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Fri Jan 31 1997

All: Announcing: Linguist Lite (LINGLITE)

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  1. linguist, Announcing: Linguist Lite (LINGLITE)

Message 1: Announcing: Linguist Lite (LINGLITE)

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 97 11:08:35 -0500
From: linguist <>
Subject: Announcing: Linguist Lite (LINGLITE)

Dear Subscribers,

Our software developer, John Remmers, has set up a system which, we
think, will help those of you who feel overfed on a diet of ordinary
LINGUIST: an email list called Linguist Lite, or LINGLITE. This list
is also designed to help those who read LINGUIST at our Web site.

The LINGLITE list will send you, once a day, a posting such as the one
appended to this message. It gives the subject lines of issues and of
messages posted that day, with the URL's for viewing these on the Web.
For those of you with an intelligent Mail program, such as Netscape
Mail, these URL's will be clickable, i.e., they will be live links.

In this way, you can be notified daily of what LINGUIST posts but not
be forced to read or delete any issues. LINGLITE is, therefore,
better than the old Digest function (which sends you all the issues in
a chunk) and the old Index function (which gives you only issue
subject lines, not message subjects or URL's).

So take a look at the sample posting below and see if you would like
to receive it in your email, rather than complete LINGUIST issues. If
so, you should subscribe by sending the 2-line message

sub linglite firstname lastname
set linguist nomail


Please note
	1) our listserv address has changed
	2) your message should contain ONLY the 2-lines above--no signature
		files, for example.
	3) "firstname" refers to YOUR firstname (we already have 2 subscribers
		called Firstname Lastname. Truly.)

As always, we'd be interested in your comments and suggestions.

And now for the unveiling of LINGLITE. Please imagine a roll of
drums here (we can't handle sound files yet) and read on:

 ****************SAMPLE LINGLITE ISSUE**************************

Subject: LINGUIST List Daily Summary

LINGUIST List Summary, Fri Jan 31 1997.

	[Staff credits here: yes, we DO have to include them.]

Home Page:

The following LINGUIST issues were posted during the last 24 hours.
Use the URL posted after a heading to retrieve the issue via the
World Wide Web.

 8.132, FYI: Systemic Functional Linguistics

 1) From: isfc97 <>
 Subject: Summer School: Systemic Functional Linguistics

 8.133, Qs: Japanese, Sight, Possessives, Book

 1) From: Robert Hamilton <HAMILTNVM.SC.EDU>
 Subject: Japanese zibun modification
 2) From: Welcome Sekwati <>
 Subject: Some Info on communication between the blind and the sighted.
 3) From: Michael Kliffer <kliffermcmail.CIS.McMaster.CA>
 Subject: English Possessive Datives
 4) From: orozcor <orozcoracf2.NYU.EDU>
 Subject: Book/publisher query

 8.134, Disc: Ebonics

 1) From: Max Copperman <>
 Subject: Re: 8.127, Disc: Ebonics
 2) From: Ron Anderson <102036.1205CompuServe.COM>
 Subject: RE: 8119 Ebonics
 3) From: Johanna Rubba <>
 Subject: Ebonics
 4) From: (John E. Koontz)
 Subject: Re: 8.128, Disc: Ebonics

 8.135, Disc: Parsers

 1) From: Paul Deane <>
 Subject: RE: Parser Challenge
 2) From: Anne <>
 Subject: Re: 8.66, Disc: Parsers
 3) From: hammondU.Arizona.EDU (Mike Hammond)
 Subject: parsing SYLLABLES

 8.136, Qs: Adjectives, Discourse, Landau-Kleffner

 1) From: Micheline Winlo <>
 Subject: request for info on adjectives
 2) From: Patricia Schneider-Zioga <>
 Subject: Business discourse
 3) From: Kate Lyon <ly98kc18ACS.WOOSTER.EDU>
 Subject: Landau-Kleffner Syndrome

 8.137, Disc: Low vowels in PIE

 1) From: "Miguel Carrasquer Vidal" <>
 Subject: Re: 8.113, Sum: Low vowels in PIE
 2) From: Peter Daniels <>
 Subject: Re: 8.113, Sum: Low vowels in PIE

 8.138, FYI: Baltic Studies, SCIE-97

 1) From: Giedrius Subacius <>
 Subject: The Fourth Baltic Studies Summer Institute
 2) From: Summer School on Information Extraction
 Subject: SCIE97 1st announcement

 8.139, Calls: Cogsci97, ACL/EACL-97 Workshops, CLIC

 1) From: Pat Langley <langleymail.RTNA.DaimlerBenz.COM>
 Subject: extended deadline for Cognitive Science Conference
 2) From: Priscilla Rasmussen <>
 Subject: TWO ACL/EACL-97 Workshop CFPs
 3) From: "Jennifer Zaheer" <zaheerHUMnet.UCLA.EDU
 Subject: Fw: CLIC call for papers (fwd)

 8.140, Calls: OT Workshop, HPSG-4, Internet humor

 1) From:
 Subject: Optimality Theory Workshop Correction
 2) From: Jean-Pierre A Koenig <jpkoenigACSU.Buffalo.EDU>
 Subject: HPSG-4: Two weeks left for abstracts
 3) From: (Susan Herring)
 Subject: Humor on the Internet

 8.141, Qs: Negation, Orwell quote, Readability

 1) From: Matti Miestamo <>
 Subject: Qs: Negation vs. Affirmation
 2) From: Kate Gladstone & Andrew Haber <>
 Subject: Orwell quote; imposed social stratification of speech
 3) From: <>
 Subject: readability

 8.142, FYI: PhD positions at U of Tuebingen and HIL

 1) From: (Birgit Kaiser)
 Subject: PhD-position at the University of Tuebingen
 2) From: Jeroen van de Weijer <>
 Subject: Four PhD positions at HIL

***********************End of LINGLITE issue******************************
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