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Thu Sep 25 1997

Calls: Romani, Relevance Theory

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  1. Yaron Matras, 4th Romani Linguistics Conference

Message 1: 4th Romani Linguistics Conference

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 13:10:58 +0100
From: Yaron Matras <>
Subject: 4th Romani Linguistics Conference

Fourth International Conference on Romani Linguistics

The University of Manchester
2-5 September 1998

Correspondence address: Romani Linguistics Conference, Department of
Linguistics, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13
9PL, United Kingdom. Fax: 44-161-2753187. Telephone enquiries to:
Yaron Matras, tel. 44-161-2753975, e-mail


The Fourth International Conference on Romani Linguistics will be held
at the University of Manchester between 2-5 September 1998. The
Conference theme will be

 'Romani in the Context of General Linguistics'.

Papers on all areas of Romani linguistics are invited. Special
consideration will be given to papers that focus on the contribution
to general linguistics offered by the study of Romani.


Persons wishing to present a paper are requested to send an abstract
of their presentation to

Romani Linguistics Conference
Department of Linguistics
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL, United Kingdom

to arrive no later than FEBRUARY 15, 1998. Please note that this
deadline MUST be met.

Please make sure that abstracts are
- no longer than one page
- typed/printed (handwritten abstracts will not be considered)
- written in English (even if your oral presentation at the 
 conference will be in another language)
- submitted in four copies.

Abstracts should include the following: 1. Title of the presentation
2. Your name and institutional affiliation (include your mailing
address on a separate page)
3. Text of the abstract
4. References, if necessary

All abstracts will be assessed by an independent Academic Committee.


All participants will be asked to pay a Conference fee of GBP 20.
Participants wishing to book accommodation via the Conference
Organising Committee will be able to do so, though the number of
available places may be limited; more details will be provided to
interested participants at a later date. Conference accommodation will
generally be in single en-suite rooms in the immediate vicinity of
Hulme Hall, where Conference sessions will take place. Prices are
likely to range from around GBP 20-30 per night.
- ----------------------------


Participants wishing to attend without presenting a paper should
return the attached registration form no later than February 15,

- -------------------------------------------------------- 

I wish to attend to 4th International Conference on Romani
Linguistics. I do not wish to present a paper.


Mailing address:

- --------------------------------------------------------
Yaron Matras
Department of Linguistics
University of Manchester
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL, UK

Phone 44 161 2753975
Fax 44 161 2753187
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Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 15:47:14 +0200
From: Yus Ramos, Francisco <>


 Those interested in sending a manuscript to be considered for
its publication in this special volume should send two printed copies,
double-spaced, plus a computer disk (3'5'') with a exact copy (PC
compatible) of the manuscript, preferably in WordPerfect (5.1, 5.2,
6.0, 6.1, 7.0). The deadline for the submission of manuscripts is
October 31st, 1997 (a bit later than that, might even be accepted if
	R.A.E.I. will not accept articles which have also been sent to
other Journals for publication.

 Further instructions on how to present the manuscript follow:

 (1) A summary of about 100-150 words must be added at the
beginning of the manuscript.

 (2) Citations in the text should be enclosed in double
quotation marks. References to publications inside the text should be
as follows:

 As Levinson (1983: 110) suggested...
 This issue has been dealt with elsewhere (Brown & Yule, 1983;
Stubbs, 1983: 45).

 (3) The bibliography, double-spaced, should start on a
separate sheet at the end of the manuscript and should follow the
style of these examples (it is assumed that the titles of BOOKS,
JOURNALS and MAGAZINES have to be in italics, which is difficult -if
not impossible- to show in e-mails):

 -Articles in Journals: 
 -Graesser, Arthur, Murray Singer, and Tom Trabasso. "Constructing
Inferences During Narrative Text Comprehension." Psychological Review
101 (1994): 371-395.

 -Articles in books:
 -Dolezel, Lubomir. "Narrative Worlds." Sound, Sign and Meaning:
Quinquagenary of the Prague Linguistic Circle. Ed. L. Mateijka. Ann
Arbor: Michigan Slavic Publications, 1976. 542-52.

 -Articles in magazines:
 -Banks, Sandra. "The Devil's on Our Radio." People 7 May 1986: 72.

 -Articles in newspapers
 -Kelley, Donald. "Climbing the trees of the Southland." Chicago Sun
Times 4 Jan. 1988: 33.

 -Bal, Mieke. Narratology. Toronto: Toronto UP, 1984.

 -Papers presented in Conferences:

 -Philips, S.U. Syntactic Variation in Judges' Uses of Language in the
Courtroom. Paper presented at the International Conference on Language
and Social Psychology, University of Bristol, July 16-19, 1979.

 (4) If there are two or more publications by the same author,
the first entry is entered in standard format, but in the subsequent
titles the author's name should be replaced with ten underlined spaces
followed by a period:

__________. Jewellery of Ancient Egypt.

 Besides, if more than one publication is cited belonging to
the same year, a lowercase letter (a, b, c...) should be added to the
year of publication.

 (5) Footnotes can be automatically-generated inside the text,
as long as the default layout of the note numbers is not
altered. Notes should be single-spaced, and the pitch should be lower
than the main text. Normally, pitch 12 should be used for the main
text, and pitch 10 for the text in the notes.

 (6) Drawings, trees, and other illustrations should be on
separate sheets at the end of the manuscript and numbered
consecutively. There should be computers files for each of these
illustrations created with the typical drawing programmes available in
the market (DrawPerfect and Presentations in the case of WordPerfect
files). If no computer files for the illustrations are supplied on the
disk, they will be scanned by the editors and reproduced as faithfully
as possible.
 The authors should provide an indication in the text of where
these illustrations should be inserted.

 (7) Tables should be typed on a separate sheet and must have a
number, a title, and an indication of where it is to appear in the
text. Tables should be referred to by their numbers: see table 1',
and NOT see the table below'.

 The authors whose manuscripts are selected for the volume will
receive a free copy of the volume.

Please, send your manuscripts to:

Dr. Francisco Yus Ramos
Department of English Studies
University of Alicante
E-03080 Alicante (Spain)
Tel: (96)5903400 Ext: 3027

Many thanks in advance for your contributions.


 Dr. Francisco Yus Ramos
 Department of English Studies
 University of Alicante
 Apartado 99, E-03080 Alicante (Spain)
 Tel: (96)5103527 (home)
 Tel: (96)5903400-Ext: 3027 (university)
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