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Tue Feb 4 1997

Confs: CIL16 round table, GLOW 1997

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  1. Robert Nicolai, (CIL16) round table on "Lexical Distribution, Comparison and Genealogy...
  2. Gereon Mueller, GLOW 1997 Conference Announcement

Message 1: (CIL16) round table on "Lexical Distribution, Comparison and Genealogy...

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 1997 08:07:57 +0000
From: Robert Nicolai <>
Subject: (CIL16) round table on "Lexical Distribution, Comparison and Genealogy...


A round table conference on
the theme "Lexical Distribution, Comparison and Genealogy : Methods,
Aims and Backgrounds"
will be held for the CIL16 Congress in Paris, 20-25 July , 1997.

The panel will accordingly be centered around the following topics:

1) An empirical approach to lexical distribution in languages of oral
2) Methodologies: Lexical Data and Genealogical Relationships
- The effects of lexical distribution on relationship research
- Thoughts on catastrophe and non-catastrophe hypotheses in the process
of language change
3) The sociolinguistic dimension of lexical dynamics
4) Etymology and reconstruction work
- Classification work and the development of knowledge

This is an appeal to all would-be participants to contact me as soon as
possible for purposes of organisation.

Best Regards

Robert Nicolai
NB: according to the prescribed Congress rules all contributors must
register individually.


Suite aux propositions recues une table ronde intitulee "Diffusion
lexicale, comparaison et genealogie : methodes, objectifs et arriere-plans"
se tiendra lors du 16e CIL a Paris, 20-25 juillet , 1997

Plusieurs discussions ont ete suggerees qui touchent aux themes generaux

1) Approche empirique de la diffusion lexicale en contexte de langues a
tradition orale
2) Methodologies : donnees lexicales et apparentements genealogiques
- Incidence des faits de diffusion lexicale sur les methodologies de
recherche d'apparentement.
- Reflexion sur les hypotheses catastrophiques et non catastrophiques dans
l'evolution des langues
3) Dimension sociolinguistique des dynamiques lexicales.
4) L'etymologie, la reconstruction
-Classifications et construction des savoirs.

Je demande aux personnes qui souhaitent participer aux debats de me
contacter afin de l'organiser pratiquement


Robert Nicolai

NOTE : Selon les regles de fonctionnement du 16CIL, tous les contributeurs
doivent s'etre inscrits individuellement aupres de son secretariat.
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Message 2: GLOW 1997 Conference Announcement

Date: Sun, 2 Feb 1997 23:21:54 +0100
From: Gereon Mueller <>
Subject: GLOW 1997 Conference Announcement

GLOW 20: Interfaces
Rabat, Morocco
March 19-21, 1997


Wednesday, March 19

Henk van Riemsdijk (Tilburg University):
Categorial Feature Magnetism

Akira Watanabe (Kanda University):
Absorption as Feature Checking

Sarah D. Kennelly (Rutgers University):
The P-Focus Position in Turkish

Joao Costa (Leiden University):
Optimality Theory at the Syntax-Discourse Interface 

Hans Broekhuis & Joost Dekkers (University of Amsterdam):
Minimalism and OT: Derivations and Filters

M.A.C. Huybregts (Tilburg University):
Integrating Indefinite Morpho-Syntax into 
Fully Interpretable Interface Representations

Rajesh Bhatt (University of Pennsylvania):
Obligation and Possession 

Ken Hale (MIT):
Invited Talk

Thursday, March 20 

Grant Goodall (University of Texas at El Paso):
The External Argument in Passives and the 
Syntax/Argument Structure Interface

Luis Lopez (University of Missouri at Columbia):
Ellipsis: Logical Form and Discourse

Anders Holmberg (University of Tromsoe):
Phonological Feature Movement

Maria Teresa Guasti (DIPSCO, Milano) 
& Marina Nespor (University of Amsterdam):
Syntax-Phonology Interactions

Angela Ralli (University of Athens):
Inflectional Features and the Morphological Component Hypothesis

Rita Manzini (Florence/London) 
& Anna Roussou (University of Wales, Bangor):
Interpretation as Feature Calculus: F-Movement and F-Control

Business Meeting

Richard Kayne (CUNY):
Invited Talk


Friday, March 21

Giuseppe Longobardi (University of Venice):
Case Theory and the Minimalist Program

K. Scott Ferguson (University of Geneva):
Deducing the Invisibility of PP Nodes 
from Case Checking and Full Interpretation

Ian Roberts (Stuttgart University) 
& Anna Roussou (University of Wales, Bangor):
Interface Interpretation

Elena Benedicto (UMass, Amherst):
V-Movement and Its Interpretational Effects

Murat Kural (UCLA) & George Tsoulas (University of York):
Pronouns and the Syntax-Discourse Interface

Chung-Hye Han (University of Pennsylvania):
Deriving an LF Interface Representation 
for Rhetorical Wh -Questions

Edwin Williams (Princeton University):
Destressing and Ellipsis at the Interface


Rita Manzini & L.M. Savoia (Florence):
Morpheme (Re)Ordering: Against a Morphology Interface (Syntax)

Maria Luisa Rivero (Instituto Ortega y Gasset, Madrid):
Stylistic Verb Movement and the PF Interface (Syntax) 

Antonia Androutsopoulou (UCLA/CUNY):
Split DPs, Focus, and Scrambling (Syntax)

Birgit Alber (Universities of Padova and Venice):
Interaction Between Suffixation and Stress Assignment
in Optimality Theory (Phonology) 

For more information (abstracts, the GLOW workshops, accomodation, 
travel, conference fee, conference venue, etc.), cf. GLOW newsletter 
no. 38 (Spring 1997). 

Address of the local organizing committee:

Dr. Abdelkader Fassi Fehri
Institut d'Etudes et de Recherches pour l'Arabisation (IERA)
Av. Allal El Fassi
B.P. 6216 (Instituts) - Agdal
Rabat, Morocco
Phone: (212) (07) 773012
Fax: (212) (07) 772065

- ----------------
Gereon Mueller
SfS, Universitaet Tuebingen
Wilhelmstrasse 113
D-72074 Tuebingen
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