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Sat Feb 1 1997

Calls: Student Workship, Lexical Semantics

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  1. John R. Koza, Student PhD Workshop at GP-97
  2. Cintha Harjadi, Call: ACL/EACL Workshop

Message 1: Student PhD Workshop at GP-97

Date: Sun, 26 Jan 1997 10:23:02 -0800 (PST)
From: John R. Koza <kozaCS.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Student PhD Workshop at GP-97

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First Call for Participants and Poster Papers for GP-
97 PhD Student Workshop (Deadline: Wednesday, February 26,
- -----------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a call for participants for a one-day PhD student
workshop to be held on Saturday July 12, 1997 at Stanford
University (just before the start of GP-97 conference on Sunday
July 13).

The GP-97 PhD workshop is intended to give the presenting
PhD students an opportunity to describe their ongoing research
work to a faculty panel, other students, and other participants of
the workshop. It is expected that there will be feedback on each
presenter's current progress as well as suggestions and advice for
future research directions from the faculty panel, other student
presenters, and other attendees of the workshop.
This call is the result of the recent discovery that
there are around 50 theses involving genetic
programming in the works at the present time.

The proposed GP-97 PhD workshop will bring together four
distinct groups:

(1) A faculty panel, consisting of (at least) the following three
faculty members who have agreed so far to participate if there is
sufficient interest:
- ---- David Goldberg, University of Illinois - Urbana
- ---- Nils Nilsson, Stanford University
- ---- John Koza, Stanford University

(2) Approximately 12 students selected as "presenters." These
students will have been selected from among students
submitting a one-page poster paper describing their thesis work
involving genetic programming. The group of presenting
students will be selected from the submissions on the basis of
creating a diverse group of students working on a wide range of
topic areas. In most cases, the presentations will be from
students whose thesis topic has already approved by their
university and who been working on their thesis for at least
several months.

(3) Additional students (PhD, masters, bachelors) who may be
working on, or planning to work on, a thesis involving genetic
programming at the PhD, masters, or bachelors level.

(4) Other interested GP-97 conference attendees (including both
students or non-students).

The details of the workshop are unsettled at this time, but based
on the number and mix of submissions. The workshop will
probably be run along approximately the following lines: The
workshop will consist of 4 successive 1/2 hour segments, each
consisting of a group of 3 short presentations (probably about 15
minutes each, totaling 45 minutes) followed by about 45 minutes
of questions, comments, and suggestions from the faculty panel
and the audience. The 4 successive 1 1/2 hour segments during
the day would cover the 12 presenting students. In general, the
workshop would be patterned along the lines of the PhD
workshop held in summer 1996 by the AAAI in Portland,
Oregon. The intent is to keep the workshop fairly small, so
attendance may be limited to students who submitted a one-page
poster paper (whether or not they were selected as presenters)
and/or other students working on PhD, masters, bachelors theses.

The deadline for arrival of submissions is Wednesday, February
26, 1997. Students interested in presenting their work at the
workshop should submit 5 physical copies of a one-page
camera-ready paper in the style of a poster paper briefly
describing their work and any existing intermediate results of
their research. The paper should follow the style for papers for
GP-97. See the one-page poster papers contained in the GP-96
conference proceedings for samples. For details of the camera-
ready copies, see the GP-96 WWW page. It is anticipated that
most or all the one-page papers submitted by students who
participate in the workshop will be printed either in the GP-97
conference proceedings book or the GP-97 late-breaking papers
book (depending on not-yet-settled timing and logistics).
Submissions should be sent to GP-97 PhD Workshop, c/o
American Association for Artificial Intelligence, 445 Burgess
Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. Selection of the presenting
students and final decisions concerning the workshop will be
made shortly after submission. It is anticipated that at least
some of the one-page submissions will require revisions and a
second deadline will be subsequently announced for the revised

The workshop has been scheduled to occur on the day before the
regular GP-97 conference to allow students to meet each other
and encourage subsequent meetings with their fellow students, if
they so choose, during the conference.

In addition to the activity at the workshop, at some point during
the regular GP-97 conference as a whole (perhaps for 2 hours on
Monday afternoon July 14), there will be one parallel track of
the regular GP-97 conference provided so that the 12 presenting
students can give very brief 10-minute thumbnail sketches of
their work. These presentations will give the presenting
students an opportunity to present their work to the larger
conference audience and will allow attendees of the GP-97
conference to learn about this ongoing PhD research work.

Please send your questions or comments concerning this PhD
workshop to

John Koza
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Message 2: Call: ACL/EACL Workshop

Date: Fri, 31 Jan 1997 12:36:05 +0100
From: Cintha Harjadi <>
Subject: Call: ACL/EACL Workshop

 Call for ACL/EACL Workshop Submissions/Participation

 Automatic Information Extraction and Building of Lexical Semantic=
 for NLP Applications

 Organized under the auspices of the Language Engineering section

 of the European Commission, Directorale General XIII Luxembourg,

 by three recently launched projects:

 EuroWordNet(LE2 4003), Sparkle (LE1 2111) and Ecran

 Madrid, July 12th 1997

 (in conjunction with ACL-97/EACL-97)

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------=

Workshop Information

 * What the Workshop is About
 * Submission Details
 * Workshop Participation
 * Important Dates
 * Organizing Committee
 * Program Committee

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------=

What the Workshop is About

In the past years the development of high-quality and overall language
resources has been the focus of many research groups. More recently also=
corpus-based extraction of such resources has gained a wider interest.
EuroWordNet, Sparkle and Ecran try to package some of this know-how and
expertise into state- of-the-art tools and resources that can directly be
applied in NLP-based services. In the EuroWordNet project a multilingual
database is developed with wordnets for four European Languages linked to
the existing Princeton WordNet (version 1.5). Such a database can be used=
multilingual retrieval applications but it can also be seen as a starting
point for automatic-translation aids, inferencing systems, and information
extraction systems. Sparkle and Ecran both address the creation of language
resources and technologies for real-world NLP applications in parallel.=
objective is carried out through the development of software tools in the
areas of shallow parsing and lexical acquisition. These tools are used to
induce linguistic knowledge from text corpora and are progressively=
by the information acquired.

In all three projects the current limits of Linguistic Technology are being
explored for their practical benefits. Whereas EuroWordNet aims at the
broadening and extension of the Princeton WordNet to a generic multilingual
resource which is the first in its kind, Sparkle and Ecran aim at the
dynamic anchoring of resources and information to the data and corpora that
are of a user=E2s interest. The availability of these resources and tools=
essential for the new generation of applications and products dealing with
information in electronic form. The projects have finished their
specification phase and are in the process of generating the results. In
this workshop we want to discuss the scope and formats of semantic=
and information acquisition tools with scholars in the field and=
from commercial R&D departments who have experience in developing and using
them. We therefore specifically welcome papers on the following topics:

 1. compatibility and standards of multilingual semantic resources and
 lexical acquisition tools.
 2. the validation of multilingual semantic resources and lexical
 acquisition tools.
 3. performances of semantic resources and lexical acquisition tools in=
 4. partial or phrasal parsing of text.
 5. linking text with lexical databases: sense-differentiation,
 sense-tagging and sense-disambiguation tasks, domain-differentiation=
 text and lexical resources.

The workshop will be a full-day event that provides a forum for individual
presentations (about 30 minutes each) and discussions. At the end of day
there will be room for demos.

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------=


Full papers should be submitted in electronic format: either RTF or
postscript. Papers should not exceed 8 pages or 4000 words. The deadline=
submission is the 17th of March. The formatting should be as follows:

- text follows this line--
title: <title of submission
authors: <authors as they appear on the title page
word count: <n
email: <email address of author to whom correspondence should be directed
- -----------------
<Body of submission

Submissions should be sent to:

Piek Vossen
Computer Centrum Letteren
University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 20 525 4669
Fax: +31 20 525 4429
- -------------------------------------------------------------------


The number of participants is limited and is restricted on a first come
basis.. As the workshop takes place in conjunction with the ACL/EACL-97
conference, presenters and participants of the workshop are obliged to
register for the main conference as well. Conference registration details
can be obtained via WWW from the ACL/EACL-97 home page

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Important Dates:

17th of March 1997:
 Deadline for receipt of submissions
4th of April 1997:
 Notification of acceptance/rejection
1st of May 1997:
 Final versions due for proceedings
12th July 1997:
 1-Day Workshop

- -------------------------------------------------------------------------=


 * Piek Vossen, The Netherlands, email:
 * Cintha Harjadi, The Netherlands, email:
 * Horacio Rodriquez, Spain, email:


 * Piek Vossen, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
 * Nicoletta Calzolari, Istituto Linguistics del Computazionella del CNR,
 * Antonio Sanfilippo, Sharp Laboratories, UK,
 * Geert Adriaens, Novell Linguistic Development, Belgium,
 * Yorick Wilks, University of Sheffield, UK,

Piek Vossen

Computer Centrum Letteren
University of Amsterdam
Spuistraat 134
1012VB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

tel. +31 20 525 4669
fac. +31 20 525 4429

Cintha Harjadi
Spuistraat 134
1012 VB Amsterdam
020-525 4624
ComputerCentrum Letteren
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