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Sat Feb 1 1997

Sum: Varieties of English

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  1. Mario Cal Varela, sum: varieties of English

Message 1: sum: varieties of English

Date: Wed, 29 Jan 1997 11:00:57 +0100
From: Mario Cal Varela <>
Subject: sum: varieties of English

Dear linguists,

two weeks ago I posted a message asking for information about
"general bibliographical references and/or samples of speech
commercially available on tape, CD-ROM or via Internet for a
university course on geographical, social and situational
varieties of English". I thank all those people who sent their
suggestions or showed any interest in the issue.

Tej K. Bhatia's suggestion:
>I am using American Tongues (available from New American Media 
> 212-925-5692 (fax)
>in my sociolinguisitic course. SOme vlumes of the Story of ENglish might
>also help you. Routledge London has a CD ROM of the English varieties, but
>I have not have the opportunity to use it.

Christine M. Babick's:
>I bought one cassette tape from a commercial audiobook catalog that I
> receive
>quarterly. They sell two tapes you might be able to use, which are actually
>for drama students who want to gain facility with American and British
>English dialects and accents.They also include English spoken with
>nonnative-speaker accents. Here's a description:
>DIALECT MONOLOGUES, VOL 1: Texan, Irish, British, French, New York, Boston,
>Mountain Southern (American), Chicago, German, Yiddish, Spanish, Italian,
> and
>Cockney. L6X913a 1 cassette and booklet $19.95
>DIALECT MONOLOGUES, VOL 2: Black African, Northern Irish, English South
>African, Welsh, Cajun, Canadian, Afrikaans, Liverpudlian, Asian Indian,
>Hebrew, New England, Australian, Russian, and Scottish. L5X927a 1 cass.
>and booklet $19.95
>Order from: Audio Editions, Books on Cassette, P.O. Box 6930, Auburn,
>California, 95604, USA tele: 800-231-4261 or fax: 800-882-1840
>These are toll-free numbers when dialed within the USA---I don't know if
>can use it.
>Here's e mail:
>When ordering, use the item numbers listed above.

Gisle Andersen's:
>You might want to know that we have got a 500,000 word corpus of the spoken
>English of London teenagers. This will be launched on CD-ROM this spring.
>At present you can view the texts at which also
>contains more info about this corpus project.

Thanks also to Richard Firsten, who's given me a contact at
Florida International University (any further information
derived from this will also be posted to the list); Celso
Alvarez C=E1ccamo, who maintains an interesting page on
code-switching in conversation

(; and
Richard Dury and Marc Fryd.
Mario Cal Varela
Departamento de Filolox=EDa Inglesa e Alemana, despacho 307
Facultade de Filolox=EDa
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
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