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Mon Oct 6 1997

TOC: California Linguistics Notes 25.1

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  1. Michael McBroom, CA Lx Notes ToC

Message 1: CA Lx Notes ToC

Date: Sat, 04 Oct 1997 09:45:45 -0700
From: Michael McBroom <>
Subject: CA Lx Notes ToC

The latest issue of _California Linguistics Notes_ (Volume 25, No 1)
is now available. Following is a listing of the Table of Contents.
If you would like additional information, please contact Dr. Alan Kaye
at .

CLN25/1 ToC:

Joseph Salmons, "'Global Etymology' as Pre-Copernican Linguistics"
p. 1

Editor's Note, p. 2
Linguistics on the World Wide Web, p. 2

John D. Bengston & Merritt Ruhlen, "In Defense of Multilateral
Comparison" p. 3

A.P. Berber Sardinha, "Political Scandals, Lexical Cohesion, and Turn
Centrality" p. 8

Bruce Spencer & Jennifer Dailey-O'Cain, "Report on the Second Germanic
Linguistics Annual Conference (GLAC2)" p. 14

Alan S. Kaye, "Book Reviews" p. 15

Elisa Vazquez Iglesias, "The Language of Recipes" p. 16

Lorena Perez Hernandez, "A Cognitive View of the PMIT Operator" p. 20

Milea Angela Froes, "The Tempero-Cognitive Approach: Discussed and
Illustrated" p. 32

David Feldman, "Hearing, Listening, and Phonosensitivity" p. 41

Michael McBroom, "Evolution of the Hominid Supralaryngeal Vocal
Treact" p. 46

Maria Huntington, "The Rice and Wrong of It: Japanese Terminology for
the Staple of the World" p. 52

Afaf Nash, "The Process of Phonological Acquisition in Bilingual
Children" p. 54


Michael McBroom

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