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Tue Feb 4 1997

Qs: Workbook query, Field equipment, Source

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  1. frommer, Workbook Query
  2. Satina, Field equipment
  3. janine graziano-king, Reference

Message 1: Workbook Query

Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 8:06:42 -0800
From: frommer <>
Subject: Workbook Query

Ed Finegan and I are revising the introductory workbook LOOKING AT
LANGUAGES (Harcourt Brace). We would welcome ANY comments and
suggestions for improving the second edition.

Answers to these questions about the first edition would be particularly 

1. Are there sufficient exercises at various levels of difficulty, or
should the distribution be changed to include a greater number of
basic drills, for example?

2. Which exercises, if any, are too advanced or complicated for an
introductory course?

3. Would a greater number of shorter exercises be useful?

4. What about the proportion of English to foreign-language problems? 

5. Are there any foreign languages that should be more fully
represented? Less fully represented?

6. Should "How to Solve" sections for the phonology/morphology/syntax
problems be added?

7. Any suggestions to improve the ANSWER KEY for your own or your
students' use?

8. If you did not order the book for your students but used an
exercise or two that were especially helpful, which exercises were

Please let us hear from you!

e-mail to Paul Frommer:
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Message 2: Field equipment

Date: Mon, 03 Feb 97 08:51:07 EST
Subject: Field equipment


 Can someone advise me as to the portable taping equipment they
use to collect data 'in the field'? I've been using a cheap hand-held
machine, but on playback I hear too much noise from the machine
itself, as the mechanism moves the tape.

 I've seen a Maurantz used with supberb results, but I don't
know where to buy one, nor if it is necessary to spend quite so
much money. This must be a common problem. I would appreciate
hearing from some of you on how you deal with it. Thanks!


 ** **
University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC
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Message 3: Reference

Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 09:59:46 -0500 (EST)
From: janine graziano-king <>
Subject: Reference

Would anyone know of a way to contact Pam Ballinger and/or locate the
following reference: California Linguistic Notes, Fullerton Calif.,
1991, 23:1,1,3? 
Thanks in advance. Janine Graziano-King
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