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Fri Oct 10 1997

Confs: Comparative Ling-Wayne State (Mich)

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  1. Martha Ratliff, 6th Annual Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

Message 1: 6th Annual Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 04:49:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Martha Ratliff <>
Subject: 6th Annual Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

The 6th Annual Workshop on Comparative Linguistics will be held in
Detroit, Michigan on November 15-16, 1997 under the sponsorship of the
Wayne State University Linguistics Program. The workshop will be held
at the River Place Hotel in Detroit. Should you wish to attend and
are from out of area, you will need to make a reservation at the River
Place Hotel by Tuesday, October 14th in order to get the reduced rate
of $79/room (regardless of number of guests). Please call
1-800-890-9505 and say that you are attending the "Wayne State
University linguistics meeting". Should you have further questions,
please contact me by email.

Yours,	Martha Ratliff (

6th Annual Workshop on Comparative Linguistics

"Prosody and Language Change"

Sponsored by the Linguistics Program, College of Liberal Arts, and the
Office of Research and Graduate Studies at Wayne State University

The River Place Hotel
The Huron Room
November 15-16, 1997

Friday, November 14th 
7 p.m. on . . . Informal socializing in the Tavern, 
			the River Place Hotel

Saturday, November 15th
8:00-8:35		Registration and Continental Breakfast

8:35-8:45		Welcoming Remarks


8:45-9:30 "Vedic meter and the reflexes of Indo-European laryngeals"
Gary Holland, University of California, Berkeley

9:30-10:15 "A new approach to the Saturnian verse" Jedidiah Parsons,
University of California, Berkeley

10:15-10:35 Discussion (Brian Joseph, Ohio State University)

10:35-10:55		BREAK


10:55-11:40 "Relating stress, tone and stod in Scandinavian" Tomas
Riad, University of Stockholm

11:40-12:00 Discussion (Joe Salmons, University of Wisconsin)

12:00-1:30		LUNCH


1:30-2:15 "Registrogenesis as part of a complex of
transphonologization processes" Keith Denning, Eastern Michigan

2:15-3:00 "Genesis and evolution in register and tone systems: the
processes and their reconstruction" Graham Thurgood, California State
University, Fresno

3:00-3:45 "Segment, tone, and prosody in the history of Chinese"
William Baxter, University of Michigan

3:45-4:05 Discussion (Martha Ratliff, Wayne State University)

4:05-4:25		BREAK

SESSION 4: LENGTH AND REACH 4:25-5:10 "The natural history of
geminates" Paul Newman, Indiana University

5:10-5:55 "From morphology to phonology, but within the same prosodic
domain: on the differential (in)stability of the factors conditioning
German umlaut"	Richard Janda, University of Chicago

5:55-6:15		Discussion

7:30	DINNER at Jacoby's Restaurant, Detroit
Cost: $18 per person (notify Martha Ratliff by 11/7 of your intention
to come)

Sunday, November 16th
8:00-8:45 Registration and Continental Breakfast


8:45-9:30 "The place of phonetics in the recovery of stress, accent,
and other prosodic structures"	Mary Beckman, Ohio State University

9:30-9:50 Discussion (Michael Broe, Northwestern University)


9:50-10:35 "Prosodic units in diachronic templates" Marlys Macken,
University of Wisconsin, Madison

10:35-10:55		BREAK

10:55-11:40 "Syllable reduction in Rejang and Malay" Richard McGinn,
Ohio University

11:40-12:25 "Stress and the development of disyllabic vocabulary in
Chinese" San Duanmu, University of Michigan

12:25-12:45 Discussion (Mary Niepokuj, Purdue University)

End of Workshop
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