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Message 1: TOC: IJGLSA

Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 22:31:31 -0800
From: C. Sean Ketchem <>
Subject: TOC: IJGLSA

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Volume 2, Number 1 (Spring 1997)
"INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL for Germanic Linguistics and Semiotic


Charles M. Barrack: PGmc. *-VCiV-: A Response to Murray
Jackson Barry: Cognitive Science and the Semiotics of Art
Helga Bister-Broosen: Perceptions of Language Use and Linguistic
Development in Alsace and in Baden
Richard d'Alquen: Grammatical Tense and Tense Logic
Michael Eskin: "Literal Translation": The Semiotic Significance of
Nabokov's Conception of PoeticTranslation
W.C. Watt: Participatory Architecture

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Contents (Volume 1, Number 1, Spring 1996)

Lisa Block de Behar: A Tempest of Angels Alain J. -J. Cohen: Freud's
Paradox of Temporality: A Semiotic Perspective. (Zerlina's Desire,
Freud's Nachtreglichkeit, Lacan's Schema "R") Karen H. Ebert:
Progressive Aspect in German and Dutch Robert D. Fulk: Rhetoric, Form,
and Linguistic Structure in Early Germanic Verse: Toward a Synthesis
Thomas A. Sebeok: Galen in Medical Semiotics Theo Vennemann
gen. Nierfeld: German "Eisvogel," Greek "halkyon," English "alder": A
Study in Old European Etymology

Contents (Volume 1, Number 2, Fall 1996)

Werner Abraham and Linda Akkerman: Zu den Monotonieeigenschaften der
hohen und extrem hohen Intensivierworter im Deutschen
Ingo J. Hueck: Iconicity and the Legal Interpretation of the
Constitutio n in Germany
Frank A. Johnson: Semiotics and Prerepresentational Thought: Purposive
Action and Intentionality
Magdolna Orosz: Possible Worlds and Literary Analysis
Kenneth Shields, Jr.: Old High German 1st Plural -mes
Joseph Voyles: Mechanisms of Semantic Change
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