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Thu Oct 30 1997

All: Guidelines for Book Announcements

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Message 1: Guidelines for Book Announcements

Date: Wed, 29 Oct 97 10:02:04 +0000
From: linguist <linguist>
Subject: Guidelines for Book Announcements

 1997 Guidelines for Announcing Publications on LINGUIST 

LINGUIST announces new books, journals, and working papers, and we
also post Tables of Content of new issues of existing journals.
However, we ask that announcements be submitted by publishers, not
authors, since we charge publishers a yearly fee for advertising. If
you are an author who wants your book announced and/or reviewed on
LINGUIST, please ask your editor to contact us.

Below are the current guidelines for posting. Please note that we
have removed length and formatting restrictions on book announcements
and TOCs, in the hope that this will make posting more convenient for

1. Only announcements of new books are allowed. They may be announced
only once, in the year of their publication. If you are a new publisher
joining us for the first time, you may post announcements of the books
you have published in the last calendar year.

2. There is no line-limit on book announcements. If you have a short 
description of the book already written--e.g., a description intended 
for a book catalogue--you can simply post this. However, we still ask that
descriptions be reasonably short, approximately one screen in length.

Publisher, price, and either an e-mail address or phone number may be
included, but full ordering information should be put in the backlist
kept on our listserv, not in the book announcement. A sample
announcement is given below. However, special formatting is longer

Kahrel, Peter (U. of Amsterdam); Working with Foreign Languages
	and Characters in WordPerfect; Pb.: 1-55619-482-X; xxii,
	218 pp.+3.5" diskette of macros; $29.95. John Benjamins. 
Instructional manual for using all the language power of
WordPerfect 5.1 and WP for Windows. How to display and print
foreign characters, keyboard design, hyphenation, dictionaries, etc.
Macro diskette saves programming time. 
3. Book announcements will be grouped into issues by subject, so
please send LINGUIST 1 message per type of book. That is, if you have
2 syntax books and 1 phonology book to post, please send TWO e-mail
messages, each headed with the topic-- i.e., "New book: phonology" and
"New books: syntax." We will collect announcements until we have
enough for a LINGUIST issue and post them together with the proper
subject heading(s). We post 3-4 book announcement issues per month.
4. Book announcements should be submitted electronically to:

They should be sent in plain text (ASCII), since they will be
sent out over email, and not all our 9600 subscribers have 
MIME-compatible mailers. 

They will be posted in the form submitted, provided it conforms to the
guidelines. We will help all we can with any initial problems in
transmission and formatting, but LINGUIST can not be responsible for
routine proofreading and editing.
5. New journals and journal issues devoted to a single topic may be
announced in the same way as books.
6. We publish the Tables of Contents of new issues of existing
journals. To ensure maximum effectiveness of such postings, we ask 
that such Tables of Contents include the abstracts of the papers listed. 
We place no firm limits on length. Any reasonable length and format 
will be accepted. We will also publish the Tables of Contents of 
working papers and edited books. However, we do not publish the 
Tables of Contents of single-authored books.
7. Additional ordering information, including a list of back titles,
may be put on the Listserv and/or our Web-site. Each book or journal 
announcement issue of LINGUIST will contain instructions for retrieving 
this information. Please send Listserv backlists electronically to:

Please head the message something like "Backlist for the Listserv,"
since this will alert our student editors to the way it should be
handled. Backlists intended for the listserv must be in plain
text (ASCII).
8. Listserv and Web files will have to be updated by the publisher.
LINGUIST's Listserv software does not allow us to append information
to Listserv files, but only to replace one file with another. So we
suggest that publishers keep a current backlist file on their own
machines, sending the whole file to LINGUIST whenever there are
changes. We will then replace the old file with the new one.
9. LINGUIST also maintains a "Publishers' Page" on our World Wide Web
site; and we will be happy to put in a link to the WWW page of our
supporting publishers. Just send the appropriate URL to:
or to
9. Publishers who wish a book to be reviewed on LINGUIST should send
in a book announcement as described in 1-4 above. However, you should
also add the line "Available for review" to the end of the
announcement (see sample announcement in 2 above). And you should
send a copy of the book to the Review Editor:
 Andrew Carnie
 Dept of Linguistics
 Harvard University
 77 Dunster Street
 Cambridge MA 02138 USA

We often get multiple requests to review a single book, so we suggest
that you send 2 review copies if feasible. Posting 2 reviews of a
book is often advantageous, both to LINGUIST and to the publisher,
since it encourages discussion of the book and thereby gives it more
Please remember that we need an email message containing the book
announcement as well as the book!
Books available for discussion will be announced in separate issues,
inviting subscribers who want to review a book to contact Prof. Carnie.
10. The annual fee for unrestricted posting of book and journal
announcements on LINGUIST is $500. This allows you to publish
as many announcements as you wish per year, make any number of books
available for review, and keep a backlist with ordering information
on our listserv and website. However, publishers who wish to publish
only a restricted number of announcements per year, may instead pay a
$75 fee per announcement.

Checks should be made to The EMU LINGUIST Development Fund, and they
should be sent to:
	The EMU LINGUIST Development Fund 
	c/o Helen Dry
	Dept. of English Lang. and Lit. 
	Eastern Michigan U. 
	Ypsilanti, MI 48197

The publication announcement year runs from Jan 1 to Dec 31, although
we will be happy to pro-rate your first year if you join us late.
Also, since some linguistics books are published by student
organizations and other bodies without advertising budgets, we 
occasionally make special fee arrangements with qualified
organizations. Questions about fees should be sent to:
	Helen Dry
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