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  1. Ranak Jasani, Kluwer Academic Publishers - New Titles in Linguistics

Message 1: Kluwer Academic Publishers - New Titles in Linguistics

Date: Mon, 27 Jan 1997 09:38:22 -0500
From: Ranak Jasani <>
Subject: Kluwer Academic Publishers - New Titles in Linguistics

 New Tiltes in Linguistics: 1996-1997

 * Studies in Comparative Germanic Syntax: Volume II
 edited by H=F6skuldur Thr=E4insson, University of Iceland, Reykhavik, 
 Iceland; and Samuel David Epstein and Steve Peter, Harvard University, 
 Cambridge, MA

 Comparative synchronic and diachronic syntax has become an 
 increasingly popular and fruitful research area over the past 10-15 
 years. In the present volume, which complements Studies in 
 Comparative Germanic Syntax, contributors examine topics such as case 
 marking, the typology of pronouns and anaphors, agreement, verb 
 movement, verb morphology, object shift (object movement) and 
 scrambling, using data drawn from numerous Germanic languages, past 
 and present, as well as non-Germanic languages. The papers also 
 investigate topics not central to Studies in Comparative Germanic 
 Syntax, such as clitics, the functional structure of older Germanic 
 languages, the nature of tense, prepositional case marking, and 
 Germanic verb-second phenomena. Perhaps one of the main differences is 
 that the present volume reflects a more prominent role for historical 
 and diachronic syntax. In addition, many of the papers in the present 
 volume are heavily influenced by the recent introduction of the 
 Minimalist Program which post-dates the original Studies in 
 Comparative Germanic Syntax. 

 1996 344 pp. Hardbound 0-7923-4215-1 $126.00 
 1996 684 pp. Hardbound Set of 2 vols. 0-7923-4381-6 $145.00 

 * Morphosyntax of Verb Movement 
 A Minimalist Approach to the Syntax of Dutch 
 by C. Jan Wouter Zwart, Institute of General Linguistics,
 University of Groningen, the Netherlands 

 Morphosyntax of Verb Movement discusses the phenomenon of Dutch, 
 present in many Germanic languages, that the finite verb is fronted in 
 main clauses but not in embedded clauses. The theoretical framework 
 adopted is the so-called Minimalist Program of Chomsky (1995), the 
 latest developmental stage of generative grammar. Taking issue with 
 previous analyses, the author argues that phrase structure in Dutch is 
 uniformly head initial, and that the finite verb moves to different 
 positions in subject initial main clauses and in inversion 
 constructions. The book contains lucid and detailed discussion of 
 many theoretical issues in connection with the Minimalist Program, 
 such as the relation between syntax and morphology, the nature of 
 syntactic licensing, and the structure of the functional domain. At 
 the same time, it offers a survey of the properties of Dutch syntax, a 
 discussion of previous analyses of Dutch syntax and a wealth of 
 material from dialects of Dutch and other Germanic languages. 


 1996 328 pp. Hardbound ISBN 0-7923-4263-1 $124.00 
 1996 328 pp. Paperback ISBN 0-7923-4264-X $54.00 

 * Current Issues in Comparative Grammar 
 edited by Robert Freidin, Princeton University, NJ
 Current Issues in Comparative Grammar illustrates the diversity and
 productivity of research within the principles and parameters 
 framework of generative grammar. In combination, the papers in this
 volume address a rich and varied set of issues in the study of 
 comparative grammar, including the theories of binding, Case and 
 government, the parametric effects of inflection, the syntactic 
 properties of infinitival constructions, the analysis of expletives 
 and of clitics, and the interpretation of anaphoric properties at the 
 level of Logical Form. The collection employs several different 
 research strategies, ranging from a broad survey of related 
 constructions in a wide range of languages to the close analysis of an 
 unusual construction in a single language and its consequences for 
 the theory of Universal Grammar. 


 1996 396 pp. Hardbound 0-7923-3778-6 $133.00 
 1996 396 pp. Paperback 0-7923-3779-4 $56.00

 * Ways of Scope Taking
 edited by Anna Szabolcsi, Dept, of Linguistics,
 University of California, L.A.
 1997 466 pp. Hardbound

 * Corpus-Based Methods in Language and Speech Processing
 edited by Steve Young, Engineering Dept., Cambridge Universty, UK
 Gerrit Bloothooft, Research Institute, Utrecht University, The 


 Corpus-based methods is found at the heart of many language and speech 
 processing systems. This book provides an in-depth introduction into 
 these technologies through chapters describing basic statistical 
 modeling techniques for language and speech, the use of hidden Markov 
 models in continuous speech recognition, the development of 
 development systems, part-of speech tagging and partial parsing, 
 data-oriented parsing and n-gram language modeling. The book attempts 
 to give both a clear overview of the main technologies used in 
 language and speech processing, along with sufficient mathematics to
 understand the underlying principles. Overall, the book will give 
 newcomers a solid introduction to the field and it will give existing 
 practitioners a concise review of the principle technologies used in
 the state-of-the-art language and speech processing systems.

 Text, Speech and Language Technology
 1997 234 pp. Hardbound ISBN 

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