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Fri Oct 17 1997

Books: Generative Grammar

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  1. Tony Schiavo, Generative Grammar

Message 1: Generative Grammar

Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 15:36:34 -0400
From: Tony Schiavo <>
Subject: Generative Grammar

John Benjamins Publishing would like to call your attention to the
following new titles in the field of Generative Grammar:

Artemis Alexiadou & T Allen Hall (eds.)
1997 viii, 252 pp. Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 13
US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 232 0 Price: $78.00
Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 2734 9 Price: Hfl. 130,--
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The articles of the present volume consist of generative analyses dealing
with several current topics of discussion and debate in syntactic theory,
such as clitics, word order, scrambling, directionality, movement. The
data in the volume are drawn from a number of typologically diverse languages
(e.g. Arabic, Berber, Dutch, Gaelic, Greek, Malagasy).
Contents: Introduction: Artemis Alexiadou & T. Alan Hall; Typological
Implications of a directionality constraint on projections: Hubert Haider;
Universal Grammar and the Typology of Ergative Languages: Anoop Mahajan;
Some Properties of Ellipsis in Coordination: Chris Wilder; Deriving the
Parametrisation of the Mapping Hypothesis: David Adger; Syntactic
Dependencies and their properties: weak islands: M. Rita Manzini; On
Extraction, argument binding and voice morphology in Malagasy: Paul Law;
Universals and Minimalist Features: Elly van Gelderen; Genitive Subjects
and the VSO Order: Jamal Ouhalla; Some Properties of Clitics (with special
reference to Modern Greek): Gaberell Drachman.

James Black & Virginia Motapanyane (eds.)
1997 375 pp. Current Issues in Linguistic Theory, 140
US/Canada: Cloth: 1 55619 595 8 Price: US$85.00
Rest of the world: Cloth: 90 272 3644 5 Price: Hfl. 150,--
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The introduction to this volume by Anders Holmberg provides a reflection on
movement in the light of recent developments in Minimalist theory. His
discussion of the theories of category versus feature movement in terms of
displacement and copying, provides the background for 12 papers dealing
with clitics, pronouns and movement in variety of language families.
Articles on Romance include papers on the genitive clitic in Andean
Spanish, proclitic groups and word order in Caribbean Spanish, overt
pronouns and empty categories in Brazilian Portuguese, the clitic 'en' in
Catalan, and clitic doubling in Romanian. Papers on Germanic discuss
movement of verbal complements in Dutch and German, analyses of English
finite auxiliaries in syntax and phonology, and complementizers in dialects
of German in a reiterative syntax analysis. Other articles deal with object
shift in Serbo-Croatian, operator-bound clitics in Niuean, a serial verb
analysis of the ba construction in Mandarin Chinese, and experiencer verbs
in Japanese.
Contributions by: Jose Camacho, Liliana Paredes & Liliana Sanchez;
Corinne Cortes & Anna Gavarro; Diana Gierling; Peter Hallman; Fusa Katada;
Karen Lattewitz; Jen-i Jelina Li; Esmeralda Vailati Negro; Yolanda
Rivera-Castillo; Diane Massam & Yves Roberge; Danijela Stojanovic;
and Chris Wilder.

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