University
Clayton VIC 3168
Ph.: +61 3 9905 2239
Fax: +61 3 9905 5251

Pam Dickinson
Department of Adult and General Studies
Swinburne University
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Deborah Neil
Department of Communication and Language Studies
Victoria University
St. Albans VIC 3021

Andrea Truckenbrodt
Department of Linguistics
Monash University
Clayton VIC 3168


Dr. Keith Allan, Dr. Heather Bowe, Professor Michael Clyne,
Dr. Susanne Dopke, Dr. Annette Harres, Professor Helen Marriott,
Dr. Mark Newbrook, Dr. Peter Paul, Dr. Lesley Stirlng.

JULY 1997
ISSN 1327-9130


Deborah M. Neil
Victoria University
Joint production of intercultural discourse:
Communication in a multicultural workplace

Heinz J. Kreutz
Monash University
Aspects of communicative uncertainty in the language
of young East Germans during the Wende

Angelina N. Kioko
Kenyatta University,
Nairobi, Kenya
The Kikamba passive construction: A challenge for the
government and binding based analyses

Monash University
Vietnamese-English bilinguals in Melbourne: Social
relationships in code-switching of personal pronouns.

Lin Zheng
University of Tasmania
Tonal aspect of code-switching


Pam Dickinson
Swinburne University
Communication and cultural literacy: An introduction

Dr. Annette Harres
Universiti Pertanian
Cross-cultural communication in the health sciences:
Communicating with migrant patients

Heinz J. Kreutz e-mail : 
Department of German and Slavic Studies 
Monash University, Clayton Campus 
Wellington Road 
Clayton, Victoria, Australia, 3168 
Ph 61-49 3 9905 2239 
FAX 61-49 3 9905 5251 
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Message 2: msg of invitation (fwd)

Date: Sat, 20 Sep 1997 09:26:53 -0600 (MDT)
From: GARCIA JULE M GOMEZ <garciajmspot.Colorado.EDU>
Subject: msg of invitation (fwd)

We, an instructor and a TA for a course 'LINGUISTICS 1000: Language in
US Society' at University of Colorado at Boulder, would like to invite
you to join the recitation discussions which are taking place on-line.
This is an experimental recitation section in which the students
participate in the discussions without coming to a classroom. (Please
refer to:
 'Virtual Recitation Homepage'
 for the overview of the recitation.)
As we are using 'Language Awareness 7th ed.' as a text, we would
welcome comments of the contributors of this book as well as teachers
and researchers of the topics (described below) covered by the course.
(Please refer to:
 for the assigned readings.)
The topics and the dates (approximate) for the discussion are:
 1. Language Acquisition (in a broad sense) -- Sept. 5 - Sept. 17
 - language and thought; the 'Genie' case
 2. Dialects in the US -- Sept. 18 - Oct. 1
 - languages of immigrants; Ebonics
 3. Cultural Diversity and Bilingualism -- Oct. 2 - Oct 14
 - names of immigrants; misconceptions on language learning
 4. Literacy and Education -- Oct. 23 - Nov. 5
 - cultural literacy; bilingual education
 5. Endangered Languages -- Nov. 6 - Nov. 12
 - with special attention to Native American languages and Spanish
 of the southwest
 6. Official English -- Nov. 13 - Nov. 18
 7. Prejudice, Discrimination and Language -- Nov. 19 - Nov. 26
 - hate speech
 8. Language and Gender -- Nov. 27 - Dec. 4
 9. Mediated Language -- Dec. 5 - Dec 10
 - advertisement; cyberspace
The discussion will begin with one or two summaries of the assigned
readings to be posted on a web page (accessible from the 'Virtual
Recitation Homepage') and then flow rather freely just as an
'in-class' recitation goes.
The students in this recitation will be excited to have experts on the
various topics participating in their discussions. One of the
purposes of the Virtual Recitation is to involve them in a larger
academic community and expose them to several perspectives on the
topics under discussion.

If you are interested in joining our discussion, please visit our
'Virtual Discussion page' for more details.
We also welcome comments and recommendations on the Virtual Recitation
as it is set up or as a pedagogical tool for large lecture classes.
 Thank you for your attention.
 Jule Gomez de Garcia 
 (instructor, LING1000, U. of Colo. at Boulder)
 Yoshiteru Asano 
 (TA - Virtual Recitation section:
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