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Sat Oct 18 1997

FYI: Intl. PhD Program, Polish Dict.

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  1. UiL OTS (Leslie Dijkstra), International PhD Program
  2. Janusz S. Bieq, The largest doctionary of Polish available on CD-ROM

Message 1: International PhD Program

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 10:47:54 +0100
From: UiL OTS (Leslie Dijkstra) <>
Subject: International PhD Program

The Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS offers qualified PhD-students
the possibility to obtain their doctorates in periods shorter than
the normal 4-year program. The student wishing to be eligible for this
reduced program should have a background in linguistics at least
equivalent to MA level and will need to be able to demonstrate
additional research qualifications in the forms of published material,
experimental or technological expertise, or other such
achievements. The UiL OTS research program as well as its graduate
curriculum aims at thorough theoretical investigation of language
and language use. The normal graduate program is a four year course
with a linguistic training component (2 yrs.), and a research
component (2 yrs.) to be completed with a dissertation. Students
enrolling in the "Utrecht International PhD program" will be given a
limited number of years to complete their PhD (2 yrs.), depending on
their level of knowledge and experience. Linguistics in Utrecht
includes all components of the language faculty, and the interfaces
with perception and information processing. The focus is on both
formal and developmental aspects of language. Moreover there is a
strong interest in applications of linguistic knowledge in such
fields as language and speech technology, lexicology and text

The following areas of theoretical research are represented in UiL OTS:

Phonetics / Perception of sounds--Prof. S. Nooteboom
Phonology / Morphology--Prof. W. Zonneveld
Syntax / Semantics--Prof. E.J. Reuland / Prof. H.J. Verkuyl
Interfaces / Pragmatics--Prof. T. Reinhart / Dr. A. Verhagen
Discourse Theory--Prof. P.J. van den Hoven / Prof. W. Herrlitz
Language Change / Language Acquisition--Dr. P. Coopmans /
	Dr. F. Weerman
Computational Ling and Logic--Prof. M. Moortgat / 
	Prof. J. van Eijck

With respect to research applying linguistic knowledge, the following
areas can be discerned:

Language and speech-technology--Prof. J. Landsbergen
Lexicology--Prof. H. J. Verkuyl
Text organization--Prof. P.J. van den Hoven / Prof. C. Jansen

Since courses and seminars will be in English, proficiency in the
Dutch language is not required. On request, a Dutch language course
will be offered. Tuition has been set at Dfl. 20.000. This
includes full desk and travel facilities. For excellent students
tuition may be partly or fully waived. In addition, each year a
maximum of two grants is available to cover cost of living.

A brochure containing more detailed information about this program can be
obtained from the following address:
	Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS
	Trans 10 3512 JK Utrecht 
	tel.: +31-302536006 
	fax.: +31 -302536000

Application: To apply for this program, send a letter and a resume to
the above address. Also send a sample of publications or MA-thesis and
two letters of reference.

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Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS - UiL OTS
phone: #31 (0)30-2536006
fax: #31 (0)30-2536000
Trans 10, 3512 JK, Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Message 2: The largest doctionary of Polish available on CD-ROM

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 08:38:51 +0200
From: Janusz S. Bieq <>
Subject: The largest doctionary of Polish available on CD-ROM

I have the pleasure to inform you that Polish Scientific Publishers
has made available on CD-ROM the largest dictionary of Polish; the
dictionary, edited by late Witold Doroszewski and published first in
1958-1969, consists of 10 volumes plus a supplement. The recent
reprint of the dictionary contains also a CD-ROM with the scanned
images of all the 125 652 entries; the supplement is merged with the
main part and the errata is directly accessible from the affected
entries; however, for technical reasons the introduction, inflexional
tables and the list of the quotation sources is available only in the
printed version. The program requires MS Windows 3.x or higher in any
language version or its emulator.

The CD-ROM is available also separately (ISBN 83-01-12321-4); when
purchased directly from PWN the price for foreign customers is $ 45
plus postage and handling.

A small demonstration version is available at

More information (in Polish) can be found at the WWW pages

Individual questions about the CD-ROM can be send to

Janusz S. Bien
Warsaw University & Polish Scientific Publishers
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