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Thu Oct 2 1997

Calls: LFG98,COLING-ACL98,Genetic Algorithms

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  1. Christopher D. Manning, Lexical Functional Grammar Conf, LFG-98, Announcement and CFP
  2. Maria Milosavljevic, CFP: COLING-ACL'98 Student Session
  3. deb, Symposium on Genetic Algorithms-1998 (SGA-98)

Message 1: Lexical Functional Grammar Conf, LFG-98, Announcement and CFP

Date: Wed, 1 Oct 1997 16:11:53 +1000 (EST)
From: Christopher D. Manning <>
Subject: Lexical Functional Grammar Conf, LFG-98, Announcement and CFP

		 Announcement and Call for Papers



 30 June - 2 July 1998
 The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

 Submission receipt deadline: 30 January 1998

The Linguistic and Allied Workers Federation of Australia in association
with the Unofficial LFG Conference Organizing Committee and the
University of Queensland is pleased to invite you to participate in
LFG98 which will take place from 30 June till 2 July 1998 at Emmanuel
College, The University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.

LFG98, the third in a series of international conferences, will take
place just before the Australian Linguistic Society annual meeting and
the two week Australian Linguistic Institute. The conference welcomes
work both within the formal architecture of Lexical-Functional Grammar
and typological, formal, and computational work within the 'spirit of
LFG', as a lexicalist approach to language employing a parallel,
constraint-based framework. The conference aims to promote interaction
and collaboration among researchers interested in nonderivational
approaches to grammar, where grammar is seen as the interaction of
constraints from multiple levels, including category information,
grammatical relations, and semantic information. Further information
about the syntactic theory LFG can be obtained from:


LFG98 will be attended by most of the leading figures in the
international LFG community including Farrell Ackerman, Avery Andrews,
Kersti Borjars, Joan Bresnan, Mary Dalrymple, Ron Kaplan, K.P. Mohanan,
Tara Mohanan, Nigel Vincent, Annie Zaenen, ...


The conference will involve 20-minute talks, poster/system
presentations, and workshops. Talks and poster presentations will focus
on results from completed as well as ongoing research, with an emphasis
on novel approaches, methods, ideas, and perspectives, whether
descriptive, theoretical, formal or computational. We particularly
welcome papers and suggestions for workshops on languages of the
Asia-Pacific region.

Abstracts and papers must be received by 30 January 1998, and should be
submitted to the program committee chairs at the address given below.


Workshop proposals by: 28 November 1997
Deadline for receipt of submissions: 30 January 1998
Acceptances sent out: 16 March 1998

Deadline for receipt of papers for proceedings: 15 May 1998
Conference: 30 June - 2 July 1998


Send paper/abstract/poster submissions and inquiries about submissions to:

Program Committee Chairs: Tracy King <>
 Miriam Butt <>

Mail: Tracy Holloway King
 Information Sciences and Technologies Laboratory
 Xerox PARC
 3333 Coyote Hill Road
 Palo Alto CA 94304

Contact the conference organisers at:

Linguistic & Allied Christopher Manning <>
Organisers: Jane Simpson <>


Mail: Christopher Manning or Jane Simpson
 Linguistics F12
 University of Sydney NSW 2006


More information is available in the full call for papers, available at
the conference website:
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Message 2: CFP: COLING-ACL'98 Student Session

Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 14:59:04 +1000 (EST)
From: Maria Milosavljevic <>
Subject: CFP: COLING-ACL'98 Student Session

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------


 Student Sessions
 at the
 17th International
 Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING'98)
 36th Annual Meeting of the
 Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'98)
 August 10-14, 1998 

 Universite de Montreal
 Montreal, Quebec, Canada


The goal of the sessions is to provide a forum for student members to
present WORK IN PROGRESS and receive feedback from other members of the
computational linguistics community. The sessions will consist of paper
presentations by student authors. The accepted papers will be published in
a special section of the conference proceedings. Note that the existence
of the student sessions does not influence the treatment of
student-authored papers submitted to the main conference. Rather, the aim
of the student sessions is to provide a separate track emphasizing
students' work in progress rather than completed work. 


Papers should describe original, unpublished work in progress that
demonstrates insight, creativity, and promise. Topics of interest are the
same as for the main conference. All authors must be students with ACL
membership at the time of the conference. For membership information, see
the ACL home page ( Papers submitted to the main
conference cannot be considered for the student sessions. Students may, of
course, submit DIFFERENT papers to the main conference and the student
session, or papers on different aspects of a particular problem or
project. Information about COLING-ACL'98 and about the student session can
be found on the COLING-ACL98 homepage, at and at the student session homepage

The official language of the conference is English, and hence student
papers should be written in English. However, authors will be allowed to
use one supplementary page to write up their abstract in one or more
additional languages. 


The maximum allowable length is 3 pages (about 1800 words exclusive of
references), plus one optional page for abstract(s) in other language(s).
Please use A4 or US letter format, 2.5 cm margins, classical fonts such as
Times Roman or Computer Modern, 11 to 12 points for text, 14 to 16 points
for headings and title and centered page numbers in footers. Figures may
range across columns. We encourage authors to use the LaTeX style file
described below. 

Since reviewing will be blind, a separate identification page is required.
It should include: 

 - title
 - author(s) name(s)
 - affiliation(s)
 - complete addresses
 - abstract in English
 - 1 or 2 topic areas
 - submission to other conferences ('none' or list) and 
 - author of record (for correspondence). 

Authors' names and affiliations should be omitted in the paper itself.
Furthermore, self-references that reveal the author's identity (e.g., "We
previously showed (Smith, 1991) ...") should be avoided. Instead use
references like "Smith previously showed (Smith, 1991)...". 

Papers that do not conform to these requirements will be rejected without


Authors may submit their papers electronically or in hard copy. Electronic
submission is strongly preferred. 

Electronic submissions should be either self-contained LaTeX source,
PostScript or PDF (we encourage LaTeX submissions). PostScript submissions
must use a standard font; please submit the identification page in a
separate message. LaTeX submissions should not refer to any other external
files or styles except for the standard styles for TeX 3.14 and LaTeX
2.09. The bibliography for a LaTeX submission cannot be submitted as
separate .bib file; the actual bibliography entries must be inserted in
the submitted LaTeX source file. 

We encourage authors to use the aclap.sty style file available in either
compressed or uncompressed format at the student session web site. 

Electronic submission should be sent to

Hard copy submissions should consist of six (6) copies of the paper and
one (1) copy of the identification page. Hard copies submissions should be
sent to one of the two student session chairs at the addresses below
(posted, not faxed). 

Address: Student COLING-ACL'98 Student COLING-ACL'98
 c/o Dragomir R. Radev c/o Maria Milosavljevic
 Natural Language Processing Group Microsoft Research Institute
 Department of Computer Science Department of Computing
 Columbia University School of MPCE
 1214 Amsterdam Avenue Macquarie University
 New York, NY 10027-7003 Sydney NSW 2109
 USA Australia
Telephone: +1 212-939-7121 +61 2 9850 6345
Fax: +1 212-666-0140 +61 2 9850 9529

For both kinds of submissions, a plain text version of the identification
page should be sent separately by email, using the following format: 

 title: [title]
 author: [name of first author]
 address: [address of first author]
 author: [name of last author]
 address: [address of last author]
 abstract: [abstract]
 word count: [word count]
 subject areas: [first area], ..., [last area]


If you have questions about the student session, contact Dragomir Radev
and Maria Milosavljevic by email at or
by post or phone (see above). 


 - Submission announcement: (id page) e-mail before 1 March 1998. 
 - Submission: (6 copies + id page) to be received by both co-chairs
 no later 7 March 1998. 
 - Notification of acceptance or rejection sent to authors: 2 May 1998 
 - Final camera-ready copies (2): should be sent to Dragomir Radev and to
 arrive in New York no later than 30 May 1998. Authors should revise
 their papers, taking the reviews into account. 

A signed copyright release statement will be needed along with the final

Late papers will not be considered. 


For general information about the conference please contact the organising
committee chair, Pierre Isabelle ( For
information concerning the conference program, contact Christian Boitet or
Pete Whitelock. For general information about the ACL, electronic
membership and order forms are available from the ACL web site at For further information about the student
session, see the web site at

PROGRAM COMMITTEE: The committee is co-chaired by Dragomir Radev (Columbia
University) and Maria Milosavljevic (Macquarie University). 

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Message 3: Symposium on Genetic Algorithms-1998 (SGA-98)

Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 08:32:52 +0500
From: deb <>
Subject: Symposium on Genetic Algorithms-1998 (SGA-98)

 Symposium on Genetic Algorithms-1998 (SGA-98)
 The University of Wisconsin, Madison
 July 22-25 (Wednesday-Saturday), 1998

A symposium on genetic algorithms (SGA-98) will be held at the University
of Wisconsin, Madison during 22-25 July 1998. This symposium is planned
to attract GA researchers to present their original works on theoretical
development and applications of genetic algorithms (GAs) and related
fields. Hybrid approaches such as GAs with neural networks, fuzzy logic
techniques, simulated annealing, classical search and optimization
techniques, and other methods will also be considered.
Since the symposium is scheduled along with GP conference which also holds
parallel sessions on evolution strategies, evolutionary programming,
classifier systems, evolvable hardware, and others, the participants of
the SGA-98 will have an opportunity to meet researchers from other
related fields.

The symposium on genetic algorithms will be held in conjunction with
the Genetic Programming 1998 conference on the same dates in Madison.
The time and venue for SGA-98 are especially appropriate for GA
researchers for two reasons. Firstly, SGA-98 is scheduled in Madison,
where the International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-98),
the Computational Learning Theory Conference (COLT-98), and Uncertainty
in Artificial Intelligence (UAI-98) will be held concurrently in Madison
on July 23-25. Moreover, the American Association for Artificial Intelligence
conference (AAAI-98) and Innovative Application in Artificial Intelligence
(IAAI-98) will be held immediately afterwards and the l998 Cognitive
Science conference will then be held. This should give participants
opportunity to attend multiple yet related conferences on a single trip.
Secondly, SGA-98 is the only summer conference on GA related activities
in l998. (Other conferences in l998 of potential interest to GA
researchers are the PPSN conference and the FOGA workshop
to be held in Amsterdam in October 1998 and the ICEC-98
conference in May 1998 in Alaska whose deadline for paper
submissions has already past).

Consider this mail as an announcement for CALL FOR PAPERS. Please mark
`Symposium on Genetic Algorithms-1998' on top of the first page of your
paper. Interested persons may submit full-length papers (maximum 8 pages). The
deadline for arrival at the physical mail address of the AAAI below of
eight (8) paper copies of each submitted paper is Wednesday, January 21,

A partial list of program committee members (in formation) is given
 Helio Barbosa (Brazil)
 Joe Culberson (Canada)
 Dipankar Dasgupta (USA)
 Kalyanmoy Deb (India)
 John Gero (Australia)
 David Goldberg (USA)
 Erick Goodman (USA)
 Jeff Horn (USA)
 Mark Jakiela (USA)
 Cezary Z. Janikow (USA)
 Charles Karr (USA)
 Sushil Louis (USA)
 Jan Paredis (Netherlands)
 Ian C. Parmee (UK)
 David Polani (Germany)
 Bill Punch (USA)
 Marc Schoenauer (France)
 Robert Smith (USA)
 Dirk Thierens (Netherlands)
 Manuel Valenzuala (Mexico)

For technical details, please send e-mails to Kalyanmoy Deb
( For more information concerning submitting papers,
hotels, university housing, travel, student travel grants, request
for tutorial proposals, request for workshop proposals, and other
matters, see the GP-98 WWW home page at www.genetic- For administrative matters, e-mail to or contact GP-98 Conference, c/o American
Association for Artificial Intelligence, 445 Burgess Drive,
Menlo Park, CA 94025; PHONE: 415-328-3123; FAX: 415-

Important Dates: 21 January 1998 Wednesday (Deadline for submission of paper)
 22-15 July 1998 Wed-Sat (Conference dates)

Address for sending papers:
 GP-98 Conference (SGA-98)
 c/o American Association for Artificial Intelligence
 445 Burgess Drive
 Menlo Park, CA 94025
 PHONE: 415-328-3123
 FAX: 415-321-4457

 Kalyanmoy Deb
 David E. Goldberg
 Program Chairs, SGA-98
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