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Thu Oct 30 1997

Books: Pennsylvania Working Papers in Ling v.4.2

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  1. Alexis Dimitriadis, PWPL volume 4.2 (Proceedings of PLC 21) now available

Message 1: PWPL volume 4.2 (Proceedings of PLC 21) now available

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 17:43:16 -0500 (EST)
From: Alexis Dimitriadis <>
Subject: PWPL volume 4.2 (Proceedings of PLC 21) now available

 * *
 * PWPL v.4.2: Proceedings of the 21st Annual *
 * Penn Linguistics Colloquium *
 * *

Volume 4.2 of the University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics,
(Proceedings of the 21st Annual Penn Linguistics Colloquium), is now

Volumes are $12 US, pre-paid. Please do not order by email, we can only
process prepaid orders. (We do accept purchase orders and standing orders
from institutional buyers). Send check or money order, made out to "Penn
Linguistics Club", to the following address:

 619 Williams Hall
 University of Pennsylvania
 Philadelphia, PA 19104-6305

Please see our web page (
for more information, including tables of contents and ordering
information for back volumes.

Volume 4.2 was edited by Alexis Dimitriadis, Laura Siegel, Clarissa
Surek-Clark, and Alexander Williams.

 /////// CONTENTS of VOLUME 4.2 ///////

 1. CHRISTINE BARTELS: The Pragmatics of Wh-Question Intonation in English.
 2. HUBA BARTOS: The Nature of Object Agreement in Hungarian.
 3. DAVID BOWIE: Voah Mei Daett Sei Deitsh: Developments in the Vowel
 System of Pennsylvania German.
 4. GERHARD BRUGGER: Event Time Properties.
 5. DEE CAIN AND RENEE J. O'Brien: Polarity in Spanish, French, and
 6. ZSUZSANNA FAGYAL: Chanting intonation in French.
 7. HANA FILIP AND GREG CARLSON: Sui Generis Genericity.
 8. STEVEN FRANKS: South Slavic Clitic Placement is Still Syntactic.
 9. JAVIER GUTIERREZ-REXACH: Permission Sentences in Dynamic Semantics.
 10. DAVID B. Hanna: Do I sound "Asian" to you? Linguistic Markers of Asian
 American Identity.
 11. EDWARD KAKO: Subcategorization Semantics and the Naturalness of
 Verb-Frame Pairings
 12. FRANK KELLER: Extraction, Gradedness, and Optimality.
 13. YURIKO SUZUKI KOSE: A Non-Scalar Account of Apparent Gradience: 
 Evidence from Yo and Ne.
 14. ALEC MARANTZ: No Escape from Syntax: Don't Try Morphological Analysis
 in the Privacy of Your Own Lexicon.
 15. KUNIO NISHIYAMA: What Does the Copula Do?
 16. JAE-ICK PARK: Disyllabic Requirement in Swahili Morphology.
 17. LAURA WAGNER: Aspectual Shifting in the Perfect and Progressive.
 18. JIANXIN WU: A Model-Theoretic Approach to A-not-A Questions.
 19. JOCHEN ZELLER: Against Overt Particle Incorporation.

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