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  1. Matthew Papa, New books: Descriptive Linguistics

Message 1: New books: Descriptive Linguistics

Date: Fri, 26 Sep 1997 15:07:58 -0400
From: Matthew Papa <>
Subject: New books: Descriptive Linguistics


An Introduction DESCRIBING SPOKEN ENGLISH provides a practical
introduction to the pronunciation of contemporary English. Requiring
no prior knowledge of phonetics or phonology, the book examines the
main varieties of English, focusing on the elements common to all
native-speaker varieties and presents the differences as minor
variations on a them e.
 Routledge: 1997: 256 pp
 CL: 0 415 15094 9: #D3120: $65.00: 340.00 (Number at right is
 PB: 0 415 15095 7: #D3124: $19.95: 312.99 English Pounds)
 Martin Maiden and Mair Parry, eds., THE DIALECTS OF ITALY
 The principal aim of THE DIALECTS OF ITALY is to make
accessible--both to Romance specialists and to general linguists--the
major structural features of the dialects of Italy, and to emphasize
the importance of a detailed understanding of the dialects for issues
in general linguistic theory. The contributors are drawn from among
the world's foremost experts in Italian dialectology.
 Routledge: 1997: 496 pp
 CL: 0 415 11104 8: #D2771: $135.00: 390.00

Language Workbooks

This practical workbook introduces beginners to the rules and
conventions on which contemporary English spelling is based. Clearly
written and organized, it is a perfect guide for self study.
 Routledge: 1997: 112 pp
 PB: 0 415 16109 6: #D3837: $13.95: 38.99
Igor Nedjalkov, EVENKI
Descriptive Grammars
Evenki is one of nine Tungusic languages spoken in Siberia and
Northern China and is remarkable both for the vast area where it is
spoken and for its immense number of dialects and sub-dialects. The
first ever complete description of this language, the text centers
around the description of Evenki syntax and rich verbal and nominal
morphology forms.

 Routledge: 1997: 224 pp
 CL: 0 415 02640 7: #A7865: $145.00: 395.00
 R. E. Asher and T. C. Kumari, MALAYALAM

This is the first detailed description of Malayalam, a major Dravid an
language spoken principally in the southern part of India. Malayalam
provides in-depth analysis of the linguistic richness of this
language, spoken by over 35 million people on India's Malabar coast.

 Descriptive Grammars
 Routledge: 1997:October 1997: 504 pp
 CL: 0 415 02242 8: #D3896: $155.00: 395.00
Rajeshwari Pandharipande, MARATHI Marathi is spoken in the Maharashtra
State in India by approximately eight per cent of the total
population. This volume bridges the gap between the traditional
descriptions of Marathi and contemporarylinguistic analyses by
including in-depth discussions on phrase structure, anaphora and
reflexives, subordination, coordination, relativization, negation and
word order. Regional, dialectical and stylistic variations are also
 Descriptive Grammars
 Routledge: 1997: 640 pp
 CL: 0 415 00319 9: #A3559: $145.00: 395.00
Shahrzad Mahootian, PERSIAN
Persian, otherwise known as Farsi, is spoken today by over 40 million
people in Iran, where it is the national language, and 5 million in
Afghanistan. PERSIAN, the first comprehensive grammar of the languag
e, presents each feature of the language with examples from
conversational Persian that serve to explain and clarify each topic.

 Descriptive Grammars
 Routledge: 1997: 408 pp
 CL: 0 415 02311 4: #D3838: $145.00: 395.00

 Martin Harris and Nigel Vincent, eds., ROMANCE LANGUAGES

This book discusses nine Romance languages in context of their common
Latin origins and then in individual studies. The final chapter is
devoted to Romance-based Creole languages; a genuine innovation in a
work of this kind.

 Routledge: 1997: 512 pp
 CL: 0 415 16417 6: #D4713: $105.00: 365.00
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