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Tue Nov 11 1997

FYI: New list, LSA meeting hotel

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  1. Celso Alvarez Caccamo, New linguistics list--Spanish, Catalan, and Galizan-Portuguese
  2. Michael Bernstein, LSA meeting hotel bonus

Message 1: New linguistics list--Spanish, Catalan, and Galizan-Portuguese

Date: Sun, 09 Nov 1997 18:30:35 +0100
From: Celso Alvarez Caccamo <>
Subject: New linguistics list--Spanish, Catalan, and Galizan-Portuguese

I'd like to qualify James Herron's description of the new
discussion list CONVERSA:

> I wanted quickly to call the attention of the members of Linguist to a
> new general discussion list, <conversa>, for people working in
> conversation analysis or discourse analysis in Spanish, Catalan, and
> Galego. A more detailed description of the list is included below.
> Please note the list discussions are conducted in Spanish and,
> sometimes, Catalan.

As the list description says, it is open to people working on
conversation in Spanish, Catalan, and *Galizan-Portuguese* or
Galizan/Portuguese, however you like it. It would seem contradictory
to the list's goals to include researchers from, say,
Ecuador or Argentina but not from Portugal, Brazil, or other
Portuguese-speaking countries:

> La lista de discusion electronica <conversa> esta dirigida a
> promocionar la comunicacion entre personas interesadas en el estudio y
> analisis de la interaccion conversacional cara-a-cara en castellano
> (espanol), catalan y galego/portugues

Correspondingly, the languages of the list are Spanish,
Galizan/Portuguese (in whatever written norm), and Catalan:

> Los idiomas que se hablan en <conversa> son el castellano (espanol),
> el catalan y el gallego/portugues, admitiendose excepcionalmente
> contribuciones en otras lenguas.

To join the list, send e-mail to James Herron at

 Celso Alvarez-Caccamo Tel. +34 81 167000, ext. 1888
 Depto. de Linguistica Geral FAX +34 81 167151
 e Teoria da Literatura e-mail:
 Universidade da Corunha
 15071 A Corunha, Galiza (Espanha)
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Message 2: LSA meeting hotel bonus

Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 18:26:10 -0500
From: Michael Bernstein <>
Subject: LSA meeting hotel bonus

The 1998 LSA meeting in New York is taking place at the Grand Central
Hyatt, as I'm sure those of you attending are aware. Hyatt is running
a promotion called "Nights after Nights", which gives free nights or
airline miles for stays at Hyatt hotels this winter. According to a
representative I spoke to at Hyatt's 800 number, conference rates still
qualify for this promotion. You just have to sign up as a Gold Passport
member (which is free) and register for the Nights after Nights promotion.
You can get info at Hyatt's web site at or
by calling 1-800-51-HYATT. They'll give you a Gold Passport number,
which you then give to the hotel when you make your reservation or when
you check in. For a 4-night stay, you can get a free weekend night the
following summer at any Hyatt. If two people are sharing a room, perhaps
both people can give their Gold Passport numbers and both earn free nights.

Also, the Hyatt in New York said that the LSA conference rate is good
from January 3rd through departures up to January 13, if anybody was
wondering about extending their stay. They'll take reservations at the
conference rate up to December 23 (or until they fill up, presumably).

Lastly, the hotel reservation form in the LSA Bulletin lists the
conference as being from January 7-11. That appears to be a typo --
it should be January 8-11.

Disclaimer: I'm not affiliated with Hyatt. I hope the information is
accurate -- I'm just passing on what they've told me.

 Michael Bernstein
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